muwahahrahrhar no cc counters dat boi
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Drakun LCS (EUNE)
: /mute all is a way to go
definitely brother, mute dem boys
: 3 things that bother me with the new client
not to mention u cant make item sets anymore cri
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: How to be good at jungling
kindred is quite a weak pick at the moment dude, but noct and zac are good! my biggest tip for you is to ward when you can! second biggest tip is that when you find the enemy in your jungle, but you're not able to get to him in time.. go to his side of the jungle and take his camps so that u dont lose xp also if the enemy jungler is on toplane, get the dragon as he isnt able to get to it in time (not when enemy botlane has your botlane pushed, but then thats a gr8 opportunity for you to gank)
: ELO Bronze Hell
What i'm hearing: 1. i cant deal with toxic players 2. i cant deal with people who get behind 3. its not my fault we lose the game 4. yeah i get really bad teams 5. yeah im actually diamond but im in bronze somehow???
mistaherd (EUW)
: mentality issues in sliver
try and main one champion, you'll get alot better.. make sure you focus objectives its important, lets say botlane turret is pushed and you manage to kill botlane -> get drake when botlane turret is gone, get the first toplane turret then grp mid.. stuff like this
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pranksonyou (EUNE)
: I enjoy playing only one champion and it's ruined?
shaco is strong as tits dude, quit crying i bet you liked rengars nef!!
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Not xPeke (EUW)
: I'd like to hear different thoughts on the idea of Time Travel.
i dont care we'll be long dead by the time we figure how this happens
ThomasLoI (EUW)
: [EUW] [Diamond 3+] - Team opzoek naar mid om te spelen in Dutch College League
helaas, misschien volgend jaar babe en is het niet capaciteiten??
: Phreaks unmature behaviour...
i agree with this man
: The damage in the game.
no i like it as it is, otherwise garen tank and rammus tank and maplhite tank and MAOKAI so unkillable
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: I think in its current state its okay. makes games faster. I hate long games. I rather for them to end around 25-30
: haha, you're banned
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: black screen before loading screen
get a second monitor, hook it up once you get a black screen before champ load screen (if it dont work hook it up and reboot pc) go to a turtorial game and from there press ''esc'' and find the option where you can set screen mode to borderless, then hook up your old monitor and BOOM FIXED
Purefoxie (EUW)
: Warwick
riot needs to make his q dash longer yeah heavy cc kills warwick completely
: Black screen during champion select (ranked game)
if it hasnt resolved the problem already: get a secondary monitor and reboot your pc on that new monitor (if directly connecting second monitor dont work) then go in a turtorial game, go to options and click on: borderless @ screenmodus or something then plug in your old monitor, there, solved!
: Whoever Buffed Fizz Should Be Fired
lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this guy
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: If i bought a spider i would literally shit my pants lol
which is exactly why you need to get one.
: I need help with my personal life!
buy a spider irl and befriend it, see what happens in your dream maybe its about a habit you don't want to drop
Zaf X (EUW)
: what is wrong with league of legends??
: I blocked myself :/
does it block you from talkign in game? would be gr8 for me!
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: How are you guys climbing?
i climbed from s3 to g2 74lp soo idk, u just have to stick to the rules!
SourMood (EUW)
: New patch update (23rd Jan) has caused champ select to show a black screen. now on 30 min CD timer..
Guys if u get a black screen after the first champ select screen, try adding another computer screen and then select: borderless window (if league shows on that computerscreen) then reconnect to the old computer screen you're used to.. negatve thing about that is that you do get leaverbuster when its not even ur fault :>:(
HunCandryx (EUNE)
: Rengar Can't One Shot
rengar can kill the adc within seconds but he cannot one shot, try counterpicking a rengar by picking something like ez or vayne


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