: Do you like the new akali or do you prefer the older one?
Ah... nowadays I no longer play other lane than support... so... this new Akali... I did not play at all. :(
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
{{champion:84}} Was the first champion I played and mained.
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Zanador (EUNE)
: I'll also give my two cents on the subject if you don't mind. First of all, as i wrote it already in a response: i'm convinced that typing anything in the chat is a choice, and thus so is flaming. There is no knee-jerk reflex in humans that make us grab the nearest keyboard and type in certain things if we get upset or stressed. Everyone has the choice to simply not type in anything. But i think that you, Intuitive Bunny are still making a bit of a mistake in logic here. Correct me if i'm wrong in the end. Personally, i'm in a very similar situation to you: i've been playing for a very long time and i genuinely don't get upset neither over this game nor over random teammates i get. I look at them simply as part of the experience and focus on learning more about people and how bad situations can be handled or solved. Similarly i've played Dark Souls as a form of relaxing, because the methodical puzzle solving nature of it has a calming effect on me. Dying is just a natural part of those puzzles. So here is where i'll make my assumption: i think you had a similar mindset to my usual default one when you made this post. You have found a way to focus on the objective, logical parts of an experience or situation. If i'm correct, then i have a couple of remarks on your point of view. Not exactly criticism, but just some notes. If i'm wrong, then i hope that at least you'll find some value or entertainment in what i'll write here. So let's begin here: it is a sign of a humble mind (in the positive sense of the word) to base it's train of thought in the idea that itself is not special. Humility is a very important part of objective thinking, because the moment someone thinks themselves special, they have brought subjective ideas into the matter. But at the same time true logic dictates that you have to keep your starting point in mind too and evaluate what effects it can have on your results. I'll come back to this later. Next up is logic itself: by it's nature, it is a filter. It's job is to eliminate subjective factors, so that anyone who applies logic to a starting condition will arrive at the same conclusion. 1+1=2 for everyone. But humans are not rational beings, in general, 85% of our decisions are made on emotion instead of logic. And if you want to examine humans or suggest something to us, it is a mistake in logic to ignore emotions. Simply put, the method that worked for you and some others, does not work for everyone, because the starting point is not the same. Metaphorically speaking, in this opening post you are telling people that you only had to add +2 to your starting point to arrive at 5, but forgot to keep in mind that adding +2 won't give 5 for those who started from any other number. Skills and abilities: i'll just borrow what my teachers have told me before about these. Yes, skills and abilities are trainable, but every person also has a talent that will tell how much time and effort they will need to improve and also what their limit in said skill or ability will be. For example my reflex times are not top tier. I use a combination of prediction and trained motions as a compensation and it works quite well, but i know that even tho i could improve my reflex time, i would need to sink in too much time and effort into it and the results would still not match what i would need them to be. -------------------- This brings us back to the beginning. From a logical point of view, you correctly started from the assumption that you are not special and everyone can achieve what you have. This might be the point where you should reevaluate that. Everyone in this game as learned to handle their emotions to a degree. People who can't handle even a single loss for example don't get past the first day of playing. Everyone who is here now has had to get through quite a lot of different situations. It is possible that what you achieved is, if not unique, still a rare talent.
Hi and I apprechiate your input and the points that you have made. I should admit, when writing this, I did not expect people to be this picky into every detail and word that I wrote or did not wrote. The point I wanted to make was more of... since people always are complaining and getting upset about these games. I hoped that some could at least turn their mindset to somewhat more positive. Because everything starts with a good intention. In this, I have voiced my own experience. Thus my own conclusion. I think it is a choice. But it is still something I have learned for me. This apply to me, but I would hope it could apply to others too, because it would make the game more positive. And it is possible! My mistake that I did not note ’I don’t expect others to do the same’ Because I thought it was pretty obvious. Didnt think people are so petty. (not aimed to you)
: "Yes, environment has an impact. But ultimately it is still up to each person about the action they take." Sooooo.... You are saying, it's not 100% intentional as your title suggests. "So overall, I feel that, really. You can simply choose to be ‘perfectly fine’ always when playing this game by applying a good mentality, no one makes you tilted or toxic because it is your life. You can choose to be affected by others. Why and why not, you have 100% control. Simply - NEVER blame your actions on someone else! You are responsible over you." The sole existence of emotions makes it impossible for something to be chosen purely by "us". The sole fact that people feel anger and the IMPULSE to flame, makes it impossible to believe that they CHOOSE to flame. "Applying a good mentality", god can u tell me the secret to "apply a good mentality" when you FEEL anger in a certain situation? You somehow open ur head and taket he anger away? Seems possible. (sarcasm).
