Mada (EUW)
: Somebody set up us the bomb! We got signal!
Garda23 (EUNE)
: is silver worse than bronze?
Keep in mind, that vast majority of Bronze is now Iron. So the old low-mid Silver could very likely be the new Bronze now.
: Disable Trollers
You are the reason why league is toxic. I bet you wont like my Oneshot Thresh build in toplane :P
: my chat logs are super toxic, you want to have a giggle?
: I think you should specify what elo this is.
i hope you are trolling... ELO in bot games? :D
Playerh8a (EUW)
: Garen - Newbie Questions
{{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} are basically core items (or at least they fit more or less every single build). If you go for the tankier builds than Cleaver first is the best option. If you'd like to build more offensively {{item:3078}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3026}} could be good items for you (if you know how to use the actives) When it comes to purely deffensive items, its rather simple: AD enemies: {{item:3075}} vs high AS/healing {{item:3742}} To catch up to enemies - generaly good item on Garen no matter what {{item:3068}} More DMG {{item:3143}} vs Crit users + bonus CC for you AP enemies: {{item:3065}} more healing from passive {{item:3156}} high DMG, MR and tankiness vs mages. BUT - use it instead of Sterak because of the same passive. {{item:3194}} vs dps mages: Malzahar, Cass, Teemo, Azir... {{item:3001}} slightly suboptimal MR item, but has good synergy with other magic dmg dealing items (Thornmail, Sunfire) + your R Boots are always built regarding the matchup/enemy teamcomp, but {{item:3047}} {{item:3111}} are good options in general. In a week, if the crit item changes come through, you may try to use IE and other crit items to see if they are viable.
: Today im perma baned again, more than 100 accounts and counting
: Cause there’s been no events... we get our first event of the year in 2 weeks with the lunar revel. Be patient
i meant in the anouncement. "Prestige Points come from bundles with Masterwork Chests (there will be three of these bundles available at launch)"
Requıem (EUW)
: Asking for compensation for an issue that had no affect over you is ridiculous. If your friend found a £20 note on the street, you wouldn't demand that the government give you and everyone else £20 so it's fair for the whole population.
Let alone the poor guy losing the 20 pounds that the friend finds. (Aka riot in this case)
: You got 1 year and 20 days to get it... Don't worry dude, there will also be missions to gain towards it and many other prestige skins.
Well for now there is only the "pay 100 bucks" option, no missions what so ever...
: No one is forcing you to buy it bro. If you don't want to spend money for a golden chroma for a mediocre skin, then don't. I know I won't. But I still don't get the outrage about this whole thing.
I get. No one is forcing me. At the same time, I can be outraged about it being overpriced.
Rioter Comments
: eh?
Gebba (EUW)
: What you're telling me is that the vast majority of people who enter ranked que, enter with a destructive mindset on the sole purpose of ruining other peoples' time? Ofcourse people will be toxic in ranked, everybody is trying to climb and it's a much more serious environment. There are actual consequences to losing. People who int or go afk or FF15 are tilted and gave up and wanna go next. That doesn't mean at some point during that game they were **not** trying to win, because that's what most people want to when they enter ranked. If you run a business to the ground, you would rather stop it as soon as possible and cash out and file bankruptcy instead of drying it out and then ending up with tens of thousands of debts. That's how you could imagine somebody trying to FF or somebody who gave up. You are not looking at those people. You are looking at yourself and your own experience with them which makes flawed epistemology. There are people who enter ranked with the only purpose to feed and int, but that's not an argument. That doesn't refute anything i said. I'm not talking about them. Edit: About the ''trying their best'' part. I think this does not mean trying their hardest in each and every single game. Some try their hardest to climb and sometimes it means FFing 15 is an easier way to go to next game to make back the LP you got instead of spending another 20 minutes in the same game when the chances of winning are so low. However, there is a decent amount of people who aren't trying their best and just ''play another'' or roll a dice. It still doesn't mean they aren't trying to win though. I can say this: If they aren't putting out their best in ranked, just imagine how little they would put out for a normal.
