: If u dont like the skins, dont buy them, thats what almost everyone does. The game is free and yet they are a multi-milion dollar company, sure they have to make money somehow. I dont like the pajama skins so I dont buy them. But i dont post a long rage cause of them. Grow up.
How is this a rage ? More time could go into balancing the game , rather than creating skins
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: I still dont get how people can complain this much about a free game {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} **Chromas: ** Many people,including me,like them alot ! **Honorsystem:** Im contantly on max. level without any problems. just dont be a total douchbag ingame... **Capsules:** they are also for free.and I got my ele lux from them,which is nice **Ranked:** they made each division smaller,so the climb in total shouldnt take longer (unless you are hardstuck in silver,which can feel like a looooong way to the top :> ) just deintall it if you dont like it dude,we wont miss you {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Boxes are free , capsules are bought ( the 250 rp ones ) Chromas - less time balancing the game , more time coloring champions . I don’t care what you do with your money , but you can agree it could be spent better Honor - rewards are crap - no actual satisfaction. Depends on your team mates , meaning that , even if you play like a god , it wouldnt matter if your mates don’t honor you Rankes - just make the divisions smaller ( we dont need the extra ones )
NoobStory (EUW)
: I liked the beginning, but it kinda falls off later on in your post. - Udyr can be rather easily kited and cc'd since he has no dash, far from being op (though I hate playing against one x) ) - Riven is far from being op, discuss urgot and kassadin and come back later. - Ap midlane has zhonyas + tabis (have to list those if you include merc threads) / Ad midlane has qss(/mercurial: same item) + hexdrinker(/maw: same item again) + merc threads. Call me when your midlane zed builds spirit visage and i'll personally fly off to riot's hq to protest - Honor system: you don't even have to be positive to up your honor lvl, I'm myself rather harsh and still achieved lvl4 - Ranked: I doubt it'll be harder to climb, and you have to at least try before complaining ffs For skins and chromas, I agree that riot puts too much emphasis on them and neglects a bit the stability of the client on patch/events. It's clear that there's a whole new politic to get money out of the game, one that I do not approve of.
Tabis on a mage offer no advantage . Take talon / zed : their spells deal phi dmg ( tabis only reduce dmg from aa ) , meaning that , aside from the extra armor , they offer no protection. Worse , once theyy build lethality or armor pen , the extra armor you have really doesnt do that much Riven ATM - you said it , not me. But in general , she is a hard champ to counter cause of the animation cancellation , which again , isn’t present to such a degree on other champs, making her unbalanced. Udyr - i dont think that having the option to increase your speed every 2 seconds is that kitable. The nr of champs that could kite him are low and usually have higher cds on their spells than udyr has / depend on a certain item to do so ( which again , has a higher cd than udyr’s spell ) hex/ maw , qss / merc - i listed them as separate items cause they are strong on their own , without upgrading .
: If u dont like the skins, dont buy them, thats what almost everyone does. The game is free and yet they are a multi-milion dollar company, sure they have to make money somehow. I dont like the pajama skins so I dont buy them. But i dont post a long rage cause of them. Grow up.
You totally missed the point . Milking players for money > improoving experience You are not forced to buy a skin , but the pijama series is a slap in the face to the players who expect originality. And , instead of working on balancing the game , they wasted time on recicling skins , which look basically the same as the star guardian ones.
Vingthór (EUW)
: Actually I gain fun, relaxation and a sense of achievement from playing the game while spending ~10-20€ a year on it which is considerably less than I would on AAA titles and pretty far from emptying my wallet. Of course if all it does is stress you out and you still decide to spend way too much money onto it, thats hardly a problem with game design, is it?
All i see are more attempts at tempting the player to empty his wallet than actual steps twards game balance and quality experience.
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Astis 3 (EUW)
: Hey, i'm expect to get insulted, mad and angry even when i get up from my bed in the morning :3 For every single insult there could be different reason - i can be insulted by a dumb joke because i went through some shitty games and lost any sence of humor. Someone can insult me just because he has some weird type of Tourette syndrome when he's forced to type shit instead of shouting it. That's RIOTs job to figure out those reasons, not mine or yours. Anyway, while i don't like this weird system where you can be banned for quoting lore or calling yourself a gay when you're a gay, i still think that it is better than no report system at all. LoL community toxicity level is high, but it could be way much higher without any bans.
When you open the game to play , you are literally begging to be insulted :)) That's just reality - you sometimes have a bad game ( it happens ) , you're sick that day / don't feel well , maybe something bad happened that day and all you want is to just forget about it and have some fun playing LoL . First response your team goes to is : report this %%%%ing feeder , idiot , troller , you suck etc. At this point , i view this game as self harm , rather than fun
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Astis 3 (EUW)
: > I saw a french guy on euw go full berserk after another player made a joke : I dont speak baguette ! What is a joke for one - is an annoying (not serious, but still) insult for another. What if that french guy had some bad memories about baguettes? :) Since i'm russian, i don't like jokes like "don't speak vodka", for example, even if i know that it's just a joke. And i'm totally sure that most of european people won't appreciate russian jokes about "gayrope" :) Snowflakes or not, you still have to choose words when you're speaking to strangers.
See , this is what i mean - this game is triggering as hell. You even got mad over some dumb joke , cause that's the mentality you get into when opening the game : you expect to get insulted , mad , angry
: Riot doesn't care about the fans
Seriously , You play since season 2 and havn't figured it out? This game is a wasteland of toxicity and salt It's nothing more than a cash cow. The are many issues regarding the game play experience , balance etc. Before anyone goes full fanboy to defend the game , how about we examine rito latest decissions : - The pass is a joke : if a player wants the prestige skin / border , they have to grind like hell for the game ( if they don;t have $ for RP) . - Pijama guardian ??? Multi million dollar company , and their staff just recicles some skins ? - Honor system - lets face it , you need to be a %%%%ing budist monk to not get angry at the game for you to get enough honor to get to rank 3 +. And the rewards are shit - Capsules : hello idiots , we at riot decided to introduce gambling into the game so you get even more addicted. These are just some examples My advice : quit the game , cause in retrospect , what are you really gaining when you play the game ? Stress , anger and an empty wallet
: Toxic problem
Seriously , you havn't learned your lesson? Riot doesnt give a shit - i mean seriously , look at their latest decisions : pijama guardians / 100 chromas / prestige skins ( which is basically a chroma with extra glitter ) . This game is a cash cow filled with degenerates .
qmanschi (EUW)
: It is about snowflakes. People these days, especially in the younger generation, try way too hard being politically correct, adhere to the playbook in all contexts, play the victim card, and generally have no common sense. Face it, a lot of people in league report you because they're snowflakes.
First of all , this game is a product that brings them money , and they "cater" to the player's needs , search on social media , news etc to see what is ok / not ok (offenssive). Nowadays , the report button is abused as %%%% , be it from flamers or ( and YES ! ) snowflakes who might find smth offenssive. I saw a french guy on euw go full berserk after another player made a joke : I dont speak baguette !
: Got 14-day suspension
Well , Riot games really dont care that much since everything you say can be interpreted as offenssive / racist . I wrote " I'm gay " in chat ( me actually being gay ) , and i got punished for that . I suggest , if rito doesn't reply / fix this , you /mute all , don't buy RP , cause there's no telling what the snowflakes these days might find offensive.
lil 3bood (EUW)
Uhm , yeah no - we dont want that shit champ op again just so you can feel like you have balls for the 1st time in your life. Zed is a crappy champ that doesnt need a rework
: People only play this game because they are addicted


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