: Tell me a champ that has no viable keystone. And there is no 1 good keystone. Create your own play style
Draven is a good example, right now the draven reddit page is filled with players that want a buff for draven, but as a draven player myself i know thats a bad idea. If they buff draven he will just end up way too strong and shortly after risk a nerf to something that would make him even worse than before. PTA is not viable since you draven scales highly of ad and not attack speed, which is why players that main draven use aery or klepto. Fleet footwork is for lategame and since draven is a champion you want to snowball on and end before late it is kinda stupid to take it. Aery is a free on attack effect which is why lots of the draven mains still use it. Some started using klepto since it's broken. Ive had games where i earned 200 g because of bad rng but at the same time ive had games where i managed to get 800 gold. The amount of rng ruins the game for both you and the enemies. > I cant say what spot draven will be in when patch 8.2 hits live servers but right now Targon is the reason why every draven main complain about how "garbage" and "unplayable" he is. Targon gives scaling adcs a easier lane because of the sustain they get which makes it hard to win as draven since they outscale you. Overall the new season has brougth nothing but nerfs to draven which is why most draven players want a buff or keystone. Draven scales far better from bonus ad than base ad which is why the 9 base ad increase was a nerf for draven since the 9 bonus ad from runes granted him more damage. This is without even mentioning how much damage he had with stacked fervor of battle. The biggest thing i noticed is that before season 8 i could have more than 20% attack speed from runes and masteries while still having damage but in season 8 im forced to pick between having high damage but no attack speed at all or having decent attack speed but losing trade to late game champions. You need a certain amount of attack speed to control multiple axes which is why being forced to choose between these can be kinda annoying. I have heard reksai and jayce players saying the same but since i dont play those champs alot i cant really comment on that. One of the biggest reasons why draven mains want a buff is that other champs got buffed for losing keystone. Brand lost Deathfire Touch which was a huge deal for him but riven getting buffed is something else. Most of the riven players used thunderlord instead of fervor so why did she get buff when draven did not.
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