No, I don't say that "vast majority of people who enter ranked que, enter with a destructive mindset on the sole purpose of ruining other peoples' time", but rather "vast majority of people who play with a destructive mindset on the sole purpose of ruining other peoples games play ranked queues" The Vayne example stopped trying at 2:00 game time. Literally as the first wave of creeps was fighting. It was my promo match BTW. Perfect example of what I had the "luck" to experience every other game in ranked. Don't tell me that trying for 2 minutes is enough and "trying to go next" is justifiable that early. The business example is a really bad one, because the outcome of game is binary (Win/loss = +X/-Y LP), running an enterprise is far more complex when it comes to "outcome" (Company value, patents, EBIT, brand value etc.), so stop pulling out strawmen.
: Yes i'm sure (95%). Please note that when you report someone, you can choose 3 categories which basically counts as 3 reports in your calculations.
That's still a bit too much mate... 1700/3 reports ticks per report file = 567 567 / 90 days = 6,3 reports per day. Strigina seems to be playing semi daily with 3 games per play session = cca 1,5-2 games a day. Thats 3+ reports per game. That can't be true... He'd be reporting 1/3 of all people he plays with... EDIT: just checked the riot support page. What you get when requesting data: > Your Summoner name, username, and server >The phone number attached to your account >Your registered date of birth >Aggregate report history, including reports made and received. Report notes are not included. >In-game chat logs for the last 3 months >Login history for the last 3 months >Account modifications for the last 3 months >All store transactions (skins, champions, etc.) >All monetary (RP) purchases So the report history is the total number of reports per of account, chatlogs+logins+account modif are the only 3 moth related datasets.
Gebba (EUW)
: Can't believe you got downvoted to oblivion for that.
Well, he said this: Ranked is literally where people try their best at the game with the shared goal to win the game. If it was true, he'd probably had many likes. But ranked is nothing but a flamefest a toxic lagoon full of INTers. Seriously, I have played like 10x more normal games than ranked, yet the amount of toxic people in total is still higher in ranked. Which is sad... Cuz you know, if you run it down mid as Vayne with mobi boots and 3 tears, getting score of 2-14, then I don't believe you are trying to win. And this type of behavior is bread and butter in ranked unfortunately.
: "Ranked is literally where people try their best at the game with the shared goal to win the game." Best joke ever :D Ranked is where everyone rages, flames and the only goal of the game is to figure out who's fault the loss is. The only thing shared there is reports, which is usually a mutual exchange
Sad but true... What you just said is the entire reason why I never played much ranked, it's friggin shitshow of toxicity.
: Ashe steall my quadra for me please ban her
This is so sad, alexa play despacito 2
: GAME BREAKING Twisted Treeline Bug. Altars automatically captured for the enemy team
Welp, way to fcuk up TT so that even less people play it lol...
: For OLD LoL players... its so... :'(
Shit Nikasaur... That's some old shit right there. And old twisted treeline. :( How I miss that map.
GimIi (EUW)
: Survey about microtransactions
Filled in, good luck with your thesis.
lispaton (EUW)
: what promises are not fulfilled? sexist as company.... well, you know, there's been a scandal and a whole lot of drama around it, but Riot actually seems to be the first company I know of that takes this problem seriously and actually seems to do something about it... so... I don't see the problem what bugs are there that are years old!? maybe the Bard portal one where you get catapulted into the air, but seriously? there's a reason there are patch notes and even an entire part of almost every patch notes is one with bugfixes.... please, go on
Oh a Riot defender I see. A rare specimen these days. Not yet fulfilled promise: Clash - for years now. Never worked without an issue. Sexism at PAX - room 613, Kotaku affair. Bugs: Death recap (geez that's literally since beta...), Knockups launching you into the outer space, Bard's portals that don't go through wall, Pathfinding around structures - clipping and endless teleporting. Lee sin 2Q bug (the dash makes you present at all points in a line over the whole map, making it possible to get hit by spells on the other side of map). Those all just on top of my head. Oh and the hundreds of Morde bugs, don't forget the morde bugs. If you want me to go on, then I can say that the last Worlds event with the missions and the stash of tokens was pretty much just "give us money and buy the pass - see how much you are losing without it" semi-toxic marketing strat. (Don't get me wrong, the event itself was fine, but the way of showing you the tokens was kinda %%%%ed up.)
: > Yet another reason why I stopped playing this game Out of curiosity, why are you here?
Cuz why not? I mean, I don't play the game anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't be active on the boards, or watch league content on youtube... I just like to be informed about what's happening despite not being in the action anymore.