Oh yes, I am aware that people have emotions. However, if one would understand better that acting out on emotion and impulses is usually not the best. And then to understand why - will prevent it all together. Say I get flamed at. Initially I would get pissed off. But when really understand why it is not necessary to get upset over such, I simply wont be. Why children cry and throw tantrums when they don’t get the way they want? It is because they act on emotions. And a lack of self control, but they are very young. But then again, this is just how I see it. Because in the past I get tilted too, but not anymore when I changed how I view this whole thing. So at least for me, by experience I know it is a choice if I should get upset over this game or not. I don’t exepct others to agree, And if you feel you are getting taken over by negative emotions during the game and feel like there is nothing you can do about it... well too bad. :o Makes me think of that angry german keyboad kid meme (dunno name of it) Go ahead and be like that! But hopefful less extreme... xd
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Here's the problem I'm having: I'm not allowed to vent while the other guy can ruin games despite it being way too obvious? I don't have that many problems with trolls, but I do despise any person who dares to smurf or multiaccount. And sadly, the game is more than promoting it with streams and youtube videos. It's why I stopped playing-.- Also, that's exactly what you are trying to sound. But you got to understand, just like depression, frustration is human emotion and everyone, and I mean ABSOLUTELY everyone deals with it their own way. The more you see flame, the worse the gamestate is. Community can't change itself if the environment does not allow you to change. Venting is healthy, holding it in is not. And in some cases, this game literally changes people's behaviour to worse, just because how bad the situation really is and how just holding everything in ends up making them blow up in a situation where it was completely unwarranted. It's why I even BANNED this game in my household. Even asked ISP to block it. It's just not worth having a game around that can alter someones mental state so profoundly because the punishment system actually encourages trolling more than venting verbally. (keep in mind, I'm distringuishing VENTING and flaming. I do not see that much flaming in this game. But venting is something everyone needs to exept in this community or the problem will only get worse. I'm not talking about wishing cancer and such, i'm talking about general %%%%%% and idiot being thrown every now and then(Not spammed, Not harrassed). Fortunately the system seems to make a difference between some venting and harrassing, but it doesn't change the fact that even I got a chat restriction twice before I quit. lol.) This game has very unintuitive punishment system, player behaviour problem that's induced by unbalanced games more than people harrassing someone and the fact that mute=/=report, which means alot of people who mute, might actually forget to report a guy they muted. This causes bad data in AI system, as it's oversensitive and undereducated, even moreso when employees don't keep track of it as much so it can get trigger happy sometimes.. I just vent when i have to, and descalate when i have to. b ut i wont bother being an ass to dell someone how to deal with frustration and expecting a world to be all sunshine and rainbows. it will never be that way. strong language and generally venting will always be there. the line between harrassment and venting is thin and people need to understand when the line is being crossed.
Well, as I have mentioned, in the past I felt that kind of frustration too. But the community has not really changed. I made my own change. I don’t even feel that I need to vent or keep anything inside about what others do in this game. Like... I still do care about winning, I want to. I accept that there are trolls, smurfs and what not, that these are currently ’part of the game’ - problems if you want to label it as... however you want. But this is the case, deal with it. Take it as a part of the flaws of the game if you so will... But making the difference in what to put out your energy in and what to not. And arguing/getting upset with anything involving random others is not worth it. Like... that is what I mean by choosing not to be affected. Like... the core mentality is to not give a damn about low vibe people. As well as being aware that, at the end of the day this is still a game. They can troll smurf whatever they want - but they don’t have the power to make me upset. :))) Because they are just randoms to me! Only people I care about actually has the ability to make me upset... xd If you put on this perspective. Why ever let a random idiot affect my mood? Just who do they think they are? lol (That is my mentality when I feal with this - described in a very rude way) Everytime I get a team like one that people would complain about. I make a face like -.-’’ > oh well, next game > shrug it off > game ends > take a tea break > return to ranked > all good! (And if this repeats, I just get off pc and have an ice cream) :D And I don’t even remember of the previous games/trolls or whatever...
