: Rankeds
It's not a good idea for many reasons. 1st of all, alot of people are playing this game since waaaay back. And have switched accounts more often than not. I myself have played this since the beginning of season 1. I wouldnt like to go trough 5 games of normals just to unlock the champ in ranked because ranked's all thats still viable for me as a player in this game. Ok, for new players who still discover champs, yea , it could be alright, but for someone who knows the ins and outs of every champ its a real bother. I understand your point of view as in the early years i was playing a champ like 20 times in normals before going into ranked with it. But , for me, and many others, that times has passed. So , no , i dont agree with this. Also, ranked has a champion pool limit. Whoever enters ranked with (was 16) now 20 champions is up for a great disappointment . Why ? Because you need diversity before starting to climb. You may be one trick pony , but you also need to be able to play alot more than 20 champs if you wanna round up yourself as a player. Finally, everyone who enters ranked without knowing a champ properly is really really misunderstanding the ladder system and just makes fun of it - cuz i dont find another explanation. But that doesnt mean all of us do that, i may play nocturne once a year, but i know exactly what to do with him, for example. So, nope. Also i see like "good idea" in the comments. No man, its not. There are not only new players playing this game.
: [Champion concept] Xelt, the Master of Elements
A champion so complex and doing so many things , dmg wise and utility wise, ad and ap, is a no no. maybe make this a thing like 2 champs. ya know, like xayah and rakan, revolutionize the marksman role, you know, like, id see that . but a 4 transformation midlaner/toplaner is reaaally far off what riot made until now, and the complexity of the character might be overwhelming. I mean dont get me wrong, a 4 in 1 champ is a great idea, but not for LoL. because lol in all its complexity, actually, has little to none. there are few things that you can actually do outside the box, and this regards mostly the map. a champ with 4 kits would be really overwhelming not only to master but to integrate in the game . Telling you, make a tank-supp dual transformation as supp, and an ad -only-based dual transformation as adc- thats also a huge leap of faith, but could work better. Also, toooooo op. everything. i mean, you have like 1 knockup , 1 massive stun and 1 root in stone form. thats like a leona and something. Also increasing your allies defenses while also decreasing enemy defenses is too much. It need a bit of toning down, but i get the idea , you wanted to make him interesting. Again, i like the concept and enjoy reading it, although its a mashup of other abilities of other current champions , but its too much for LoL. Also, there shouldnt be a passive for every transformation. That makes the champ too op if it wasnt already . This is just my opinion and i wish you best of luck, but again, i think this would bring a world of bugs on the rift, and alot of confusion.
: Also if he Midlaner is fed and has Ult in certain matchups, he might be almost ungankable compared to other lanes. Or simply that midlaner is so bad that you could end up in a 2v1 and you might actually lose it.. especially if the other jungler appears.
yup, exactly. thing is , jungler has hardly one job. and the fact that junglers are flamed for a 1 v 1 losing lane , or 2 v 2 bot, is entirely bad.
xxzzyy (EUNE)
: Junglers you have one job.
:-/ To be honest, there are different variables regarding this, like wave control , ward placements, enemy jungler (!) , and especially when the enemy midlaner extends. Maybe its not only his fault. I never see people helping the jungler with vision on enemy jungler. And thats a team blame, which you should consider. aH, also, the champions that are in the matchup. If a corki overextends, sorry, but he easily e's away. the same with any easy escaping champs. You see this in proplay as well, no one focuses the midlaner with escapes, only maybe in a 3 man gank, like supp joining too, otherwise, if your jungler has no hard cc, its useless, and yes, youll get the pressure off, but you can also do better things if you think they are more worth it in that time.
: Skins section.
YOURE SO GOD DAMN RIGHT ! On my 7 year old main i always forgot the old skins that i have. so i had to go under store and scroll between the dozens of skins to see which one i had.
Insides (EUW)
: Urgot to be kiddin me..
But hey, by this i refer to a complete remake, which riot actually will bring in soon on the summ rift !
: Who's the least updated champion?
Urgot to be kiddin me..
: Playing against people who don't even know how to counter my pick isn't very fun for me though.
Thats their fault. And if youre that good , youll get in higher rankings when youll get veteran or at least good players who will . Patience
: You get kills, you get honored.. a flawed system!
