DeRoo (EUW)
: Ezreal went away? I always see him played ADC and Jungle
Pre 7.21 ez adc was hot garbage.
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Smerk (EUW)
: There are runes that can help, did you actually try to make a page yourself? I'm not an adc, so I haven't a chance to try it myself, but there are some good options there. Press the attack looks like solid option against tanks, after 3 autos you will deal +12% damage with anything, add to that Cut Down for another 4% in early and 10% in late. And there is option against mages too, you just have to take Resolve as secondary tree, Mirror Shell gives +5 magic resist right away and any heal or shield on you additionally give you +5% resist. Add to that Second Wind and you'll get a bit of health back every time you are hit
adc were not dominant, adc always shit, it was the supports that were op not the adcs themself.
: They have a funny way of wanting me to spend money by giving me 40000 free BE (which will enable me to get Urfwick), Program Lissandra and Super Galaxy Nidalee, a couple of ward skins and two Epic Mystery Skins (although I still have to find where to unlock them somehow).
srsly dude, i got 3 accounts and got 7 total skins from rune pages: SKT t1 olaf, skt t1 ekko, skt t1 nami, candy king ivern, 2x challanger ahri and 1 i forgot. I hate skt and their skins wtf is this rng are the skt skins even epic...and you get all dem kewl stuff
Tenchev (EUW)
: 1st time being 'toxic' in ages gets me 14 ban?
You and all those ppl making threads about "1st time being toxic" are lying. I am "toxic" quite often well not wishing cancer or someones death ever but i call ppl playing bad garbage and trash all the time, i swing back everytime when someone flames and i trash talk frequently, i have never been banned , and only chat restricted 3 times in total, 10 20 and 10 games. I dont consider myself super toxic because like i said i dont wish anyones death or diseases but still. I think all this ppl "baw baw baw i got banned for 1 time toxic" are just lying there is no other explanation and no the chat logs are not enough i can also flame all day get banned and nitpick segments in the chat to makemyself look like i am not at fault.
Zekutsu (EUW)
: Why boots on MF
Well my friend Zekutsu let me tell you something, you keep saying you got something for me something you call love but confess you've been a'messin' where you shouldn't 've been a'messin' and now someone else is getting all your best .These boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you you keep lyin' when you oughta be truthin' you keep losing when you oughta not betyou keep samin' when you oughta be a'changin' These boots are made for walking and that's what they'll do-
: Average game with a Zed in the enemy team. {{champion:110}} 8/5 {{champion:238}} Ooh a lonely adc! {{champion:110}} pls protect me {{champion:75}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:85}} nope {{champion:110}} 8/10 And the "I can press R" award goes to ... every Zed main!
can relate i played a {{champion:96}} game few days ago had {{champion:54}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:16}} and their hecarim and syndra would walk pass them to ult me even tho i was quite far in the back , not a single attempt to peel basically malph would run arround in circles waiting for idk salvation from jesus and it was at plat2 btw.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: A message for perma banned players who are annoyed about the money they invested in the account
What is the point of this thread apart from fueling your special snowflake quest for attention may i ask?
Ahwu (EUW)
: I would totally agree with you that Dota is way harder to play in general terms speaking, although I don't really agree with your statement that you can solo carry games that easily, for a hero like that (let's say AM or Invo, idk) to work, you need your team to set you up and create space for you. I think that solo carrying in Dota or LoL is equally possible, maybe not in every Meta, but definitely comparable to a large degree. But I'm open for discussion if you have some other arguments :)
I only talk from personal experience, i solo carried countless games with a Spectre, OD or Medusa, items such as bkb or linkens facilitates this late game, while in LoL i found it very hard to actually carry 4 other ppl since the adc items in this game does not prioritize survival and items that do that gets nerfed ( qss nerfed to not remove zeds ult or fioras ult, Banshee change to give ap instead of hp+mana). And than you have a bunch of stuff like syndras ult that deletes you in 1 button point and click. You might argue that there are a lot of bs point and click abilities indota and you are right there are but the main difference its that there is a lot of options in itemization to counter that bull. Don't get me wrong i like both games a lot and im not trashing lol or something but the itemization in dota is much more diverse and allows you to carry games or counter specific things.
Ahwu (EUW)
: You didn't bring that point across nor do you have a lot of evidence to support that statement. I think 2% skill difference often does not make that much of a difference, especially will it not result in a stomp. You know how often some website will display winning chances for each team? If we assume, without any proof that they are correct, but they may have at least SOME base, they are somewhat trustworthy, this would imply that every game with having odds 51-49 or further apart would result in a stomp. Does it, tho?