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: **TL;DR: Smurfing and trolls cause huge imbalance. It makes people frustrated, and thus they start venting. But instead of just venting, they go overboard by targeting it at someone, in most cases, someone who is not at fault. So the environment still has a large impact. But it also comes down to players choice in the end.** --- While it is LARGELY impacted by your own choice, it is also impacted by the environment. This game has systems in place that allow smurfs to get away unpunished. (Since Riot tolerates, but doesn't endorse it.) This already causes a huge imbalance in matchmaking. 1) Smurfs carry others to undeserves ranks. Games get more stompy 2) Hardcore smurfs can just make someone flip. Not because how good they are, but because the match gets so stompy you can afk. Except, YOU CAN'T. You get punished for afk, you also get punished for venting(most of the flaming is just venting, it's why I only mute extreme abusers), and you are stuck in a match for as long as people don't vote for surrender(it's why I never start surrender votes, to avoid starting more flame, when stomped), and usually keeping hostage is quite common. --- Now to make the matchmaking worse, we also have trolls, who get away thanks to quite an inefficient system. The fact that you have to report directly to support in hopes of the guy getting punished, sometimes with a stupid automated answer. "We can't tell you if he gets chat restriction or a ban." For what? Trolling? LOL, I can stalk it myself if I could bother, but since I meet them usually the next day, sorry, that's cowshit. Have to admit, most of the times, the action is taken against them, since they tend to be repeat offenders. Add that to the already frustrating matchmaking system, and you realize, why every person in the league of legends starts flaming one time or another. Usually saying them it's okay to vent as long as it isn't targeted makes them still vent but in a less disturbing way. Not always though. So while I condone it, I do understand where it comes from. Player behavior is quite directly related to the quality of both player feedback and in-game balance. And more towards in-game balance that player feedback. In unbalanced matches, people tend to flame more often. In stomps towards players favor or in balanced matches, it happens less. Happens(again, chronical flamers or immature people exist), but is far less common when there isn't frustration involved. I actually try to get used to saying "ty for a game instead" of "gg", just to not tilt or frustrate other's further. --- Remember, not every person can handle the stress in an identical way, and if the game is stressing, it is not for you. But individuals don't understand that unless they are not new to gaming.
Yes, environment has an impact. But ultimately it is still up to each person about the action they take. I agree with you on the points that, those circumstances can make the game frustrating to play. I have experienced all of them if not too often lately... it is not like I cannot relate and is just trying to sound like everything is good and people take the game too hard. Sometimes I really do question why trolls (those who really troll and int, who does not flame, but literally ruin the game they way they do) are not getting banned. But so what, everything cannot be perfect. (Hopefully Riot make improvements in this eventually) But meanwhile...Do the best out of the situation... I mean, if you want a friendly, positive community. We have to each start with ourselves...
: Any intelligent, mentally healthy person can comprehend, that flaming doesn't solve anything other than venting - which can be done in way less destructive ways (when it comes to your account). So if you have that piece of information in your hands and still flame, what does that mean ? A.) You're either mentally ill and should seek for medical attention / counselling rather than playing videogames. B.) You CHOSE to do it, disregarding any kind of logic, not giving 2 shits about your account, get banned - come and moan on the forums later on. (154 iq, Mensa tested - don't see the relevance tho what our brain's pattern recognition and problem solving has to do with a theoretical in-game emotional scenario but OK lol).
Yes, I think it is dumb that those who flame will complain about getting banned. Like... duh... what do you expect? {{champion:17}}
: "stop being depressed! just be happy" "stop flaming! just dont flame" yi kes .