Im sorry, but this is your experience only. And in my opinion is bullshit. In every game since the new honor system , the right players got honored in most of the games. I find this solution to verbal abuse and flame proving to be really useful .
RallerenP (EUW)
: I deleted my comment im sorry. I forget people purposfully spread false information for clicks.
I also deleted mine. Nah, youre ok, i shouldve researched better before typing. I usually write only hard fact truths but i got carried away on this one :D my bad mate
MamaKi11 (EUW)
: waiting in champ select
Well, before saying this in boards, did you check up your laptop ? I say this because mine does the same, but its the laptops fault. So, check your laptop 1st, this is not a problem with the lol client, and most probably with your device.
RallerenP (EUW)
: ***
Well, misleading youtube vids mate. Im sorry if i was wrong :-/
Rioter Comments
Oou (EUNE)
: Report in lobby
There are alot of threads made for this exact same reason. I dont know why i never commented and gave my 2 cents on one before by BOY, we do need this. I mean, there are so many instances in which players just go trolling and tilting everyone even before game starts. Yes , i get it why its not easy to persue this idea, because alot of queues are dodged. But you can register the reports in pre game lobby only after the game is launched, so there are no dodges . idk, the idea is, something like this must be made. And im sure riot will think about it and make it, maybe in preseason ? fresh start ?
Oglaf (EUW)
: Either fix the botting situation -or- Remove the queue dodge penalty from Vs. AI.
Even better, remove the vs AI between level 10 and 30. I MEAN, i know its a shit idea, but if riot cant make anything against botting, at least, you know, disable the vs AI in the circumstances they are used most by bots. Anyway, bots are the majority in the vs Ai.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I made the gamewinning play as 0/7/0 Jayce.
I would like to express some thoughts about this. I mean srsly. THIS is something really important. Stop god damn tilting just because the game has a rough start. it doesnt matter. Its solo q. People dont maintain focus everygame , and tbh, the bigger the lead is pre 15, people tend to say "ah its won". So if your team is concentrating at least a bit , you can abuse their mistakes. Its plain simple. Just stop ff-ing in ranked. its bullshit. and stop tilting teammates who do bad - its also bullshit. Thanks for this thread, its a really good point.
: Please make tips useful
Hello guys ! IMO, some of the examples youve chosen are not even basic knowledge but logics. Like the one with the kill=2 minion waves. Thing is , the tips arent there to make you , necesserily, play better, but some fun fact of the game, mostly, and lore. If you wanna play the game better you need to do the research yourself.That s why there are plenty of vids on youtube for any player level. Also, a game is made to be discovered, not be thought everything in the tip section.
: Excuses? Eh, yes, my Master Yi ganking a 3/0 Fiora while I'm at 20% hp and he's like 50% is my fault? Sure, man, and I even ping my ass off to make them not gank but "hurr durr he is negative let's ping mute him hurr durr". I swear every LoL player has an IQ below 80.
by "every" means you too. So boo hoo for that. Also, ignoring the people who fck up and annoy you is a real ability which you dont posses i suppose. I say this again since youre really getting on my nerves with your ape comments - check more often with your doctor or stop writing on forums as not all of us are at puberty age and with mommy issues.
: ***
WOOOOOOW mate, take it easy. No one offended you so dont offend others just cuz of their opinion. Grow the fu ck up. Anger issues are resolvable as i have as well. and instead of shitting on you from a probably 10 years, at least, age gap, i will tell you that this "issues" like any mild psych issue is resolvable by finding a hobby and doing it so you can get your head off of things. By doing this in any activity you choose to do , and reacting severely in it with the same old same, you probably do something that you shouldnt. So before comin at my opinion like that, and telling me to kill myself for having one, you should check with your doctor more often. Also, im not generalizing anyone. Most kids are immature and thats how kids should be, such as yourself. A kid who thinks he's mature has either home problems or other domestic issues induced by his/her parents which shouldnt exist. Kids are kids for a reason and im not hating at that. That being said, learn to be polite and respect other people opinions instead of being a complete and utter ape.
