: Coming from someone who's played talon since i started playing lol in week 1 of s3, i think a new skin would be great, i don't recall seeing a single skin released for him in these 2+ years. and this skin concept is pretty cool!
ye, riot forgot about talon, He got so much potential. he needs new skins, atleast this one
TostiDuel (EUW)
: you mean something like this? :D (pls i did this photoshop in just a few minutes....don't hate pls)
lol This is the one we need
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
I WANT A SKIN TOO :p never gotten a free skin yet :p
XIC Wolf (EUW)
: Baron (and other monsters) should gain gold for killing champions.
and when u kill that baron, u get all the gold from him ye
Eambo (EUW)
: I mean...I don't have green hair any more :-( I literally got it cut on...Friday? Afternoon. However, I'll give you the best I've got. Pic of me being terrified by Draggles' photo taking device: http://apollo-eu-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1441640936/IMAG0602.png My Riot photo (Kinda green, with 200% more bunny ears!): https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xta1/t31.0-8/12038621_10153650753974628_2736703314449628516_o.jpg
loooool Eambo u got swag with that green hair, Swag level over 9999+
Rioter Comments
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Well fuck you I got arrested for cutting peoples heads off and putting them on sticks.. {{champion:107}}
Ichinose (EUW)
: Riot is the real owner of Doritos.
Perilum (EUW)
: Not so funny as a German... because you know... we understand what they say. Next time, mute the sound.
;P its not my video i found it on youtube.
Rioter Comments
JokingK1 (EUW)
: I just wanna thank you riot
iNeedRope (EUW)
: #no regrets
haha legend
SacredLie (EUNE)
: You realize how lost the community is
dude! you are absolutely right, thats what happens most of the times with me. I win a game, /all Wp , gg, /they , Stfu dude you are noob. etc this community have no manners and even if u lose a game, they will say some other bullshit to force you to report them
: THIS IS MADNESS. Ranked games are no longer playable on Gold division.
: Should Riot disable new champions during rank? (Poll)
Rioter Comments
: The warning messages don't mean anything as long as your behaviour is in line with the Summoner's Code - they are just an indicator of you getting reported more so than usual in recent times. (They generally should not trigger off of a single game.) I would however take these warnings as a heads up to glance back at your recent games and see if you might've been overly negative or said some things that aren't usually in line with the rules. If you feel nothing's wrong, then you can just ignore these.
LoL I thought if you get certain numbers of those warning msgs, you might get a ban, thats what i thought so thats why i asked for help from you guys, Thanks for your kind answer ;)
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Riot should take some actions against those who fake report people for no reason. Who says they don't. ;)
because this is the 3rd time i m getting this
Rioter Comments
: Azir - He is worth buying?
He is one of the strongest Champion out there BUT one of the hardest champion to pull off, i believe he is the hardest champion to play in league right now, But thats just my opinion.{{champion:268}}
: Rankup: A ranked stats tracking tool
pretty awesome and smooth website
Arturs1670 (EUNE)
: Most likely a diamond elo player, who got demoted from inactivity. Their mmr is much higher than their rank and they gain a lot more lp, usually.
^^ yep thats the issue i guess
: How did you main your champion?
I main Yasuo, I just love samurai, I even started this game just to play Yasuo
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Cosantoir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ChainS89,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=XvinqJ19,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2015-11-16T13:28:20.439+0000) > > i understand and im not asking them to stop the feeders trollers and smurfs, i am asking them to place me in a game with the same division or league I'm sorry to break it to you but the game is placing you in a game with players of the same MMR "same division or league"
^^ there you go, If you want to get out of Elo hell, try to improve in normal games, if u still can't climb then try to duo with someone at your division work Work together, Win the game xd
Steel (EUW)
: Is League of Legends Really Getting Destroyed By Riot
LOL dude why dont u wait next patch they are trying to fix everything, calm down dude, they are testing the patches and moderating it The only unbalance thing i have noticed so far is Graves{{champion:104}}
Eambo (EUW)
: That's not a bug, that's what Diana looks like before her morning coffee. Thanks for the report! This one has been randomly happening for a while, I expect it'll be fixed with our shiny new client - normally logging out and back in will resolve it though ^_^
man diana is pretty scary looool{{champion:58}}
ChainS89 (EUNE)
trolling feeding etc are part of the game, Riot cant do anything about it, because it's not in their control , you cant change someones behaviour that easily, I think they are doing their best to provide fair games. Dude just imagine how many millions of players play this game obviously you will get trollers,etc, give it a rest, go out have some fresh air dont play for a week and then come back after that, you will feel good and wont get any trollers, u are just on tilt.
