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: Windows 10 Low FPS (welp me..)
Guys, I cannot turn off Game Mode.. Or am I just stupid? There should be a button that lets me toggle game mode on and off under where it says that my PC supports game mode, but there isn't one. Is there any other way to check if game mode is on or try turn it off?
Craktite (EUW)
: Welcome to windows 10 where each update bring problems :). I test w10 3 times and always come back to windows 8.1. I think it is better to wait Windows 11, because Windows 10 is a shame.
I agree as of right now.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Try LoL properties -> compatability -> disable fullscreen optimizations. It may or may not fix it. Its effect varies from user to user.
Might have changed something, but I don't see much difference, thank you for the help however, what exactly does disabling the optimizations do?
radetari (EUNE)
: idk if i should post it here but if u pirate windows 7 and need a method to activate it the legit way there is video that lets u activate it by phone, like u type ur code in activation (internet turned off), then u go to hte website on ur phone and type the numbers that u got on pc, it will calculate something and give u the numbers u need to enter, and bam, u just activated windows 7 the legit way, no activators or stuff like that that can get u a virus if u dont look in the right places
But right now I'll try not to turn back to Windows 7, and instead fix my error here, on Windows 10.
: When i had the last update i had low fps but for me it was corrupt files most likely the same for him
Corrupt LOL files or Windows files?
: It doesn't seem to be from windows because i use it aswell and i have perfectly fine FPS may i ask if other games have the same problem?
I have yet to try that buddy
radetari (EUNE)
: graphics card drivers up to date? might try a full repair but i highly doubt it would help but if u upgraded to windows 10 very recently, like weeks time or i think, then u can restore back to windows 7 (option is somewhere in settings, recovery i think) if not, well, pirate it like everyone else
My windows 7 was pirated, I needed a friend to come over and fix the problems I had on it. (Not recognising my ethernet cable, mouse, keyboard) So going back to Windows 7 will be risky... Very risky. +I'd love to keep W10 if I can fix my problems
: Windows 10 Low FPS (welp me..)
Thank you all for all the advice, I'm at school at the moment, I cannot wait to try these. Thank you again, I'll leave an update if they work or not. ^^
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DaahLeon (EUNE)
: Some times games can get lost actually, it might even happen that the game disappears from your match history aswell, if not then i dont know :I
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