: Ah ye! Best part is when a laner dies twice before you finish your first jungle route, and then starts crying that you never come to help. And when you come, he just runs away :D
I can relate to that so much lol. These folks not only do blame you after dying on their own (that is not on a gank from the opponent jungler), but they often expect you to match say a Lee Sin's or an Elise's early pressure when you play a champ like Amumu. Oh and there are these guys who are pushing their lane hard and therefore often feel like they are dominating their lane. The thing is they do not ward their lane to protect themselves from the opponent jungler, so they end up dying and then blame you (bonus point if they have a low to no mobility champ :D) Then there are those who expect you to gank because the enemy laner is totally overextended but they are stuck under their tower with between 100-200 hp. Sometimes you do when you feel like you can take that opponent laner on your own, but you often bait your mate into participating to the move and that mate ends up dying and blames you. Sometimes you don't because you know that opponent laner is too strong to be taken care of on your own, so your mate keeps blaming you. The list goes on... That is why the /mute command has proven to be life-changing for me :')
Drupu (EUNE)
: Bugged Spawn Ceremony mission
Just to let you know guys that the issue seems to be now fixed. I just got my mission completed.
Unsere (EUW)
: Why is restarting after you long on again. I had 14/20 now im 9 / 20 - not funny !!!
Mine sometimes shows 9, sometimes 19 without ever reaching 20 though I should've already.
: I have a slight suspicion that this is caused by the repeating mission "Fight for Your House". You win a game, you "complete" a mission related to the event. However, it's not a "limited" mission. You can redo it as many times as you win each day. Looking at the post with all the mission information, it looks as if there's 16 non-repeating missions. It seems that Riot's intention wasn't to let you farm the FFYH missions for the awards, as there are still 3 more weeks of the event. What I find interesting though is that one week (next week) won't have any missions at all, asides from the repeating ones from the Trial Pass and FFYH. Total speculation but this might be an intentional occurrence - possibly why Riot hasn't responded on it yet, despite the fact the majority of EUW and NA players are getting the same issue.
While that's a plausible hypothesis, usually when they exclude some kind of missions from the count, they just precise that in the title of the mission. They would thus precise "Excluding the repeating mission Fight for Your House". But still, you might be right.
: Not just Darius, had this issue with Yi multiple times too.
And it was Ashe's E too? And in ARAM? Be as precise as possible so they can spot the issue ASAP, and do not hesitate to thumb this up so that Riot employees have more chance of seeing it
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Simonomy (EUW)
: Same, i watched the entire game and still the mission is stuck and says 0/1... Is it working riot?
It turns out after a bit of research that it does not work for every league (though it should). Brazil's VODs work for example
: Watch and earn 1. Not working
It's been a while my progress on this mission is stuck as well. I made sure to click on the link of the mission to get to the watching page. I believe you have to watch for 10-15min to progress, so idk what went wrong
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