: Why toxicity is understandable sometimes. (intentional Trolls and AFKs only)
BTW, small tipp un-in-stall this game, wait until rito change something about the afk system, come back (or not, will safe you alot nerves and friends) At least take a gooooood break after such games man, it seems you're stressed out.
: Why toxicity is understandable sometimes. (intentional Trolls and AFKs only)
YOU NO TELL ME WHEN I HAVE TO TROLL AND WHEN NOT, AFK GG QQ! How my last toxic game just started .end
Tamardia (EUW)
: What about the Yasou who continously abuses our Diana jungler for not ganking, starting from level two, giving Fizz 8 kills before Diana even gets to level 6 because despite her telling him to not overextend and chase Fizz past a turret, to get ganked by Cho'Gath and die? Is he feeding? I would say he is. Especially when 4 other people are telling him to ward and play safe.
What you mean "chase fizz past a turret"?
FallenStar (EUNE)
: Our Community's behavior towards each other.
This makes me taking a break for like 1-2 month in lol, happened way to often...
: Me, Metalbraind, Eambo, James, GPet, Rich... you know... the regulars.
Im not in the gentleman team... :( *cries in vayne*
Spotigy (EUW)
: Which ADC's don't you like supporting?
{{champion:18}} because I just have no clue how to help them :/ {{champion:429}} because I just don't know why the hell she ulted me right now... what's on your mind good girl? Rest is fine in generall, sometimes good adc sometimes bad adc sometimes adc who plays the first time lol. As long as they don't flame and blame (else i help toplane, screw you!)
Dr Sugar (EUW)
: You can only play 5 champions
{{champion:92}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:62}}
: Forum Etiquette
Waiting for the "FK YOU LITTLE PRANK KID; I TALK THE WAY I WANT NOT THE WAY YOU WANT ME TO! *insert swear words here*!!!"- answers
Eveninn (EUW)
: I'd never lie! :c I didn't say anything they'd consider rude or the likes tho. ;)
You did tell them u are a girl right? :o :o Unbelievable stories are told here!
Eveninn (EUW)
: I won due to my team assisting me. I got outfarmed and outpushed, was able to get back with some ganks and assissting with some roams to bot.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yesterday I played with 4 premades...
So you won your midlane in the first game, gj, next time, just give fb or 1-2 kills and you see, napalm is nothing compared to the flames you'll get!
: I have another account. Clever clogs.
: Champion abillity not item :p
Headline just said ability :D Hmmmm Well you know serious stuff if coming as soon as Riven or Rengo ults and you hear the sound, scary. You get blinded by the ~~light ~~Teemo. Buuut the most annoying ability imho is Shaco Q... "Get shaco, oh he used q, forget chasing him, he is gone forever guys" 1 sec later, getting almost 1shotted by shaco
: What is the most annoying abillity ingame?
: What lie?
You are Gold 3.... not gold 1...
Mirrin (EUW)
: Ghosts. Do you believe in them?
It's a summoner spell, when i play darius, heca, vlad or something similar, i believe in them, always!
: Can we get a lobby report?
I wish i could just ban some people in lobby.... luckily i stopped playing rankeds atm (kinda tilting atm)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wynillo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Od4M7jb0,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2015-06-23T07:32:54.263+0000) > > People see numbers, they compare with similar numbers, people forget people. > > Go lux support if you like it, mute and report everyone that cries like a little ignorant baby and have fun. The thing is they stop crying after the game has started. Why? Because I do alot to help them and the wards are always there even if I don't have a sightstone, so no real reason to report. It is just the prejudice that people have against Lux as a support
Than you're lucky, my teammates are never like that. All i need to do is like 1 mistake (dieng at min 30) and they're like "report this trollpick, feeding enemy! GG WP FFNAU" (You might can read that i stopped to play rankeds again, because.. reasons)
Bombardox (EUW)
: Increase the speed of soraka's Q please
make it x1000 faster pls! Would play soraka again!
: 40% of this community is so sad...