: Being salty and toxic is generally the result of projecting. You probably have some unresolved issues or deep rooted anger that are interfering with your decision making abilities. Given this is your penultimate punishment, it's about time you started working on your behavior. Doing physical work is usually a pretty great way to get rid of stress, while directing your anger towards plushies, for example, can make you less prone to direct that negativity towards other things. There are numerous ways to achieve anger control, and it's all up to you whether or not you want to give them a try. A useful tip would also be to hide your chat or unbind your ENTER key (that's what some people are doing).
> unbound your ENTER key (that's what some people are doing). Sadly you cant do that anymore. But i agree with the work out thing .
ThuNd3RL0rD (EUNE)
: How to stop beeing salty?
Hi man ! I went some time ago trough the same situation as you now. Ill put this step by step starting with telling you what happened to me so you can make a parallel and draw some conclusions. My main , beefy ,after 6 years was banned for 14 days for extreme toxicity in game. And tho i dont agree with flaming at all, i had a couple of bad weeks with incredible flaming in chat and intentional feeding by my teammates that worked as a catalyst to my own flaming. I couldnt stop spamming my keyboard because i couldnt control the "street rage" i had against people who were only trying to lose the game. Thing is , after the 14 day suspension i was like " ok , im not flaming anymore, ever, i dont wanna lose my 6 year old account" . One week i kept it cool, positivity overflowing from my keyboard even with semi bad teams. After that one week i kept getting into games with intentional feeders and people who would stop by the gromp and do a dance for their people about 20 minutes until they surrendered. I started flaming again thinking "oh its been a week i can flame this once" . After 2 games i was matched with a premade , and tho we were 4 v 5 , no one apart from me wanted to remake in ranked saying that they are really stoned and dont care if they lose as long as they can go at blue and dance - > which is exactly what they did. Omg i flamed them like i never flamed anyone in my life ! And im 27 , but i was fed up with their shit and intentional. So after 10 seconds after the game have ended, a little box prompted on my screen saying that i was perma banned. My 6 year old account was perma banned. Jesus i almost started crying. I dropped lol for about 2 months and restarted playing about 3 months ago as a reformed summoner and respecting the summoner code in detail. Thing is you can stop being salty by focusing your entire energy on the game, and thinking that any outcome that any game with inters you may have is not worth to lose your account for that. even if youre right. Toxicity in response to toxicity is toxicity. So lowering your standards is not the answer but a problem as well. What this game thought me is that, even if its a game, and even in a game, you must not answer the mistakes other make with your own mistakes. And focus on what you could improve on yourself rather than focusing all that energy to blame the others - even if youre right to do so. Also /mute all became my best friend. Also trying to keep the team morale up became my 2nd best friend. Try entering a game on a positive note even if the chat gets dark as soon as you enter summ rift, try to make the team focus on the game and not on the chat if the flame. When you see someone doing a mistake try to not go criticizing that as if it was the end of the game and try to keep them from tilting even further - most of the players dont do mistakes intentionally and they immediately understand when they fcked up.. No reason for you to state that as well, but it is up to you to comfort them by saying next time theyll do better and so on. Try to not fall for the in game pressure and try to become the catalyst for winning your **_every.single.game_** . There is no one, and nor will every be, more deemed to win a game than you. Youre your master and the only one you can rely on. Hope this helps and hope you get relaxed in the future.
Insides (EUW)
: i moved from eune a good amount of years ago, maybe since season 3 . I started hating the game because of the community over in eune, so yeah, i know the struggle. But really, the game is often unbearable on that region. Im not saying the rest of the regions are not toxic, but my oh my, not one compares to eune.
Also i left becuase eune was the last one on the list of fixes.Remember when euw and eune were unstable and it took like 6 months more to fix the problem to eune than to euW.
zanbuko1 (EUNE)
: Lel I agree, tho im usually not toxic but its been one week and ive kept trying and now i have enough xD
i moved from eune a good amount of years ago, maybe since season 3 . I started hating the game because of the community over in eune, so yeah, i know the struggle. But really, the game is often unbearable on that region. Im not saying the rest of the regions are not toxic, but my oh my, not one compares to eune.
zanbuko1 (EUNE)
: Get your shit together riot
No wonder riot goes afk from eune, SO damn toxic. I'll get alot of hate for this ^ but ya know im right :D
Ashmail (EUNE)
: A question to suspended accounts
Hi there. There are alot of FAQs about this. as the furor below me said , you need to _participate_ in chat and show that you dont flame anymore. Also it can take a longer period of time or a lesser one, depending on your chat logs who are screened by the system once in awhile . If positivity flows like a river from them , then youll recieve an in game log stating that "your status have been cleared and you are now eligible for loot and season rewards" . Also , the 1st ban for flaming is 14 days. Thing is , i heard of people playing it cook even 1 year in a row, and flamed for 3 games after that 1 year and still get perma banned so keep it cool,the clear will come, dont worry about it.