Recovering from depression, that is to remove negativity. And usually depending on how deep of a depression it is, it isn't easy to instantly feel happy. It takes time to work on. Flaming is to add negativity. Sure some people get mad. But if you think that is something that will contribute to yourself... sure thing. Some feel it is difficult, that is fine. But it still comes down to the mentality. It all starts with the intention to improve, and stay by it. Don't agree? Then go ahead with what you believe in! I just put my thoughts out here, not trying to convince anyone who doesn't think the same way. :D
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Iakovia (EUW)
: Let's see your PC setups
When I first started playing League many years ago, I played on a mini laptop that had a 11' screen. After the map upgrade I could not run the game on it anymore... so now I have a normal PC to play on. The game does not lag. And that is good enough for me...
: Will i ever get a new main?
Hey pal. Cards I've got for you: 6 of cups, devil, page of wands and hanged man in reverse. This is meaning that you are too attached to the champion(s) that you always have been playing. You have to break away from it and just try what ever seems new and interesting for you. The advice card is just to try things out without thinking/researching about it. Just play whatever comes to your mind! I pulled an extra card, in asking what kind of champion you may test out. The 7 of swords in reverse tells that, it could be something that needs some more strategy, maybe with stealth mechanics. Or that you test something that is a little off meta. Like, don't limit yourself here! :D Oh yeah, this card is always implying that you probably will be able to do a lot better than what you expect of yourself. (So for sure it is something encouraging!)
Marcua (EUW)
: Will I make it to Master Tier? :)
Cards: Emperor, lovers, 8 of pentacles, knight of wands in reverse and 5 of swords, Um, I believe you have the potential for it. If you are feeling very into the game and enjoying to play it, by putting significant amount of time into it and be rather dedicated. Then you will make it! However, I see there is discouragement sometimes when you will be conflicted by other players (or surroundings). You are encouraged to stay positive and confident!
: Does riven need a nerf?
Oke, so. First I don't play Riven and don't pay attention about it. So all I do is reading the cards! (This is none of my personal opinions) Cards I got: Devil, 9 of cups reversed. I take this as, some people think she needs a nerf because of their personal feeling that she is difficult to deal with (they get owned by her in lane). But in fact - a nerf is not necessary. She is not as bad/OP - it is just the perception of some. So the answer would be 'no'.
: Hi Positive Bunny: Basically what you need is a manufacturer. These are the factories that make the product with your designs. You can find them on alibaba.com or through a google search. This is a similar cute personal store: https://thepinksamurai.com/ I think the owner of the site uses http://www.thepindepartment.com/ to manufacture her designs. She has a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thepinksamurai/search?query=manufactures This is an example of a manufacturer you can find on alibaba: https://muyuegifts.en.alibaba.com/ I have read on several places that when you contact a manufacturer you will have to send them a PDF file with your designs. Here's an example of how to find and contact a manufacturer by a different personal store owner (he sells pins): https://i.gyazo.com/626150f8d38742ea1f88739699e515c3.png https://www.pinlordshop.com/pages/how-to-make-enamel-pins https://www.pinlordshop.com/blogs/the-ultimate-guide-to-making-and-selling-enamel-pins/the-best-custom-enamel-pin-manufacturers-and-how-to-work-with-them I'm trying to make a personal store myself, it can be a bit overwhelming at first (so much to learn!) but I think it's really worth it to be your own boss. Edit: If you really like Kaworu's shop, she may give some advice if you ask her: https://i.gyazo.com/f50685f5e14b9724ad50bde23685da03.png
Thank you so much for the reply and the links. Sorry I did not answer sooner, I did not check this forums so often. But I will look into these for sure, and do some research!!
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Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=gBwbZiUq,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-03-19T13:00:31.512+0000) > > So it's been in the planning for 9 seasons. Impressive. What can I say, we think ahead. Real far ahead. SOOOO far ahead. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} ######It's still just patch day.
I see... just patch day xd I really thought the rioters are being really spiritual and updated about moon phases... or... I hoped.
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: You might need to enable it, it's located in the place where you would change your pfp. Click "Show Past Rank Banner".
Actually, I checked... it is already enabled. But it still does not want to show my border...
: You might need to enable it, it's located in the place where you would change your pfp. Click "Show Past Rank Banner".