What? dota actually takes much more skill and strategy to play and you can actually carry 4 vegetables in dota if you are truly good due to the nature of its carries and the items available to carries. In LoL on the other hand after you reach a certain elo it becomes almost impossible to carry solo if the other 4 dudes are horrible.
: What is the purpose of this post? You want someone to tell you you're a special snowflake and that you are the best? If you don't like what people say online mute them or maybe a singleplayer game?
The point of a board is sharing opinions criticism etc. There is nothing of sorts in your post, just a personal attack masked behind a question, if you have nothing constructive to say it's proper you abstain from saying anything.
Chaeor (EUW)
: Syndra .....
Syndra can be dealt with in the mid lane she is not a problem, if you are adc main on the other hand you better clench your butt because you will die, a lot. There are really no items adcs can buy to mitigate that kind of stuff and no the shields from sterak/hexdrinker are not enough to keep you alive. If games go long i sometimes buy zhonyas on adc as my 5th or 6th item vs the likes of syndra or zed or talon.
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Simon98v (EUW)
: Maybe people will perceive you more seriously if you put up a serious thread about why you think X champion should be nerfed. What you fail to understand about high risk/high reward champions, is that they just do damage, take for example a Zed. What utility does he bring to a team? A slow? Thats it, he can´t be a tank, he can´t peel for his adcarry and he really doesn´t bring that much when his abilities are of cool down, or if he can´t burst his target down. This means that if he gets behind he get useless, he can´t do anything. Compare that with for example an Anivia, Annie or Orianna. These champions all got CC in their kit, both Anivia and Orianna bring quite usueful utility to their team, Annie will still be able to stun the enemy adcarry, even if she is behind an ap item, Anivia can still save teamates with her wall, she doesn´t need ap for that. You seem to struggle against assasins (since all of the champions you listed are assasins), a good thing to do is to play a couple of assasins yourself, it will greatly improve your understanding of the game. Or you can simply ban a champion you don´t like to play against.
i aggre that assassins are high risk high reward execpt for zed , Zed is the safest assassin to play and have the lowest risk for a relatively high reward and the qss nerf didint help at all. Sure a talon might be able to burst someone faster but you can be sure that he is goining to die afterwards not to say he is easily countered by pink wards same as rengar and akali zed can burst someone with an extreme amount of safety with 0 counterplay, only steraks help mid game. When late game hits the steraks become useless because you need to take1800 dmg for sterak to activate as an adc you have arround 2k hp so if you just took 1 poke to your face you are going to die before steraks activate. There is areason Zed is banned across all regions at any elo range.
: Never gank a losing lane is the worst
I dont know of your definition of losing, but when i see a top laner die at minute 2 tp in lane and die again literally 5 secs later than that lane is not worth ganking at all and you should avoid it, if you just get camped and died once but kept even in cs and all that is not losing and its worth ganking.
Riryz (EUW)
: bot that leveled up by playing botgames and now owned by a real person that wanted to play the game but didnt want to waste time leveling. it bs but that how it is, although i do agree that riot really has to do something about people just reaching level 30 already getting matched in games with gold players.
they could put a restriction like minimum of 50 wins on normal summoner rift, but this will suck for ppl that just want to start a smurf.
: > [{quoted}](name=Elven Moon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UEB1zhIG,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-08-03T11:00:00.368+0000) > > Are you actually justifying that a new player was in a game full of golds? An unranked player's MMR is somewhere around Silver 3,all the way up to Gold 4 or some sh!t like that. So yes,its (ok) to be matched with him. P.S I feel so sorry for anyone that has to endure this in promos.....................stay strong............ P.S 2.0 Stop saying (GOLD players) as if its some sort of high as fuck elo. Its not. Dia and above are high elos. Gold is a polished Bronze,and Silver is a less polished version of Bronze. Plat is BoostedLandia,and Bronze is what it always was. So that said,dont make it sound as if it is some sort of importance. Most Golds play like Silvers nowadays.
"Plat is ****BoostedLandia**** "{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I can confirm this
: why bother comment about someone offering to help for free. btw some people have good game knowledge but poor mechanics of their own. Coaching isn't elo based.
i am sorry i made it sound really bad what i wanted to say is that since the difference between gold and silver is mininal they have nothing to learn from him on the contrary maybe some stuff that he does is wrong and they learn it taht way, bronze is another story tho.
: Which is the best Forum on the internet?