: People usually are smart enough to not pile up on ulting Wukong...
> Illaoi ults? Fix bayonets! FORWARDS, FOR THE EMPEROR! i laughed tho youre right. Every damn illa game is like, ok ok, quick group brainstorm " can we survive this ? probably not, well, THE FU CK WITH IT, LETS TRY" , few moments later triple, and the 2 remaining red bars are cleaned up afterwards. Thing is , even if you kill illa, the dmg she does and the attention she needs in the few seconds of the fight makes it easy for the rest of the enemy team to ace.
: I'm not hating Riot for anything. I want to know what you people think of the idea of a removable chat. and your 1) is why I'd like it to be an option. It should not mandatory so every player can decide what's the best game experience for him or her. I have not checked 1000 chat logs so I can't tell if there is more tactical talking in other games than mine. Your second point is more an assumption I'd say. Guess it had to be tested to see any impacts on leaving rates.
It is a rational and logical assumption nonetheless. For example, in the many games over the past 7 seasons where i got flamers, in **some** of them no one was "feeding the trolls" . So we would let them talk and talk til their keyboards exploded. When they see that you dont get in their game they are like "ah ok, ill just feed if nobody cares" .... So, yeah. Im not talking about you hatin on riot, im saying in general looking down the threads on boards " Why is riot so useless" "Why does riot do nothing about that or that or the other " Well, thats just community venting on the owners of the game, when the community itself is the problem.
: Imo this makes no sence. Why is the rage afk any diffrent from the real life afk? Your team have a afk and will lose. I dont give a shit if the afk dude in my promo just went afk because he wanted 2 or because his house was burning. The point is that i lost my promo because of it.
> I dont give a shit if the afk dude in my promo just went afk because he wanted 2 or because his house was burning. The point is that i lost my promo because of it. If someone afks it _**may**_ be out of his control. flaming is not outve one players control. I afked maybe 4 times in 7 years, but it was for good reasons and IRL is more important than a game at any.damn.point. But if a players flames, that is completely under his control. And it should be punished immediately . Yes you lost your promo because someone maybe lost their internet connection, which is not under their control, or idk, a tornado hit the damn building he's playing from , or his baby kid fell from off the bed and got hurt - tbh, any matters regarding IRL exposures like the ones mentioned above or at a similar level are drastically more important then your promos. any promos.
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Insides,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=97pjYgoz,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-06-28T11:30:58.728+0000) > > Age limit, psychological tests. Lol. > > On a serious note, for real, age limit. if this is considered a sport just delimit ranked into under 18 and 18+ with age verification.Maybe its a shit idea but most of the flaming for no reason or hard toxicity comes from underaged players who vent they school grades onto summoner rift, and to be frank, im 27 and im tired of comin from work to hear their yappa yappa every damn game. 1. it's not a sport *yet* 2. even sports have junior leagues/teams, and in some cases like gymansts, they achieve perfection when they are under 18 3. it's a video game, that it's intended for kids, and that is the reality. 4. however, on higher elo, i belive you will find 20+ players, since I don't belive, under 15 or so, have the mental discipline to stay calm on diamond 2 and above (just guessing, might be wrong)
Thing is , i read alot of hate comments prompted towards riot, and i dont get why. Its the community fault ,and riot made a game which is playable by anyone , and thats not their fault, its their advantage in comparison to other games. I feel like if the community would direct their energy on bettering themselves instead of hating riot for something they cant actually manage to do better then they are doing as of there are hundreds of millions of unique players, the community will be alot less toxic . But hey, everyone likes to blame something they cant or wont understand, and cant control. Well, tough luck, then, cuz it will never end. No game is not toxic. Every game has its toxic playerbase, and no game like mobas or multiplayer overall can actually resolve the issue. So why hate riot ? Disabling chat is silly, for 2 reason,1) it will deminish the game experience overall as there will be no teamwork as the pings arent capable of showing everything a player wants to say. 2) the mass toxicity will vent by more ragequitting and more intentional feeding. Stopping the way to flame doesnt mean stopping toxicity, every bad player will find a way .
