: Players going afk deserve a 24h ban
If ppl don't want to play this game let them not play it I prefer this to some feeder and t roller, and that a good way to. Not be banned because you became upset, also they are already punish with leaveburster so what else you want really?
: The likes of {{champion:266}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:3}} have been picked too, which is surprising considering that they pass for overnerfed too.
Yes seems only irelia got kicked out by overnerfing, unfair hope they ll fix this one day I don't want her to be only random pick champ we see so many often the same champ that boring
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DeejayF (EUW)
: and why does Talon and Qiyana build it then it it's not worth it?
Zed rely more on skill damage than auto where talon qiyanna playstyle suit with auto and tiamat
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Titanìa (EUNE)
: Atleast animation is 4k so its pretty good to see
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: The whole problem with multiple servers is, they all require to be updated. The second problem is, pro players play on the normal League servers just like you and me do, thus having a completely different patchlist specifically for the servers and a "ProPlay" one would be ridiculous. While i do agree that some buffs/nerfs are kinda ridiculous, for example Karma getting slightly nerfed just because they dont want to see Karma being a pick/ban champ in ProPlay, it doesnt warrant a completely different server. A lot of the picks in Worlds are being picked in Normals and Ranked as well, because they see it specifically in Worlds. (Like the Garen Yuumi botlane.) It might solve problems, but it might also create more problems. If you ever noticed closely enough, you can see every patch breaks something. If they encounter gamebreaking problems on the Live servers, they can quickly hotfix the issue so it wouldnt occur during championships, while if they decided to patch a ProPlay server and it breaks something, they might just encounter that issue way too late and have to reschedule the entire Championship around it.
Well better do thing like no champ at all for pro play then problem solved
: same,many people play league in Pakistan and many more try it but they move to dota because of high ping in league,in pakistan we can get 40-50 ping in dota but in league lowest ping in 130 . a middle eastern server is definitely needed. we should make a poll or something to get riot attention on this. i think middle eastern community is big enough for its server now.
Last place where I expect to see ppl play league of legend, the game seem not suit very well with deep line of corannic stuff, there is free will woman design, or not much dressed women in game, worst character not even sharing true faith, it is a game suggesting, free belief, freedom, free women, I m not saying that Pakistan is full of Muslim hard believer, but those countries keep many traditional concept that it sounds weird to see ppl play that game there, But true that I d like somehow Muslim world involve to a more chilling way to practice faith, China Japan or Vietnam are good model for this I played with a Saudis guy one time, cool guy, he is for public headoff execution, but he is still a good guy and good player Alway thought that would be great to see fanatic let down weapon and go play league of legend, building pro team and fight each other in championship tournament instead of killing ppl
: Battle Academia Prestige Lux skin
No you can screw yourself riot will never make prestige s9 avaible again, never, because you know they want to respect invest of ppl for farming token, it is so noble and great from them, like if ppl care about that so much But don't feel sad cause me homeless for a moment i won't be able to get riven prestige one, so get prestige riven I suppose
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: You might want to rethink your life choices buddy, no offense, just trying to look out for you If you're still set on doing this, find a gaming internet cafe, do fast arams and complete the missions asap. With enough luck you might just be able to pull it off
I did my life choice already that why I m homeless for now and for a moment, it gives taste of the feel when you have nothing left almost, maybe one or two month before be back again, just missing prestige riven is unfair, because I did life choice, and not game choice
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: So end of season then next season rank?
Arf thinking I ll have to do the journey to g3 again make me sick I was so happy to be gold. Hx for answers
SepharU (EUNE)
: Morganas Q are one of the best abilities in LOL
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Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Riot thinking about WILD WEST skin... Boss: "Lets make a skin for bow user" Art: "But we still have champions with guns!" Boss: "STFU! Ashe is getting VO... and add a skin for melee" Art: "Can it be for some kind of demon fitting the theme?" Boss: "Darius... He is popular" Art: " Middle-age axe guy? Well... We will make from him a fitting drmon... I think" Boss: "No...No... He will be a cowboy or maybe some kind of bandito" Art: https://media.tenor.com/images/49a4dd4340c187a8d46ace415fcb5860/tenor.gif
I suppose this was to refer to the other ashe in another game
: Your saying this like it’s new information... we knew back in January that these prestige skins won’t be avalible next year... you brought that rp fully knowing this, as did everyone else.
1. No, for me they ll maybe out skin in special moment, I would do same anyway so. I just saying my mind about this
Scoliidae (EUW)
: I agree with the point that I don't care at all if someone else gets the same skin as me later on. I grinded a full event to get prestige Ahri. It's a great thing and I am happy to see others use it when I am not playing her. I wouldn't care if people bought it next year or the year after. It's just a skin. If people like it, they should be able to buy it. Just my two cents. Hope you are alright and your situation regarding being homeless gets better soon. Take care.