4chan {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Ill (EUW)
: Free coaching
you are gold 3...the difference between them and you is minimal
: How do you currently do in laning? Lose more often than not or farm well, not dying but not really getting kills?
very mediocre sometimes i do get kills if i have aggro support sometimes i die and farming well i often fall behind adcs like miss fortune its all about the support and that is my issue i want to be able to win lane without depending on the support but im not good enough to do that as i still lack much understanding on how to lane (wave control etc.)
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: Can't fight back assassins (Help an ADC out)
There is no counterplay especially since riot decided to nerf qss, just buy a steraks but sterks sucks too because late game you need to take 1800 dmg for the shield to activate and an adc got like 2k max hp so if you took just a bit of poke before you will die before the shield activates. Maw is good midgame but lategame you will die with shield regardless. Ezreal is very good against assassins or you can try playing vayne with botrk pd and full tank out of spite.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Yes, you've made this topic before: No need to make another one.
he makes a topic a day about buffing mf get used to it.
Xeaxxy (EUW)
: Which champion is the most popular? 28% pickrate mate.
spindahes (EUNE)
: Favourite 1350RP Skin?
High noon Jhin- everytime i use ultimate i have to say out loud "IT'S HIIIIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOON" my sister thinks im retarded.
: i have a lot of plats in my friend list,and since I only play normal games i see them a lot, trust me they are toxic af, but good for you that you don't get this kind of plat.To be completely honest every elo has it's toxic part and none is more toxic than the other,you probably just had 2-3 games with a toxic team and now blaming the whole elo being like that
plat has refined trolls like this anivia i had a few games ago friendly in all chat typing "lets go ! we can win" but feeding on purpose in game and going 0-15 while still typing "ahhh my bad there , we will get him next time !!"
TTekkers (EUW)
: This is where EU is dangerous, in NA they only have to deal with NaCl, which is fine, it's not gonna kill you - we even cook with it. But here we have EuCl, which (Europium) is both a heavy metal and radioactive, so we're screwed.
nah man eu has long transcended the salty state, what we have here is Botulinium Hydroflouric acid and freaking H2CrO4
Swittz (EUW)
: Hahahha like plat isn't full of salt Kappa
nah lower elos are filled with just salt, the broad definition of salt , plat is full of NaCl.
: Promotions -- Ranked
it has to do with how many games you won in a series if you are in a bo3 and won 1 game before losing your promos you will be at 75-90 lp , if you lose both games you will be 75- lp
: Did you surr ? If yes shame on you. Only one guy was extremly fed while the Rest was garbage. Karthus scales really slow lol he only hit his 2 Items Spike right there. Your Team got such a good Lategame even as 0/20 Anivia she can somehow be usefull. Maybe you just lose because your Attitude keeps being whiny for every single Mistake :^)
it's litearlly easier to win 4v5 than 5v5 and with a guy that feeds on purpose, she didint want to be usefull and she wasnt just unskilled, she was blatantly trolling and feeding on purpose you cannot win with that, it was a matter of time before she went and fed the others on the enemy team and at 0-6 the enemy syndra let anivia kill her just to reset her bounty and karthus had roa at like min 8 or so.
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Tawheed10 (EUW)
: good jungle option?
You didint list it but ill give you a suggestion which is VERY fun and strong at the same time and that is olaf. It is really fun running wtih ult and ghost at an ashe or jhin and watch them cower in fear becasue they know there is nothing they can do to stop your relentless advance.
Infernape (EUW)
: She doesn't need one. Her kit is fine and her visuals are fine. She's not in the same position Poppy, Shen and Sion were in before their reworks.
2 buttons ap sion damn those were fun times.
GLurch (EUW)
: Whenever I play Vayne and got a Morgana/Blitz in the enemy Team and clearly dodge their Q with my Q, my Q is done and after that it still hits me. It looks REALLY buggy.
Blitz Q hitbox is the worst tho not the mention that pay to win iblitz with invisible hooks
: Help a riven main
irelia is skill match up and heavily depends on your own skill and irelias skill. Garen is actually pretty easy just play some custom games vs a garen main and you will get used to it also hexdrinker helps vs garen but only get that if the lane is even and you are not the villan, if you get a couple of kills on him early and you are the villan just play safe.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: So if a champion can't reach over 1k AP without mejais they deserve a buff..? :| Well then better buff Irelia now.
his early game is abysmall right now :/
: Zed is best mid game. Late game he starts to fall off, that's because everyone and ADCs start to build defensive items like GA and Sterak's and getting tanky, and you know that Zed sucks against good defenses. Look at this graph and you will see that Zed is best at about 30 minutes which is mid game, and he starts to fall off later.