: Remove chat or fix the reporting system to improve game experience
> Does anyone has other ideas to improve the community Age limit, psychological tests. Lol. On a serious note, for real, age limit. if this is considered a sport just delimit ranked into under 18 and 18+ with age verification.Maybe its a shit idea but most of the flaming for no reason or hard toxicity comes from underaged players who vent their school grades onto summoner rift, and to be frank, im 27 and im tired of comin from work to hear their yappa yappa every damn game. ALSO, another idea would be imense community rewards for exceptional - behaviour wise- players. More than 10 afk or more than 1 game toxicity loses privileges. Not the loot, fck, no kid with money cares about the loot, but nicer rewards, only for good behaving players. Yes , you may lose some income, as riot, but youll win your community back and i guess where theres community theres more income too.
Tig3rS1 (EUNE)
: i agree. The thing is that Riot in my opinion doesn't handle reports effectively, i doubt that the enemy team reported him, just like in my most recent game, the enemy supported the troll that was on our team, and i also doubt that his teammates reports were handled seriously, because obviously a player doesn't go afk every game and this is a single case against him, that riot won't punish him for it. if reports and punishment were effective and that player knew that if he afks he will get a ban of some sort, he wouldn't even think of doing this in the first place. i feel you. now imagine 3 heavy and intentional trolls in 3 straight games, then 2 afks; this should make you feel better xD
> if reports and punishment were effective and that player knew that if he afks he will get a ban of some sort, he wouldn't even think of doing this in the first place. I know what im about to say doesnt happen very often , and that most disconnects after the remake option are either rage quits or intentional, BUT, there are cases of people disconnecting cuz of real life situations , or because internet went down or things outve his control. Yes, indeed, the intentional shit rage quit and stuff are more often than the ones i stated above, but they exist. So, riot cannot ban for one afk game, not even for 10, because of exactly this reason. I had to go afk once, about 4 years ago (the only time that happened) , was a real life situation , i apologized but team still reported me and i ended up gettin an e mail that if this happens again i get banned :-/ . So.
gyyyr (EUW)
: > why does everyone here think that i dont wanna play with others? because calling it a 1v9 game even though it is a 5v5 game, sounds like you don't want to cooperate. > all am saying is that in all of my games i have a troller or inter or afker so iu have to carry in order to win every single game. guess what, you aren't the only one with this problem. But calling it a 1v9 game is only going to make it worse. Blaming others doesn't help you, even if these others actually were the problem. And yes, I did understand that you claim, you aren't blaming them ingame, but you still blame them here on the boards and in your mind. > in all of my games i have a troller or inter or afker I doubt that. Especially because you seem to claim that the enemy team doesn't have these players. The probability of this actually happening is just very low. > iu have to carry in order to win every single game Well, you won't win the game by doing nothing. So much is clear. And you yourself playing better than the enemy, is step towards victory. I agree. but the same thing is also true for every enemy and every teammate. And if you all help eachother and play like a team instead of everyone just thinking, they have to carry the game alone, it gets a lot easier (And the ones that don't want to do that, won't be on your team in the majority of your games. They have a four in nine chance to be on your team and a five in nine chance to be in the enemy team.). > THATS WHY ITS A 1V9 every game I'd still argue that you are the one making it a 1v9. > like i said theres only 3-4 in this forums that actually understand the problems before they type well, I guess that depends on your definition of the word "understand". I could now talk about the subjectivity of knowledge to explain my statement, but this isn't the topic here and therefore, I don't. > can i ask you one question? you asked multiple{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
> I doubt that. Especially because you seem to claim that the enemy team doesn't have these players. The probability of this actually happening is just very low. Not very low . rather impossible. For him to be put in a position like he described **every single game ** is purely impossible.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: what does you story has to do with me saying this game is literally a 1v9 every game? i dont care about the trollers since i wont see them in my games again (the person who trolled me) all am sayng is that its really not that amazing to have to carry evey game cause some people dont care if they lose or win why do i have to give my 120% every game so the guy that went 0 10 and said "GG NOOB TEAM REP JUNGLER" can get lp that he doesnt deserve.Thats my problem not the fact that i have to 1v9 i been doing that since bronze and i dont mind that but the thing that bothers me is that i have to carry people who dont deserve the wins.
