Dinzzoo (EUW)
: Silver 4 Support(75% Winrate) LF good ADC (Preferably Draven)
Raind (EUW)
: [EUW] [Gold] LG Mercury recruiting Gold Toplaner/Support
VKei (EUW)
: [Gold ONLY] LF Toplaner or Jungler to climb flex
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: Silver Team is looking for a silver/gold Top or Mid player
BGDrang (EUW)
: Lotus Entity [EU] Wants You!
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CptToasty (EUW)
: Gold + Dedicated structured team LFM.
IGN: Remergy RANK: Silver 2, trust me i can get to gold asap just have not been playing much ranked lately (check my winrates and climbing ratios) ROLE: Mid Nationality: Argentinian living in the Netherlands Champion pool: Cassio, Annie, Malzahar, Ryze, Viktor, Ahri, Orianna, Anivia, Ziggs, Talon, Leblanc, etc... Basically every single midlaner there is, i can play it, i know how to play around any type of composition aswell Playtime: 24/7, i dont have much of a life outside gaming and my reduced studying schedule, im on all day every day
: Burning Tacos looking for a spicy addition to their flavour (Mid/Jungle gold and below)
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: Ranked Team LF Supp/Jungler P5+
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: looking for silver + plyers to duo ranked and skype if you want
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You Ding (EUW)
: New team looking for players
1 I main supp but i can also play Jung 2 I am currently S4 but i have experience in higher elo in a 5v5 ranked environment (i used to play in a high gold team) 3 im 18 yo 4 i live currently in the Netherlands 5 i guess as a main supp it depends if i take relic shield or not xD (with relic i should be around 20cs) 6 i dont see why this questions has place at this state of the team, since most of tournaments are held online, yet i guess i would be able if needed to attend a tournament And well, i want to join a ranked team because i want to get better at the game with a team and hate playing by myself. I like to play with teammates i know i can rely on and well basically, fck soloq and fck playing alone. My IGN is same as the one im posting with.
Hadasa (EUW)
: Fresh Silver/Gold Team looking for players!
Age: 18 Country: Netherlands Main Role: Support Main Champs (5 min): Thresh <3, Alistar, Janna, Lulu, Braum Second Role: Jungle Main Champs (5 min): Rengar, Olaf, Rek'Sai, Gragas, Sejuani If i may add i have plenty of 5v5 experience as i used to shotcall for a low plat team back when i played in latin america south.
: Teamwork/warding and communication focusing team
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: Wanna join us ? Add me IGN : EQLG Kingdom
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: Master adc lft
i just added u ingame ^^ more info in there if u want
: Master Jungler LFT
just added in game ^^ i can give u more info bout everything
just sent u mail feel free to check it out ^^
Alz4m (EUW)
: Unranked scrub looking for an active club or community to participate
hey man, feel free to check out our community [fortifiedgaming.com](http://fortifiedgaming.com) and add me ingame for more info
: Main support plat 2 Looking 4 a active ranked team/Duo q
I added u in-game, im the coach and admin of the Fortified Gaming community, feel free to check out out site, [fortifiedgaming.com](http://fortifiedgaming.com). So we are looking for a possible replacement for our actual supp that may or may not leave the team, and in case of i am looking for another supp. I added u in game for more info etc. See u in the Summoner's Rift
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Possible (EUW)
: Platinum Mid/ADC looking for a dynamic team
Hey man, its Dominus, im the Coach of Fortified gaming ranked team 1, i just added u in-game, so basically we are looking for a midlaner and i would like to try u out. We represent this community called Fortified Gaming, feel free to check it out at our site: [fortifiedgaming.com](http://fortifiedgaming.com)
: Plat 4 Support LF for duo/team/club
hi bro, feel free to check out our new community at [fortifiedgaming.com](http://fortifiedgaming.com). also feel free to add me ingame for more information, my IGN is Dominus Umbrae.
: Looking for nice fellows to play with !
Hi, bro feel free to check out our new community at [fortifiedgaming.com](http://fortifiedgaming.com) . we started not so long ago and and also already recruiting for the official community ranked team. Feel free to add me in-game for more info. I'm the Head Coach of the official team and my IGN is Dominus Umbrae
: Interested in SERIOUS ranked 5v5 team
Hello bro, im here talking to u as the Team coordinatorof Fortified Gaming, we are currently recruiting ppl to join our community and obviously ranked teams, im the Head Coach of the community and would like to have u on my team, i just added ingame hope we can talk a little bit further :D. My IGN is Dominus Umbrae
Luke2510 (EUW)
: Fortified Gaming - Now Recruiting
: +++ Starting new +++ Please Read
Hello there, the moment i read this post i was like, damn, thats something i want to make part of, it seems like a great idea to me and would love to help u build up this community, i used to be a team coach and player of a team last season but stopped playing competitions since beginning of this season, i hope we can chat a bit further in-game, My IGN is: Dominus Umbrae Im going to add u in game as well
: Team looking for players
IGN: Dominus Umbrae Age: 18 Top picks in ea lane: MID: Zed, Lux, Fizz, Talon, Brand Top: Maokai, Gragas, Ekko, Sion (basically all top tanks with engage) ADC: Caitlynn, Ezreal, Tristana, Lucian Supp: Thresh, Alistar, Blitz, Nautilus, Leona JG: Vi, Udyr, Graves, Lee sin, Gragas I main Mid though, but can play any other lane decently Ty for reading and see u all in the Summoner's Rift Feel free to add me In Game for more information
: [Bronze - Silver] REQ TEAM
IGN: Dominus Umbrae Elo: ex silver 2, now in placements (PD im no fan of soloq) preferred lane/secondary: Mid/ Everything (PD: i main mid but can play everything else) 3 main champions: Zed, Lux, Fizz Age: 18 I just added u in-game im willing to answer any questions
Raichta (EUW)
: Creating Ranked Team!
Your IGN: Dominus Umbrae Your Elo: ended up silver 2 last season, still in placements (PD: i hate soloq) Your preferred lane/secondary: Mid / everything else ( i main mid but can play decently any other lane) Your 3 main champions: Zed, Lux, Fizz (Mid) Your Age:18
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: KitingTheBait (Team)

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