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: Yes there is one but we haven't announced what champion the skin will be based upon.
Thank you :') can't wait to see it
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Zoru (EUW)
: your name is awesome , just came here to tell you that, but read the manger chapter 222 :( chitoge better still be with him because fck odonora
heheh yeah even though onodera is the promised girl, im still hoping chitoge will be the chosen girl
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Theatin (EUW)
: Looking For bronze teammates
hey, main mid laner here ;3; atm im bronze 2 88LP but can play support and top as well ;D communication: Skype, Cruse & TS 3 if needed but prefer to use Skype. main champions, Ahri, Orianna, Lissandra and Annie{{champion:103}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:1}}
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: LPL Summoners Icons ?
im still waiting as well for the LPL and LMS icons ;c
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Kepsuda (EUW)
: But... But why ?
because in the lore they are friends ;3;
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: Let team captians in ranked also ban summoner spells
DusanN00 (EUNE)
: What champion you got on mistery
i got {{champion:114}} ;D but i really wanted {{champion:432}}
Julka55 (EUNE)
: mystery champion
i hope i will get bard ;3;
Rexarias (EUW)
: Lulu or Bard :c
Bard is so OP i want him too ;3;
: Too troll people with that Ult and Magical Journey :P
nononono i really like to play him no troll i just want him he is the best support for me ;D
: What champ are you hoping for?
Jackle (EUW)
: Shurima Skin Ideas
Nice skin I like them all :)
: Who wants a champion or skin? Im in the mood of giving :)
If it's possible I would like to have popstar ahri, it is one of my favoriet skins and ahri is one of my main champions ;)

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