Easy. Simple. If a shitty person is born rich, doesnt mean he deserves to be rich. Also i find it hard to beieve that you dont like carrying. I love the games in which i carry my team, and hate the games in which im even or worse and get carried by my team. Thing is, euNE is the most toxic region, so you at least should move to euW,which is mildly lesser on the toxic level Mildly. But still. Also, tbh, on this account im silver, and in 50 games i have had like maximum 2 games in which the events you describe are accurate. And i get games with hardflame and so on, but rarely like you describe. and i try every game to calm people down and keep their head in game or try telling them , in a nice way, what to do. And you know, it kinda works, you should try it. Of course there are games in which this doesnt work, and thats that, it happens. Youre aggressive even on boards when people try to open your eyes and let you know that youre wrong too, and that all of us encounter such things, mentalities, and games. But thats the way the cookie crumbles, either you like it or not. Also idk your rank , but if youre higher than silver and encounter this, you really should switch the region. In euW i used to get that shit on my main as a **low** plat like one in 15 games.
: > [{quoted}](name=Insides,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=v9L3q3Lk,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-06-25T11:12:38.526+0000) > > Elo boosting is punishable with prison in Korea ! > Fun fact of the day. "IT'S JUST A GAME"
Its not just a game. its a job as well. and tbh i agree with the way korea views this . its a competition and its like you ask a guy to go and give an exam for you, or whatever.
MrSlowiK (EUNE)
: God, I love you... This comment just made me smile man. This will help me so much, from now on I am just gonna /mute all. People like you deserve a f*cking medal man <3
Also, word of advice : eune is the most toxic region, and it will remain the most toxic region. If you think you can stop flaming in game, you should move to euW. Its not much of a lag diffrence at all, and im not saying euW is not toxic, BUT way less than that garbage region. i moved from it like 3 years ago. and never going back, tho im from eune.
: Screenshot > Riot?
wont do much. I got screenshots of people admitting in all chat in game that they int , and sent them to support and got answers like "they cant discuss other players accounts with me and i need to report them post game"... So, there is no other option. Even today i had a guy admitting he was on his friends account cuz he left it open on his pc, and he never ranked before , so he entered the one i was in , cuz , you know, luck. And he had 3 cs in 29 mins on jax, and 12 deaths. I screen shot and e mailed to riot but i know it wont do much. But hey..
Insides (EUW)
: When you finalize your 14 day punishment, there will be a log in which riot states the following : your honor level dropped down , you are not eligible for any loot or season rewards and so on **until** you get a log from riot considering youve reformed. Even one small flame on the course of those 6 months ,followed by a report, will keep you in the database as a flamer.
But , tbh, you can contact support if youre sure these 2 games are the only ones in 6 months and ask them to give you the complete logs. But trust me, they will give you like 10 games of logs in which you mildly flamed, followed by the 2 in which you flamed alot, and say that you didnt reform. And they would be right to do that
MadsQ (EUNE)
: I had the 14 day ban and then i reformed but like half a year after i had 2 bad games and then i got perma banned i didnt go down the exclation path at all
When you finalize your 14 day punishment, there will be a log in which riot states the following : your honor level dropped down , you are not eligible for any loot or season rewards and so on **until** you get a log from riot considering youve reformed. Even one small flame on the course of those 6 months ,followed by a report, will keep you in the database as a flamer.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: well i played with a guy the other day and the first thing he told me in the chat was that he wants to get out of this server ASAP and he even asked me for advice on which server to go.The guy was G5 and wasnt getting any good teams even tho he was a good player so i duoed with him for a few weeks and yesterday he transfered to the EUW server we had a 100% win rate together cause we could 2v8 every game without problem the guy was so kind to even add me on another acc and asked me since i want to transfer to EUW too on the next season tho when i do he wants to duo with me and reach a high rank together.Tell me why does this good player has to leave the EUNE server cause its full bad players only so he can climb on the other server which is more promising.