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Yea I was about to say what Humpel said, is there a KFC delivery? Also I feel you cause I've went to fast food joints with and without my friends and nothing quite beats the company
Things is... I go there for food. Company is nice ofc... but I'm there to eat as main priority. xD But if I would eat alone, I wanna buy home the food. (Hate to sit there and eat by myself) But it would take me 30min at least to get back home... the chicken would get cold by then. v.v Oh yeah, plus I have trouble finding that place by myself... I asked my friend to go with me(she is vegetarian). She was like 'ARE U SRS?! >O< '
: At least in my country they deliver food too. You might want to check that.
No, they don't deliver KFC in my city... >.< (Other places deliver, but not KFC)
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Silent Note (EUNE)
: 1) I would say photoshop. 2) I'm familiar with all of them. 3) I think moonstone is the coolest, although amethyst is the closest one to my heart, because I got one when I was like 5-6 years old, and I still have it.
Thanx for your input!! :D Amethyst is one of my fav too!
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: First of all, you have to think what you want to do for a game. Concept art? In-game models? Mechanics? Write the code? If you go to school, you'll be learning all of these, but it helps if you alrerady have a vague idea. There is no spesific programs, every school and company uses different ones. The one I'm curretly working on use Blender for 3D stuff (free, and lots of tutorials on Youtube), Unreal Engine (free as well unless your game makes a lot of money) and Gimp for textures (also free). Learning curve depens on you. I've used Blender for about three years now and I'm able to do models in game pretty fast. I do have plenty of background with graphics otherwise though, movies with Source Filmmaker and lots of experience with making wallpapers. They usually don't take in people without education, as there's so many people willing for the career, and there's so much to learn.
Ok, I see there are a lot... xd I think I would be likely to focus on the artsy side. Would I still need to know about the animation programs?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Intuitive Bunny,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zfAXULW6,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-11-12T00:04:57.193+0000) > > I don't see myself as a victim ever in these games by not flaming back. > I want to be calm and as friendly as I can. And that is something I am happy to do. :) just play normaly then , no one will ban you .. , you can play bad no offence , you all can , i really wish everyone gets just bad games so riot can start give a 12414 about how people play ranked.
No one play perfect all the time. Im sure you have really bad games as well as really good games sometimes. And everyone can and have the right to play ranked. If player is not skilled enough, they are lower divisions! Simple as that.
: Or you can be a jerk troll and never get banned while having fun prohibiting riot rules... , and never get detected 30 mil players + , imagine how many games run every day and what system should riot have to detect trollers =)) . Or you can stop be the victim who need to be 100% chill and calm no mather how others play and just have fun playing low elo not giving a 124 about ranked games and make others life misserable until they flame you and they get permanent banned Is up too you what side you think is better , i personally as veteran of 7-8 years ,with good gameplay ,kinda almost 0 troll and afk in my last 3 years i just have fun lossing my time giving something back to the community from league of legends after playing so much time this game ,and beeing good player i really feel like i should show them how trash and normal i can play as them =)) , and if they flame me i am sorry for all of them . Riot told be to don't answer toxicity trollers like fire to fire ,so i hug the fire, i even make the fire bigger and i will burn the minds of everyone who want to play this game in silent, i will burn people mind that they will not even be able to hold themself from flaming my gameplay.
I don't see myself as a victim ever in these games by not flaming back. I want to be calm and as friendly as I can. And that is something I am happy to do. :)
Neer20 (EUW)
: ajshda wow! nice post, would be good to read more like this n.n. This may sound daring but could I add u ingame? I really like to have people like u to play/talk.{{sticker:sg-soraka}} Have a good night ^^. Edit: Love the way u think :P.
Sure, you are welcome to add me! :)
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: Wish it would be easy to stay always positive. Losing my partner brought me back playing this game but I can't help but feel isolated. I'm not a competitive person, I just want to numb my thoughts by having myself occupied on a game that I sometimes enjoy and maybe make friends to make myself busy, but I find it hard and tiring. Wish there would be more communities in this game that don't make me feel alienated by the competitive nature of this game.
