: Your damage is nothing special for someone who is 19-2-18 in 42mins... Js
Fiddlesticks gave away a total of 23 kills, that did not help them at all. I could dive into the enemy team who were relatively fed as a result of the fiddle and easily walk away with kills. Being fed does not justify the level of recklessness I was able to have, without a doubt devourer on that champion is broken and is in urgent need of attention by riot.
: Kayle pretty stupid with it.. Yi aswell you can't even counterbuild a Yi as Tank. no matter how much armor and hp you get you gonna die. Only way to counterhim is to blow him up before he touches someone
Yeah I've played a couple games with yi aswell and swing for swing he does more damage than kayle the only problem is getting CC'd but if you take cleanse and build qss that is no longer a problem. Both champs incredibly broken at the moment.
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