Are you kiddin me with this comment ? You need to learn what game experience means. You think none of us encountered trolls inters etc ? You think youre the only one who needs to deal with this type of stuff ? I was at 90 lp and series literally hundreds of times and had a lose because of those problematic issues. But i still kept my head in the game and tried ! its all you can do. If you consider it a 1 v 9 game dont play it, cuz it wont change. And you know that thing about positivity ? It actually works on anything you do in life, even in games, try it sometimes . Last thing, try reading what i say before calling me out like that. Sorry if i hurt your feelings, but you know, if 10 people say the same thing , and you still consider they are all wrong, then you have a problem. Also the capsing doesnt help your case at all.
: Permanent Ban bug?
Look man, the report tool is not abusable. The system will control your logs and a disciplinary action will occur in severe cases of flame or verbal abuse. Also, youll never Ever get permabanned for a couple of games of league of legends, even if you flame in them. There are some steps, like 10 game chat restrict, 25 game chat restrict, 2 week suspension , and after that perma ban. If youre completely honest with us , try seeing the logs, maybe someone hacked into your account. Tho i find it very unlikely since you got perma banned on 2 accounts. in one damn night. That must be a record , if nothing else. Troll reports dont exist. Ever since season 6 i believe , troll reports , or multiple reports, are really useless. System wont take into consideration any games in which you had a clean chat, and got reported. Edit : as i keep reading your comments, i see that you dont know that you can mute players ? Making the game chat free ! If you believe riot is wrong for banning you, send their support team an e mail ,and they will come up with a complete and accurate ,detailed, log about your in game chat activities and what concluded your permanent ban .
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: Why is every game a 1v9 one?
Mostly because you make it 1 v 9, and all the players like you saying that. Ok you have games in which one of your member is doing badly, and you most probably flame him/her and so you lose the game harder . And lets be honest ! We all have bad games, and when you feed im sure you got excuses. I know your type too well mister, and judging by the vaping type of thread, youre very well in that section of toxic.
: chat banned...
Look ,you dont get chat restriction for 1 bad game. IF that is true post your in game logs here, as they will appear when you start the game . Responding to toxicity with toxicity is being toxic. So next time maybe just mute and move on ? Just a piece of advice. Also, you can avoid the hostile environment youre talking about by ,again, muting that person. I lost plenty, and by that i mean ALOT, of games in ranked because people are flaming eachother , instead of just muting. Try to be positive and mind your game when such players are matched with you, because, otherwise, youll slowly become what you hate most . Also, remember this : asking for reports is a reportable thing. So next time, just , 3rd time , mute , and move on. Youll have at least one reason to report the respective player.
GoldenFang (EUNE)
: Player purposely trolls
Stand corrected fellow summoner ! The post game report system is actually reliable. But of course it isnt THAT drastic as it should be. But thats because riot gives players the chance to consider their actions and reform . Every game has toxic community. TRY to look past her and remember : ranked is winnable even with inters , if you truly know the game, especially on low elo. And there are plenty of people doing just that !
MrSlowiK (EUNE)
: Game Suspension
Look man. I was in your place sometime ago.Please read this trough as it will lift your morale and understanding of the game and how riot system works. First of all : by responding to a toxic player with toxic behaviour is punishable in agreement with summoner code. It's like killing a thief because he stole your watch on the street. Furthermore, if you flame the respective people your game experience will get worse and worse. Just mute , let them int, and remember you can solo carry any game, if you truly know the game ! especially in low elo. However, i understand your feelings. I had a few months back on my main acc, 7 years old account, 2 weeks of incredible toxicity in my games. I had from hard flamers to intentional feeders, to people who were calling on my mom , to people who would wish me or other teammantes cancer and all the diseases in the world , to going at bron and suicide x15 times. At some point i started hard flaming them because this happened in ranked and i simply cracked open. I got a 2 week suspension and after the 2 weeks i promised myself "i will never flame again" Well guess what ! Another full week and i had the same games with the same type of people who really didnt give a crap about the game, or the players. So i couldnt stop and i flamed them hard. I can never forget the game who got me banned. I was 4 v 5 in a game, and my team didnt want to remake. They said they are ok with losing the game, as long as they are stoned and having fun(it was ranked) . They force fed and stayed at our blue dancing all game. I felt really bad because that was my series. And man i flamed them. Oh man ! So bad ! I think they still remember me ! (well surely not) . THING is , after 10 seconds of finishing the game i got perma banned. Im 27 and i started crying because of the fact that i knew i lost my 7 years old account, and all that for what ? A shit match in which i flamed some bunch of disrespectful children most probably who actually continued playing after the game ! I was so sad i never wanted to see this game again, and i email support with "WHY ? how is this fair ! LOOK what THEY did ! How am i banned ?" And then i learned that , even in a game, you must see your own mistakes 1st, before seeing others. Even if their mistakes are your catalyst. Of course, they wouldnt give my account back. And yet here i am, started again 1 month ago, and im feeling optimistic. And i will never flame again. /mute all and ggwp have fun. ALSO , warning ! Be careful after you 2 week suspension. Every capslock,every bad word will be a black point on riot system list of permabans. Do not say anything even remotely bad, or youll lose your account for good. I hope this helps you.