sterak only helps if you are full hp , adc has innate low hp , if and at lvl 18 you need to take 1800 dmg for sterak to pop if you are anywhere below or equal of that hp you will die before sterak procs, sterak is a mid game item late game is kinda bad for adcs
: Zed is not late game champion..
zed is a late game champion who has the easiest time bursting an adc and being the safest out of all assassins thanks to riot nerfing qss.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=redorchestra16,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IQX25pEj,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-28T21:35:24.940+0000) > > let's take trynd as an example, let's say you are... idk... how about riven? > okay so you start this lane with the intention to win the lane so he wont be powerful late game, so what do you do? you start with Q and start trading immediately, ofc you win the 1st trade but your Q does some damage to minions, therefore the lane pushes to his turret. (...) Let me start off with this: Most Riven match ups are about skill. If you play Riven correctly, you can beat most champions, even those who you are not supposed to win against. Tryndamere is not one of those. Sure his level 6 is annoying, but you are still Riven. Shield, Stun and Mobility. All boils down to skill. > now this is just a little example of trynd, but I find this for a lot of champs. maybe I just suck, In that specific match up you might suck. *** Most late game carries won't do well early game because their numbers just don't allow it. That's why Jax loses most early game and becomes a monster late game. That's why Vayne is one of the most feared ADCs in the right hands, come late game. If a late game champion gets ahead early, then they can snowball the game out of control. Also, Zed is not a late game champion (not at the same level as the others); neither is tryndamere. Those are both mid game champions. Talking about Trynda here, he's easy to kite if your team has the champions to do it (CC in general). A good tryndamere can still grab a few kills even when he's getting kited, but most tryndameres will die so fast that they won't scratch anyone, late game. *** ##EDIT If you don't believe me, I can provide you with some links: [Vayne, Champion.GG]( [Tryndamere, Champion.GG]( [Jax, Champion.GG]( [Zed, Champion.GG]( [Riven, Champion.GG]( Take a look at the Win Rate % by Game Lenght. Vayne - has a gradual increase and reaches 50% at ~37 minutes. Tryndamere - starts falling down drastically at 27~ minutes which is when mid game starts transitioning to late game. Jax - has a big increase at ~37 minutes, same as Vayne. Zed - I don't understand zed. That curve makes little sense, but since he's such a popular pick (he's banned a lot) those numbers might be inflated to both sides. He also has a "negative" win rate, so let's forget about Zed. Riven - Starts increasing at ~27 minutes, the same time when Tryndamere starts falling. I don't consider Riven a late game champion, but that graph says otherwise. Maybe I'm not used to seeing many Riven let the game drag into late game. With all that information you can understand why Tryndamere is not a late game champion. His strenght comes from the early to mid game. After that he falls flat. Vayne, on the other hand, starts weak but keeps growing (what she said). If a Vayne gets a lead early game, that's when I become worried.
dont forget fiora , she has an insane winrate at 30+min but an abysmall one in games that are 25min or less.
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RocketRo11 (EUNE)
: We just need a champ who instantly destroy all shield-fitted champs, or some one who got true damage/shield denial. Enough is enough. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
a champ that can swap the shield of the enemy and add it to himself or allies sitiuational af but cool. Or a champ that can steal buffs or trade debuffs for buffs on the enemies, like if you get slowed and the enemy nunu is chasing you you can swap bloodboil for the slow with nunu that kind of champ would be cool af.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I believe he's very strong in the right hands, but he's not nearly played enough to be worthy of a ban.
yeah and tbh i am thanfull for that.
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Jam9ik (EUW)
: What's riots excuse for not giving us a voice chat?
I am for voice chat as well but you have to understand is not mandatory while in cs:go is baically a must if you want to do well in master guardian+ you cant just type on the run that they are rushing B while holding B and shooting at the same time.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: *Never built. Now its the item to rush. Better powerspike than hydra. No synergy with champion? Doesn't matter its broken.
low dmg, att speed is pretty useless on fiora she is not really an auto attacker and you can get the same cooldown from black cleaver, imo black cleaver is the item to rush on fiora not tri force.
: Thats up to debate, but also not really relevant since this isn't a popularity contest. It doesn't matter what's worse. Every violation gets punished according to the rules that are in place for that, regardless of the existence of other violations that might or might not be worse.
i don't think flame is that bad either, and that comes from someone who rarely flames, on the contrary i find it amusing when somebody starts flaming. The only times when i flame is when i do so well but all 4 of my mates are feeding you know it have something to do with that feeling of helplessness when you know you outplayed the enemy laner, when you know you are better than all of the enemy team but still lose that sucks.
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