: Now you are free to go outside and do something good... like learn a new skill or make someone else happy. Do not give Riot anymore of your precious time... they are not worth it
Indeed I did that 10 days ago. Got so much free time suddenly :D
Tsumirez (EUNE)
: Leo eclipse bundle price is a rip off.
Yet another reason why I stopped playing this game. Riot is just a big scam nowadays. Rip-off bundles Unfulfilled promises Sexist as company Years old bugs still present I could go on...
: Why i don't have a S ???
Low CS Yes it counts a lot in ARAM
smooker36 (EUNE)
: Demolish work on ally turret
Actually, it was Jax's, not Renekton's whose Demolish appeared. For some reason the demolish starts to tick down when a champion is near turret, no matter whether he is alive or not. And since the CD is lower than death timers in late game, Jaxes demolish came off CD and started ticking again as he was about to respawn. Renek walking nearby was just a coincidence.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rºbin,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=uEK4NT99,comment-id=00460000,timestamp=2018-11-25T16:01:23.310+0000) > > Its all Legit and there is nothing involved like stolen credit cards, > In Switzerland you can get 24'000 Riot Points for 150 Siwss Franks if you buy them with Paysafecards thats about £117 GBP Alright, worth asking. That's a lot of money to just give away randomly XD
Switzerland has one of the highest average wages in the world, and the RP prices are comparable worldwide - so say to Ukrainian the RP prices are astronomical while to Danish/Swiss/Luxembourgian(?) they are tiny. It's all just comparative to your income...
Rºbin (EUW)
: Giveaway! EUW Only
Hi, honestly, I don't want any skins, since I stopped playing few days ago. But if you are so kind to give them away, I have friends still playing. So maybe you could send one Epic skin to each of them, instead of three to me? Nicks: (all on EUW) Feedfest Vendor Selka111 Vasick Spiritfire Brand or Battle boss blitz for Feedfest Vendor (dunno which skins he has) Omega Squad veigar for vasick Program Nami for selka111 If by any chance you'd choose my friends, lemme know here on forum, so I can tell them to add you. Also, let me tell you, that it's very nice of you to be generous to random strangers :)
Mcnakstar (EUW)
: Personally I find it insulting and shameful. I would NEVER honor an enemy because they are _the_ enemy. ( Yeah yeah I know Aatrox, haha). No. For real. It is not good to Honor enemies because of the disrespect. It makes People rage, like me, and they abuse it so hard for their own pleasure.
you are apparently taking it too seriously.
: PATCH 8.23 - Warwick magically kills ornn
Apparently that's a relic shiled bug - Pyke should be the killer but relic shield/targon somehow transfers the kill to the "adc" for some weird reason. Another example is here: Interesting thing is, that in both cases the "adc" is offmeta pick - not a marksman.
: 10 Years Celebration mode
Yes plox. Reeto plizz.
Cokster (EUW)
: Its dope mate
I'll take three grams then. Errrm, I meant 3 gigabytes. Obviously. Meet me at the usual place at 3 pm tomorrow.
Shädäm (EUNE)
: Im in the top 11%?
It doesn't say which Q, so that makes me even more bamboozled.
Cokster (EUW)
: Trading memes for rp
shh, mate, is it good stuff? _looks around nervously_ asking for a friend
: 14 days suspension for using "Int Sion" strat. (Controversial response from support)
Ye rito is retar-Ded, nothing new. What they say contradicts itself, they actions are inconsistent, the company itself has become classic 'murican leftist trash. Better leave the game and get a life mate. I for example am ending as the worlds event ends. For good.
: Ouch, that hurts... bad. I had a similar experience in my promos to Silver. I kinda went on tilt as a result and lost a bunch of games. But I'm getting serious again and rebooting the climb.
Well I eventually got the gold without much of a problem, but the amount of INTers/AFKers/flamers just makes ranked not enjoyable... Which is kinda sad, considering it's supposed to be The Main Queue. If ya want to tryhard the last two days, hit me up. Got a lowrated alt acc, should be izi to climb to S5
: Is there a bigger Threat? Didn't find anyone complaining
No big thread. Only small ones like this. Always upvoted, no rioter comments... Heck I myself started one few weeks ago:
: Tell us your Ranked 2018 stories!