Yes was same for some other game with "unique skin" punishing those who take a break of game or can't play cause of personnal stuff, that feel like unfaire Well thank you that kind, I think the Hardaway is behind I found the job, a lot administrative stuff to solves and things to pay, then go to look for a new home, don't think I ll be able to play befor end of season, but I m gold so I ll get the season skin But yes I miss play irelia a lot and I can't wait to be back for good See you and good luck
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: Riots recent decisions cause general dissatisfaction within the community
Look at play rate champ for skin and look champ themselves, ivern or ornn don't really need skin, their charadesign is self-sufficient and I don't see what we could do with those two for exemple, they dont suit with major skin thematic and their kit don't let much place for shiny changed spell visual so not really worth Also riot changed his political of skin to out only HQ skin only with different effect and animation, the time where they designed skin for skin like a factory is over, look all skin of lux, all previous elementals are old one and belong to old lol time, after elementaliste she got very deep designed skin with spell effect and the way is same for all champ, Morgana riven and so on, so skin are more deeper worked and rely on most popular champ, if karthu get new skin it will be a 1365 rp one So yes in that politic of HQ bunch of champ are selected for it and other don't need that, yes you can love ornn but it is rare and do you need skin in that champ when you see his design? . What will you make, that a rock with hammer nothing much can be done Imagination is a thing who need a starter to do stuff and some champ are a nice starter for imagination when other don't inspire much
: Riots recent decisions cause general dissatisfaction within the community
First riven buff has been canceled remain only cdr, and me I wait buff for irelia to make her snowball more impact full than just be a nice kda with no impact
: Considering the lack of counterplay and comebacks in the current state of the game, trying to stop feeding has only 2 solutions. 1. Afk in base 2. Disconnect from the game
Well I can accept you are 0 3 in 5 10 min but not more, 0 8 in 10 min is feed and to do this better go afk
: About KDA and tryhard.
You got star gardian now so have fun
Lariatas (EUNE)
Ap is less good than ad so no
NovaWolf (EUW)
: Sivir E - "Spellshield" didn't block fizz Q - "Urchin Strike"
Auto attack aren't blocked by sivir shield, so if his q is a buff spell you ll get it anyway, else maybe luden took shield just befor he hit you
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Depending on the tone and argument of your discussion, this is a fine place to post as well. Me and Shamose here sometimes post thoughtful discussions and we get constructive replies back. If your post is "why isn't Riot doing its job?" then that's not a discussion, that's a vent.
> [{quoted}](name=Kurotsu,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ckZEKiG7,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-18T15:32:05.534+0000) > > Depending on the tone and argument of your discussion, this is a fine place to post as well. > Me and Shamose here sometimes post thoughtful discussions and we get constructive replies back. > If your post is "why isn't Riot doing its job?" then that's not a discussion, that's a vent. Sorry not true when I ask some stuff I get often trash talk
Ritmann (EUW)
: People who Alt + F4 right before the Victory/Defeat screen
I prefer avoid hard load stuff I don't like
: As a jungler what do you expect the laners to do?
I ask jungler to not gank my lane and let me handle it If this jungler is good I expect that he does an insight and not give kill I ask other lane to not feed too much
: what will we get for 10years?
KonoKat (EUW)
: Eternals
Irelia doest not need this, I either
: New logo is AWFUL.
Bad logo hope they keep clasic
Shamose (EUW)
: Imagine you are in charge of holding an internatial tournament with teams from North and South America, All over Europe, Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam. Would you? A) Hold the event in a nice stadium where you can have the in house audio be in english which most people can understand? B) Hold the event in a country with laws that require you to have the audio be in that country's language? Whatever option you choose is fine. The real shame here is that Riot is not providing translation radios. So you either have to sit there and listen to french audio or bring your own audio solution.
: 2 Items, Same Passive, which one get's taken?
Same question. For malmortius and steak, malmortius is magic only but sterak trig high damage so also magic burst then,???
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Ireeb (EUW)
: Why would I want to listen people shouting shit I can't understand when I could have Quickshot and co. shouting shit that I can understand? To me the analysis of the casters is always very important.
Well I don't alway understand English caster but I do some effort
Ireeb (EUW)
: Imagine being from Germany, where they cast the world finals in English, and now it's in France and cast it french, you can't understand shit.
Law is law, and German English share same root of language and social mind, welcome to Latin world
: Guys what's the price of Priceless experience?