Igbu (EUW)
: A little program called YoloMouse, You can change it to different styles and colours as well. Download Link: https://pandateemo.github.io/YoloMouse/
: Has anyone already received their Victorious Sivir, summoner icon and border?
JaCk3rs (EUNE)
: How can i talk to riot about this pls help dude?
https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us here submit a ticket , they will reply you and fix your problem
JaCk3rs (EUNE)
: It says i already purchased her 11/14/2015 i can take pic if u need
goto your profile, click champions and on the right side there is a scrolling tab press it, and then click owned champion and then search for jinx. if u havent got it there i cant help u only riot can help u at that point
MistWind (EUW)
: This is not the LoL i used to enjoy!
Ye i kinda agree on fast paced game, game should be much harder.
JaCk3rs (EUNE)
: I tryed i swear i did it didn't help
goto shop click purchases , and check if u bought jinx or not. and if not, then submit a ticket telling them i got a bug, but before u submit a ticket make sure u check everything first
: MMR next season when not playing ranked
it will generate your ARAM MMR, the thing is every gamemode have there own MMR, Aram have different MMR Normal games have different MMR and Rank solo Q have different MMR, So even if u play ARAM it is not related to your rank MMR, You have to play Rank Solo Q in order to get MMR, High or low depends on your gameplay. Correct me if i m wrong,
JaCk3rs (EUNE)
: Bugged Account
Restart your client and then try again
Igbu (EUW)
: LOL Bug 5.22. Teemo shroom being exploded by Ward debris.
How did u changed ur cursor ? because the default is very hard to see when u are fighting xdd, would be awesome if u tell me how u changed it
: Bronze 5 .... F O R E V E R ! ! ! !
: To all the people complaining about mages being "killed"
I dont know why people are whining so much. as far as i know that only graves is kinda out of control he is a bit broken, other things seems fine to me, Give it a rest man , they just released the new patch they will adjust it in the future , Its not that easy, Give it some time, they have experts who are trying hard to balance the changes/game , i m sick of people crying on league boards. grow up
Brighan (EUW)
: Elise and Zyra fanart (YURI, SFW)
lol zyra looks like https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/33/Nicolas_Cage_2011_CC.jpg
Dafrow (EUW)
: Is it just me?
It will come to you soon dude, be patient
alasarcher (EUNE)
: Point is tanks ARENT supposed to counter vayne. Vayne IS supposed to counter tanks. Vayne isnt countered by tank items, but by assasins.
That is the answer for your Topic, I totally agree with you, Get zed or other assassins and she is more likely to die.
: [Champion Suggestion] Medula, the Mind Weaver
that look pretty awesome, I think we dont have any champ that plays with other champs minds. and she's hot.
: Gold IV Support Main LFT
Hi ash, I main adc(mid as well) Adc that i play : {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} I used to main Quinn as well but I havent played the new Quinn yet so yea
: This patch is an insult to mages and mages mains.
Get rengar and rekt those all tryhard adcs
Mirkizos (EUW)
: Please allow a que type where Yasuo is disabled.
My main Champion <3 you gotta love yasuo
Nachosman (EUNE)
: I am gold and i didnt recive my reward
You need to wait for it you will get it in a week
: Last day of season :D
: My heart still hurts from the last ranked game I played
Always go mid or adc, master a burst champion,
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