You only find new friends on the opponents team it seems, best smalltalks ingame, i've had with the enemys (like pokefree laningphase, just some discussion about animes, even in rankeds, made it much more fun), while it seems that my teammates are always considered pure hellfames, wanting to destroy the world (DAMNNNN DUDE U MISSED THAT CS THERE; BITHOIUAFBO!") Don't know, thought it was a bronze problem, climbed a little, still the same stuff... ://
: Why is Lux considered as a bad support?
People see numbers, they compare with similar numbers, people forget people. Go lux support if you like it, mute and report everyone that cries like a little ignorant baby and have fun.
: Two upcoming Boards changes
How about a new section "Rito pls nerf & complains"?
vmastro (EUW)
: "Nidalee can be a pole dancer but graves can't have a cigar..." Well, cigars kill people... I don't think there are a lot of killer pole dancers. That's imo one of the main reason.
"Meanwhile, - Nidalee throws tons of spears to her enemies, - Draven throwing axes to them, - MF and Graves shooting them, - Malphite throws stones to them, - Quinn throws birds (imagine in rl!), - Riven uses a bigass sword to slaughter them, - Brand and Annie just burn them" But Graves can't have a cigar...
: Just me or are the towers unresponsive sometimes?
{{champion:92}} approves this. Love it when the enemy 1 shots you, and the tower is like "me, he is dead now, i keep farming, i need the money"
SlayerRM (EUNE)
: No I just reported him :P
Nbq (EUW)
: Target %health> self %health Target collides with hitbox etc As opposed to: Lol get stunned bi tch {{champion:1}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:80}}
Target %health>**=** self %health I think if they change that too Target %health> self %health it's fine
SlayerRM (EUNE)
: How can RIOT allow this? I´ll never know.
Did you honor him? (the thumb is greyed out) :D
Rich (EUW)
: How far have you progressed this season?
After Placements i got to Plat 3, now, around 500 games later im Gold 1, sometimes dropping to Gold 3-4... Guess I uninstall....
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: People think Akali is a troll champion now...
Got flamed after i asked if its ok to play akali (against yasuo btw) "No, she sucks and is somewhat unviable" ... dafuq? Last time I played her (2-3 Months ago, after her E change) I went on with kda 5+ o.O
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: I think that is intentional, I have heard that there are other abilities that it can cancel too
Tristanas jump as example
KagMaster (EUNE)
: If u report them they will be deleted from ur queue
Nope, that's a lie, I know since i have this exact problem, muted someone, reported him, have him the next game in my team again. Ye that's fun!
: Skins are DLC??????????
Sefi (EUNE)
: this kappa crap again, what the fuck does it mean?! Ug, i dont care anymore. Youré only saying it cause everyone else is anyway {{champion:36}}
Twitch Chat is it's origin. If I remember correctly, someone who was a Twitch staff member with the screen name of 'Kappa' added his face as a default emoticon in the chat. People used it as a joke, then it devolved into what it is currently.
: > [{quoted}](name=GFG Nazgul,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=cYFA5TIg,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-06-17T12:58:25.120+0000) > > Simply put: people don't know how to lose. Also, the focus has become more about winning than having fun, which is really sad. > > Sigh.... u probably good loser. my congratulations.
: There is always someone better than you.
If i win, I'm better, if I loose lane, enemy is scripter. KAPPA Just report those who want to report someone for playin bad and mute them.
Raýden (EUW)
: After 2 weeks ,Banned whats next?
Hope they do kind of the same system, they have with chat restriction in banns. As long as you do not improve, while banned, you getting banned again. Would solve so many problems (+ I might get a RL someday :x)
Goofrian (EUW)
: When you get flamed even when you are having a good game
Just started a smurf, its freakin hell in low level (currently lvl 20), everyone is raging, and offensive there, and i thought high bronze (gold) is hell :o
: Guess the rank (Pic included)
So once you reach master, you basically can't drop down anymore, because you get carried at some point? Sweeeeet, I wanna join it!