Hey, it isn't easy to be positive. But you can try. And when it is hard, you can ask for help. If you want, feel free to add me. :)
: Its always important to let out the negative energy. Just say what's on your mind and let it out. And I also love to meditate and its just like there is peace. Its also good that you try to think positive, its very important imo. Having negative thoughts is like destroying yourself from the inside out. So always try to avoid that. Im proud of you for reaching out to people who need it and this is what I love about people. Even in a dark place like League, there are still people being the light for others. Thank you for being such a great person! Much love for you!{{sticker:katarina-love}}
League community being so huge. I think... actually, most people can be really friendly. It is just the games that grind ppl's gears when they lose. xd You could see a completely different side of each person if it wasn't for people getting tilted. That is what I believe.
: It's nice to see such a post in a community like this one, makes quite the change to the usual. I'm good though: despite everything, being positive is super easy for me. So that's not why I posted here lol. It's super cool that you're offering to help carry other people's burdens, but don't forget to take care of yourself as well... My point is really, that I'll happily carry out the favour you're doing for everyone else for you. Feeling down is no good, so you can message me if you need to and I can try to send some of my positivity your way, or even just listen to your problems: sometimes all you need is to talk about stuff to feel better about it, even if it's to some stranger on the internet. This goes for everyone else that sees this post too... Reach out to me too if any of y'all need it, nobody should have to face their troubles alone.
Glad that you are having it easy to stay in a good mood. It is a skill not everyone have. xd
Masantha (EUW)
: You are a good person {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Thanx for the compliment :D
: being playing for 6 years, this is probably the first time I read a truly nice post. well played to you!
DutchPro (EUW)
: Don't be afraid to message me if you need to vent or just talk, Intuitive Bunny. Ironically enough some help with helping people should never be turned down!
It is nice of you! I will add you then! Tho Lately I have been trying to meditate on my insecurities, troubles and have them resolved with faith and positive thinking. As complaining is to letting out negative energy... I try my best to avoid that.
Khanzax (EUW)
: Please help me by flaming me
Hi friend. I could understand your frustration. But we should remind ourselves to be the better person and speak to our fellow players in a nice manner. How they reply or what kind of action they take is their own problem. Maybe getting a punishment just based on this case is harsh. But regardless. Don’t bother going on the offensive towards others even if they are not on their best behavior! You can do better than them! :)
: 4 RP :(
Haha Yi’s dot eyes!!! Funny drawing!! :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: Here is a random evening hug!
Thank you for sharing of positive energy! \\\\٩( 'ω' )و //// Tho personally. I don’t like hugs to everyone... I only hug the special person. xd I will offer a friendly handshake instead! ^^
Zridcht (EUW)
: ***
I think... players complain too much. There are flaws in every game and things can always be improved. Instead if complaining we should be more supportive in a positive manner to encourage Rioters that they can do even better in their work. Imagine if you are trying to make something and all people ever tell you is how shitty you are doing. How would you feel in terms of motivation compared to if they tell you in an encouraging way? It is sorta the same thing... we wish the game to get even better. But frim a way more positive perspective
Lord Bucea (EUNE)
: I felt super down lately, no actual reason. Might be because of the weather change, as you said. :P
Try meditate? Take care of yourself. ^^
: Nah, i'm cool https://i.imgur.com/wWKm683.gifv
The solo carry!! :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Positive Bunny {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Not always... it is difficult. Be positive in a way that you believe in and not just 'trying' and 'hoping' to be. So it is important to be supportive. /supoprt main/ xD
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't really have anything I need help with. Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you're doing, I've personally never seen a person on these forums before who wanted to help with hardships. :) And as for someone who used to have problems, I know what it's like when someone reaches out, so keep on doing what you're doing! Thank you for showing me that good people can also be found in this toxic community, reading the post somehow made me feel warm and comfortable! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
It might seem a bit out of place to post something like this in a gaming forum. But I spent so much time playing League, for years. So this game means a lot for me. Even if League is more of an individual game, and players get frustrated winning/losing ranked... and beside gaming is fun, there are many players shutting themselves out from outside and take the game as an escape route. It is what I used to do...
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