There I was, In promo to Gold V, 2 wins, 0 losses. Lookin' good i thought. I was chill, calm and ready to win the last game. But oh boy, did I not know what I was getting myself into. First game, i'm jungling. My ADC Vayne died twice in first two minutes, so she decided there is no point in trying, bought mobi boots and run it down mid. She ended 2-14 and didn't even manage to get enough gold to buy 5 tears lul. Oh well, can't win them all I said as I was sending ticket to Riot with running-it-down-mid footage. But alas, this Vayne didn't get punished and played happily ever after. Second game, jungling again. This time, my ADC Ezreal is at least trying. Ends up 3-10, his support with similar score - they were both unhappy so they blamed their jungle (me) all game long. Oh well. At least I have one more try. So I tried top instead. Didn't play that well, neither did my team. Game was close, but we lost. And that is my story on why I hate ranked. Is that what you wanted to hear Riot? Or is it a fable on how cool ranked is? Cuz it's a fcuking shitshow of grief, int and ragequit so i play normals instead :) It's bettter for my nerves.
: Not a fan of all these crybaby posts, but that's a good meme right there. Have an upvote.
it's like 7 years old though
: No Emojies in ARAM
It's been an issue for months, riot doesn't care apparently.
SKT Ninja (EUNE)
: {{summoner:50}} You have to understand, Clash is still in beta phase which means it is still getting tested and is not finished. I like what Riot is trying to do but i dont think its fair to release it then pull it back the day before it launches. Thats why i didnt have too many hopes when this was annouced yesterday and thankfully I have plans for the weekend so im not bothered by this that much.
They announced clash almost a year ago, didn't work properly single time.
: ⚡ Spam ⚡ This ⚡ Static ⚡ To ⚡ Help ⚡ Fnatic ⚡
⚡⚡ SCHUTZ ⚡⚡ STAFFEL ⚡⚡ ermmm i meant ⚡ Spam ⚡ This ⚡ Static ⚡ To ⚡ Help ⚡ Fnatic ⚡ of course no banerino pls, i just find the bolt thingy usage somewhat funny since it's easy to interpret as SS symbolics...
: Hashinshin ban isnt justified at all.
Im just gonna leave this here: It's Adrian vs him btw. He was doomed since the failed invade.
: > [{quoted}](name=Iron IV Feeder,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=82Xy9kwx,comment-id=000100020000000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2018-10-23T16:24:01.962+0000) > > Any answer on that ticket yet? Yeah, a support team will review the case but they cannot promise the ban will be lifted :/ Thanks for the support tho :)
Yeah, that's the typical "we received the ticket" answer. Good luck and lemme know when you get a result please :) Because I kinda what to know whether riot is fully fcuked these days or not :D
: > [{quoted}](name=DarkG0d,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=82Xy9kwx,comment-id=0001000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-21T18:55:09.483+0000) > > for this I dont know. but they would have also directed you on the support page. Yeah i understand that but i'd like a more human approach to my problem, this is obv something the support can not solve as written on their FAQ
: I got 117 missions?
classic spaghetti code
ZaFishbone (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JenShen,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=82Xy9kwx,comment-id=00150000,timestamp=2018-10-22T14:35:14.779+0000) > > First, this is a normal game, second there is a difference between intentional feeding and just getting matched with way higher enemy than your skill, third you obviously have no idea what are you talking about, first read everything then comment, i bet you haven't even read what the guy said, and you jsut wanted to comment and act like a smart@$$. > from Opgg your last 3 games you died like 10 times in each so you need punishment too from your words, because for some 10 deaths are too much. If you want to act like the bot (or wahtever) punished the guy, feel free to do it , but have in mind that it wont do you any good in the future, you like the bot see only the score of this guy and have judgment for him. I read everything. It doesn't matter what strat the enemies use, there is always a safe way to play, even going to another lane is fine if you keep getting killed in your own. And I don't seem to have gotten a report for inting now (or ever for that matter), so I am doing fine, no need for you to concern yourself. Apparently 10 games isn't to much, since the system hasn't seen fit to do anything about me. And even if it was a normal, i still proves that he probably needs to do the 1-30 leveling to have ANY skill at the game whatsoever.
He is silver 1, got in lane vs Plat 1. Reetos matchmaking surely didn't help.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: no its not going to be ignored. dont listen when other players say that. give it a few days. you are not the only one sending a ticket you are a in a queue for assistance. also its Sunday today. dont add anythign to your ticket until you get a reply. wait for them. if you are innocent you will have your justice. just a tip. 98% of people saying that Riot does not care are people in denial. and a huge number of them lost accounts in way or another.
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