Sylvant (EUNE)
: That would pretty much mean they give you the ability to choose who to play with and against...It does not work like this. As much as annoying those players can be, you cant just avoid play with all of them, they are a major portion of the league.
Like i wrote in another comment, it would be enough if i wont play with them for the next 5 games....
candoodle (EUW)
: {{champion:32}} maybe you made a frend?
: Giving players the ability to prevent them being matched with certain players opens the doors for excessive manipulation and abuse. Just block every player that isn't super good ---> climb the ranked ladder Additionally, after running this system for a few days or weeks it would be basically impossible to find teams of 10 people where no one is on each others block list.
Heck, I wouldn't care if i see him 5-10 games later, but the very next game? It is way to fresh and it opens the doors for excessive manipulation, he is trying to abuse me the whole game anyway :D It should at least avoid to get teamed up with him the next game. I see the point in never see him again, but at least gimme a break :D
: Im sorry for your experience. I know that feeling bro and im completly agree with you thats annoying. However you can just take 3-5 min break from getting requeued to enter new iteration of players instead being matched with same one. I often do that after high toxic games. Worst scenario is if you win game hard and u stomp your opponent in lane cuz hes tilting anyway and next game hes on your side claiming "im taking your elo back" and proceed to mobi5zeal entire game. Thats kinda things are truely depressing.
Funny thing tho, i just DID a 3 min break once, still got matched with him (he did a break as well, bad luck i guess) :/
Rioter Comments
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: BElieve me, i have no wish to do any further maths right now either. I agree that she can be countered and beatable but that is a discussion for another day.
Sadly, her scalings and fast animations make her a perfect script champ, and this ruins alot of games tho :/
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Well i tried to standartise the runes because runes are hard to set variables as they differ per person so i just simplified them. Also, ye, i forgot about the q aa damage, i treated q as his simple skill. And that simply was my point all along. People list garen as riven couter just because of his silence and lane presence. I agree he is a really strong opponent if played right, but he does not counter riven as she can trade with him and win.
Took me quite a while to do the calculations lol :D I also used "standard" runepages and Masteries (tho, they are not up to date, but it doesn't do a difference), would go with extra armor runes instead of mres per level personally. Thought it would end up a bit better for garen, but its quite equal imho. I, myself, would never use Garen to counter Riven anyway, don't like his kit. BUT PLEASE don't make me do the math for all other champs i used so far to "counter" her :D She is beatable and it all comes down to personal skill level, some champs have an easier time (Renekton, Darius) others have a harder time (Tryndamere, Rengar, Fiora) some are almost impossible (Malphite, Vladimir, Nasus). Can we approve on that and go home in peace? :D
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Okay, lets do some calculations. Riven is level 3 with plus 15 ad runes starting with longsword. Riven, hp 685, ad 60, armor 29.(base stats). Riven, hp 685, ad 85, armor 29.(Full stats) Garen is level 3 with plus 15 armor runes starting with cloth. Garen, hp 758, ad 63 armor 31.5.(base stats). Garen, hp 685, ad 63, armor 63.(Full stats) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riven skill damage. Q - "Broken wings" 10+34*3 = 132 ad damage. W - "Ki burst" 50 + 25 = 75 ad damage. E "Valor" 90 + 25 = 115 hp shield. In the time of garen doing his q/e combo a riven will easily pull off at least 4 aa. Passive - "Runic blade" 85 + 17 * 4 = 408. Total = 132 + 75 + 408 = 615 ad damage. Garen skill damage. Q - "Decisive strike" 30 + 88.2 = 118.2. W - "Courage" Passive already calculated in the full stats and active will be calculated in the defence stats. E - "Judgement" 20 + 44.1 * 3 = 192.3. Total = 118.2 + 192.3 = 310.5 ad damage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riven, defence round. 29 armor = 77,519% incoming damage. Garens damage = 240.7. Rivens shield is unafected by armor so it blocks only 115 damage with no reduction applied. So basically Riven will receive only about 180 damage to her hp. Garen defence round. 63 armor = 61,350% incoming damage. Riven damage = 476.7, garen can use his W, to further increase his defences by 30% for 2 seconds, so 2 aa from rivenbasically are under effect. so the already reduced by armor damage is firther reduced by the skill. Meaning that 204 * 0.61350 multiplied by 0.7 = 87.6. Garen will receive about 400 damage to his hp. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Result, Garen, the great riven counter, is unable to outtrade her.