: I am tired
Mate, this is going on ever since season 2. (On that note, i strongly believe that season 1 was the best LoL we got, comunity wise, cuz you know, it was so small, and so nice , and so ...newbie !) But ever since, every region has toxic players, which yes, are more than the non toxic ones. But thats life, thats every game, thats what you have to endure if you turly love the game. Of course it gets on your nerves, of course you get tired because this is truly sad ! To be honest, i really dont care in normals if my team or enemy team has inters, trolls, etc. I just report at the end and thats it. I get salty in ranked but i dont communicate with them and mind my own game - > only way to enjoy lol nowadays.
Miss Stress (EUNE)
: Serious problems with player behavior
Ever since the improvement of pings, i insta mute anyone who is remotely close to starting any negativism or flame in my team. Especially in ranked. For 2 good reasons : 1) IF you respond ,and even try to tell him to chill and focus on the game, or try having fun, they use that as a catalyst. You know what they say, theres no bargain with a mad man. Consider them mad, and just mute. If you focus on your game there will be many things that wont escape your eyes. 2) Trying to fight a toxic player will result in you converting to one, by the Summoner Code, because spamming in chat, or capsing is not cool, and is considered verbal abuse, so youll get restricted as well. Try to have fun even if I know that in some games its utterly impossible to do so. But try.
Mirrin (EUW)
: Bot Accounts and Elo-Boosting Spam
Elo boosting is punishable with prison in Korea ! Fun fact of the day.
Gasburger (EUW)
: Why is every piece of criticism considered flaming?
Criticism is not flaming. Is exactly what it is, criticism. Why most of people consider it the big cousin of flaming is because by doing it youre tilting your teammate. You think she/he wants to be 0 5 10 mins in ? and lets be honest , you never were in that spot ? The perfect response to that is to think of a way to help the respective person, giving them some confidence with stuff like "dont worry *insert champ name* , we got this" etc. If you just go "Man youre bad wtf is wrong with you" etc youre diggin your own grave, because that player will get worse , and by any means he wont think " omg , this guy is right ! im shit ! imma be unstoppable from now on" , he'll just slowly decay into the tilting abyss and lose the game, and maybe start vaping his faults on you with things like "well, you dont help at all!" etc. So do not do that shit. Its bad for you and your game !
: I feel guilty. An apology.
A thread that made me laugh. Really hard. I'm not sure if , with this thread, you just put some pepper over that salt, but man, i laughed ! 1st of all , annie cannot abuse ekko, or maybe she can if the ekko is very unskilled. 2nd of all, he's clearly toxic , and for some reason, every cs that he would take he'd put in as a victory in his post game analysis, maybe blaming his team after. Furthermore, dont want to seem mean or anything, but you did good and he deserved it.
MadsQ (EUNE)
: Getting banned for 2 bad games
Haha , to add something to what ARCHERNO1 said bellow, you absolutely for sure did not get banned for 2 bad games, but for a series of bad toxic games leading to your ban. If you can extrapolate we would be kind and give you a nonbiased commentary and even help you by letting you know if you should contact support or not, but giving that this is just a rage thread, im guessing youre just toxic. One less.
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