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Shamose (EUW)
: Not me. This is the current highest level player in the world.
Wow, that is crazy!
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: Ranked Silver - Trolls, Inters, Feeders, AFK's and Flamers.
Add me if you want to play. (Im a bronze 1 jungle main (i was silver 3 last season).
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Nogardz (EUW)
: RIOT READ - Honest Opinion [Killin' the Game]
I agree with this thread, i think you should copy and paste this thread to the NA board, so it will get more upvotes.
: What really happens in ranked
I agree with this thread, i think you should copy and paste this thread to the NA board, maybe Riot staff will respond there.
: I've reviewed everything. Also, there no option to report for "spam". Nothing about "spam".
Then what was the reason OP got banned for if it wasn't for spam?
: Holy f... So typing in proper english that's in more than 2 lines is spam? Jesus.
I'm serious, typing too many messages count as spam, according to riot it can distract players so it is bannable.
: Having a trolling teammate is objectively better than having someone on your team who is flaming.
: I GOT PERMABANNED FOR THIS? What a stupid ban system!
The reason you got banned was because you were spamming, writing in chat too much can get you banned.
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RallerenP (EUW)
I reported a player with an offensive club tag under inappropriate name and i met him again after a few matches with the same club tag.
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RallerenP (EUW)
: > Riot you need to a find a better system to detect players that intentionally help the enemy team. And if you have any ideas then you are more than welcome to post them. The problem comes down to two things: Manual detection is impossibly expensive, and automatic detection is EXTREMELY hard. The solution they currently have is in the end the only viable one with the tecnology we currently have available. They have an AI that is trying to learn what inting looks like, and while it's currently doing a quite poor job, it's still a great system. The thing with machine-learning AI's like this is that they need extreme amounts of data. To solve that Riot feeds reports being made to the system to try and differentiate between normal playing and inting. In a perfect world the system would already have perfect knowledge of exactly what inting means. But we don't live in a perfect world. People are falsely reporting others for feeding and if Riot didn't account for that then everyone having bad games would be getting banned. A machine learning system is very sensitive to wrong data, for every wrong data report you need quite a few legit reports to make up for it. So Riot turned the learning rate waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down so that the system could gather an impossibly large database of reports so that the false reports get drowned in a flood of legit reports. EVENTUALLY the system will be great, we just have to stay cool untill then.
Riot is a billion dollar company. Riot should hire some people to manually check accounts with many reports, or the community can watch replays of trolls.
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: My account got PERMA BANNED due to "flame/toxicity"
: > [{quoted}](name=xxx6Wizard9xxx,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cGA0aBrU,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-20T06:46:52.252+0000) > > Not all but many. And Rito refuse to do anything about it for almost 8 years. What are the reports for intentional feeding for if villains do not get punished? Problem is, 99% of the time is not intentional, but @ickheads will still spam the chat for "report" the moment one kill is given...
Rismosch (EUW)
: Understanding Toxicity
This is helpful advice, by the way how did you get that cassiopeia icon on the board?
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The trolls are going to war! :( Riot need to find a better way to spot the trolls or it will be too late....
: You accuse people of trolling = sabotaging the game. Can you seriously not see how someone, who isn't trolling, would see this as toxic? And your constant report calls? Yeah, fun playing with someone who constantly crys how how he's gonna report you. Toxic chat, and with a previous 10 cr i dont know why anyone is suprised this results in another punishment. > > Arachnid XIII: muted > Arachnid XIII: reported > Arachnid XIII: ty > Arachnid XIII: report kaisa, blaming me and abusive > Arachnid XIII: this adc... > Arachnid XIII: nothing i can do, the adc refuses to fightm, move, dodge > Arachnid XIII: report her please, shes trolling > Arachnid XIII: she blamed me for her 1st 2 deaths, ive got her muted now, that was probably my fault too thou > Arachnid XIII: for what ?? her running into them solo> Arachnid XIII: muted > Arachnid XIII: reported> Arachnid XIII: yes lee, keep spam pinging, and suiciding ty > This does not say to not call for reports. it does however state to Drive Constructive Feedback and Facilitate Civil Discussion, which is something i was doing. The code is not a list of things you aren't supposed to say, and you were not giving "constructive feedback" > Arachnid XIII: nothing i can do, the adc refuses to fightm, move, dodge constructive feedback my ass...
"constructive feedback my **ass**..." That word is offensive, please use an alternative to that word.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: That's a nice allegory, but what exactly are you suggesting? Like...specifically?
Maybe Riot can add more instant feedback bots or hire humans to watch replays of reported players to check if they were intentionally ruining the game for their teammates.
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ørcüs (EUW)
: i am reformed and eveything i said in that game , was to make my friends laugh and not offensive in anyway , its ridiculous if someone says im not joking because i clearly am.
Ban deserved, you shouldn't treat your friends like that.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Or he was punished and it was his first offence so he only got a 10 game chat restriction? Those are things you have to consider I had a 0 - 12 Cait in my ranked game and they're not going to be punished because they had 5 assists, even though they flamed the entire round But because it's a system it's expected for the minor cases to slip through
According to Riot intentional feeding is an instant 14 day ban without a warning.
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: On another note, someone DID targetban his champ, so he has a right to be pissed
But i find it unfair that he has to ruin the game for the 3 innocent teammates that didn't ban his champion. :(
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback Geedback
Launch (EUW)
: Summoner adding me asking if he can gift me a skin?
There needs to be more people like him in this world. I hope one day someone could gift me a skin. I wish i could gift friendly players skins but i am too young to have a job.
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