You forgot the aa dmg of garens q, that's why rivens shield cannot block the whole dmg of it. Riven is not able to get 4 aa out in 3s, i was quite friendly when i gave her 3 aas, furthermore garen will have at least a few ad runes, as well as riven will have some armor runes. But ok, some real calculations, **MATH TIME!!!** ---- **Riven stats, with runes and masteries +longsword level 3:** HP 721 Armor 42 AD 92 APS 0.7 **DMG Stats:** Q - Broken Wings: (10+37) *3 = 141 dmg total W - Ki Burst: 82 dmg E - Valor: blocks 122 dmg TOTAL dmg dealt: QQQ+E+4AA(3enpowered) (141+82+3*(92+41)+92): **714 dmg** TOTAL dmg dealt after courage reduction: lest say he has w up for half the dmg: 357+250 = **600 dmg** TOTAL dmg dealt after armor reduction: **371 dmg** HP left after trade: 721-360: **361hp** ---- **Garen stats, with runes and masteries +cloth level 3:** HP 793 Armor 64+12 from courage AD 85 APS 0.66 **DMG Stats:** Q - Decisive Strike: 30+(119) **Bonus dmg on his aa**(you missed that one) (30+119+85)= 224dmg W - Courage: lowers dmg/cc by 30% E - Judgment: 20+(60)dmg per second, 240dmg total TOTAL dealt before armor reduction: aa+Q(normal start)+E+aa (85+224+240+85) 634dmg - 122 blocked by shield: **512 dmg** TOTAL deal after dmg reduction: **360 dmg** TOTAL block: 30% HP left after trade: 793-371: **422hp** (ignite would be - 90 hp, so 332hp) Total: It depends, if Garen gets all his dmg out, Riven will have to be defensive after it, if Riven uses her Ignite, Garen will loose the trade, in an extended trade Garen will most likely die, if he does not have ignite. ---- **tl;dr** So Garen maybe is not a counter, but a serious enemy if played right. Enough math now guys? EDIT: Links [Garen calc](http://leaguecraft.com/builder/garen/?items=72&runes=38,38,38,38,38,38,38,38,38,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,10,10,10,98,98,98,98,98,98,98,98,98&level=3&masteries=004013000100000000002020130013031001301000000000000000000&skiller=qew&fspells=true) [Riven Calc](http://leaguecraft.com/builder/riven/?items=58&runes=38,38,38,38,38,38,38,38,38,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,63,52,52,52,52,52,52,52,52,52,10,10,10&level=3&masteries=140103000103030103012200130010000000000000000000000000000&skiller=qew&fspells=true) Tipp for Garen: at lvl 4 bring q to level to, max e now! Tipp for Riven: Instead of trieng to shield the q, interrupt with w, you will be able to deny some of the spin dmg, and in return win trades easier
Kaycee777 (EUW)
: Did I say that her shield outscales his spear? No I didn't. I simply said she can take the poke. At level 1, panth has 267 mana meaning he can only use spear approximately 6 times before he's OOM. Then he'll get rekt. Plus Riven's passive deals a WHOLE lot of damage. And if you don't use your E, Riven will never use her E. Even if you manage to bait it, she'll just Q away. Face-to-face Darius is stronger unless riven ults and completely destroys him. I know Darius has stronger ult but Riven has a stun + a shield. Do the maths. Next pls.
If she wont e, darius has free q poke... and darius has some hard cc as well, disabling rivens jump (his e) Rivens dmg deals around 20%- 50% of her ad, thats alot, but not that much tbh, her skills hurt way more later on.
: Nerf Threads
Much afford you did by open this thread, but better nerf irelia, that would have been gud easter egg, instead shroomlauncher teemo was forgotten :D
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