Devil Teemo (EUNE)
: Insane delay
yeah i have been having this issue aswell for about 4 days now i get into a game i basically have delays on all of my commands i do etc q w e r flash and moving my champion is this what you have been getting
: High ping and packet loss to both EUW and local (Turkey) server
im on the euw servers and i have also been getting this problem my spells and movements are all delayed form when i imput them is this what you have been getting
MiNiMe125 (EUW)
: High ping in League of Legends only.
i am form eu and i have been getting this problem constant frame skips and spell delays
RagesMike (EUNE)
: FPS problems...
ive been having the same problem my fps and ms are fine but i get horrible frame skips and animation delays
: league of legends fix ur servers
i have been getting this is it like you animations are really delayed and skip ingame?
: I've had this happen when I was running the game at 500+ fps. Just capped the fps and it started working fine again.
yeah i have tried changing my fps cap and ive tried it on uncapped and it still doesn't fix the problem
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: Server lagging
Yeah i have also been getting this problem,my fps and ms are all stable but for some reason i have delays on everything i do in game from spells to even moving i have tried uninstalling league and reinstalling it, repairing the client itself all the way to even factory resetting my computer but nothing has seemed to work i cant find the problem its not like i have a bad computer
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: when does patch 6.22 come to the live servers ?
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Eambo (EUW)
: This is an incorrect message and we'll get this fixed up :-) This has nothing to do with solo/duo despite the message, and is not related to your ranking for next season either :-) Glacial was actually correct that it's regarding one of your ranked teams, but it was incorrectly pushed out and messaged :-)
ok thanks for the reply you have been of much help :D
: It's (one of) your ranked team(s) that qualified somewhere somehow.
why does it say solo/duo rank starts at silver 3 tho ?
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