I want to see irelia picked on those HUG-GGGE SCREENN she is so nice to watch
aetschgen (EUW)
: WOW Riot...this is just sad I mean i know, you cant be guaranteed to get tickets and all that...but three of us were waiting in front of our pcs at 15:30...at around 15:50 one of us realited, that if he treid to access the ticketsite he would get put in some virtual queue...so we all went there...at 16:10 the first of us finally got to the ‚selling‘ site, just to find out, there were no tickets available...hopi g there was a delay we spent about 30 minutes refreshing that site just to realize that the tickets are gone...sold before they should have been... Really looking foreard to the trip we booked to paris just to watch the finals... What incredibly poor organization
I wish I would come with a big panel to ask to g2 PICK IRELIA!!! But will be for another year I think
: 2019 World Championship Ticket Information
Well I m French and I hate English USA and so on, but still prefer English European caster who looks gentlemen and well trained to caste Quickshot is my fav, also he does some effort to say some word in local language which appreciable So is that mean no English caster at all for world? Even for live stream? That sound weird don't remember China or Korea were that way
: m8 humility ain't the same as trying to hype yourself up to do better next time. losing suck especially on such a big stage getting yourself motivated by exclaiming you're gona get revenge for your loss is a way for pro player to push themselves forward if you just listen to g2s voicecomms sure you can see that they are chill but FNC is just as chill with each other just in a more cheeky way saying you'll get revenge isn't something that they say that would not make them less humble after all they did win 2 games vs G2 i will say S04 could be more humble however you have to see that this was a promo video that is meant to build up hype for the match. what i'm trying to say is FNC has fun with themselves when it's not time for them to be serious G2 can be relaxed just like everyone can however different organisations have different approaches them saying they are getting revenge isn't meant as serious we're gona destroy g2 so hard bla bla bla it's a common way to hype up the match get yourself in a mood to do better and get yourself focused on the task you need to do
If you say so, but that how I see those thing in the way how they speak, you can express revenge with humble behave as faker did, besides I listened interview and read a lot of stuff related to g2 and other my view is not based on one source. But on several including match paper report, analyse and so on Since I follow esport I never get good feel for those two team S04 and fnatic, all other I find them cooler, also I didn't speak about coaching management which feel very pressuring on those team especially And for the promo video I remember some where player admit the skill of their opponent and explain they ll do their best, with good ton and word that give hype, but pretend kick out the team stronger than you, and speak always of revenge instead of challenge, is not the best way for me to set up good spirit for the match coming Respect, admit his weakness, be ready to try again and win. Improve themselves and havi'g fun I mean did you see how they depressed when g2 reversed, and how G2 just took things easy when they were close to lose, like they were ready to be 0 3 cause they knew they played badly and didn't deserve to win. This is the major difference for me
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: Tllt Types ain't showing your type of tilt?
Scarred veteran for me and serial of 16 lose in a row, le one more game late night is true, looking for a desparly win Very insight and serious psycho sociologist analyses and work treated with serious intention, But believe me once I ll be back on game I l be master of scarrer veteran, cause at that time my personnal life will be so better that I ll be ready to smash them all with irelia and hit challenger one day!
nasenbaer (EUW)
: My first editing video
so we can move camera as we want now? would like to see irelia closer at all angle in action and do some epic video with her dam i miss her so much so much
: When do you think humans will become immortal?
I dont understand why westernize human kind look for so much to defeat death, which belong to life death is part of our existence, and this run on imortal way seem silly, as human just refuse to die because they dont want. Life is not what you want, life is what is it, now. And it better to accept it than try to change it by doing dangerous stuff beside dont wanna be immortal to see the end of the world when the sun will explode and destroy all planet in the system. Best thing is to have fun in his whole life, and accepte when the time to pass away come, to just pass away. and as already mentionned we are more than enough on earth, and we better look for how to improve everyday life for everyone than reach immortality for some selfish rich guy.
: You call a 5-games long losing streak...a "gigantic losing streak"? Man, it's safe to assume you don't know what a REAL losing streak is. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
got 18 lost one time, in ranked i feel so depressing when it happen
: Runeterra - an MMORPG: Classes
Mmorpg is not good recipe for lol, better action rpg like shadow of mordor some stuff like this with a focus on each champ, or you do like arcade fight game as soulcalibure each champ get a solo story and stage to clear to reach it with game play and level design adapted to them and some boss to fight, not much gear or stuff to upgrade just champ and gamplay dynasty warrior did it for 200 warrior should be doable without doing a smash them all Game should be stand alone with pack of champ according région 15 champ per game 10 game 150 champ and I say 10 stage of 45 min for each champ plus boss, and replayable stuff, stage can be different at each stage and champ, some would explore, other battle, hunt. Escort, spy, hard boss to down, with scene and story between each stage we can imagine some bonus crossover stage too
: Why i dont play league anymore (change my mind?)
I dont respect trynda player sorry I won't change your mind I have visceral hate for some lazy dead brain champ
: > [{quoted}](name=Irelia My Soul,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=2FUEaEo7,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-01T07:27:29.928+0000) > > I think tp is for team and rest is for solo rank, heal if you don't trust supp. Ignite cause jungle never come for you and you 1v2 easier Playing always on the assumption that your team is bad won't get you far in this game. Even then, one may very well arm himself of this and that for the exact opposite reasons of yours (tp to push objectives fast because otherwise none in your teams will, for example).
The fact it is I have to, I rarely get a good gank on mid else he ruin. My lane or feed, or they never come help really most of the time other lane hard feed I hit g3 both rank on my own 80% of bad team or not strong team 20% I got luck and been sometime carried when I failed, my coach told me you need win first against your teamate
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