Ökami (EUNE)
: Invictus Gaming vs PVB
If you know anything about the game and esports scene IG almost lost to PVB because they were arrogant and they made stupid plays. PVB is a wildcard team but they are really proactive and aggressive team and they forced IG to make some stupid calls and lose those teamfights. Also PVB picked a poke comp which is really op. Regarding 2018 Worlds finals, FNC head into Bo5 series very confident in their own skills and they picked really bad drafts (First game they pick all ad team so it was easy for IG to counter that) 1st game FNC Picks {{champion:39}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:6}} second and third game was a bit different but still FNC made stupid calls, they didnt respect IG and they paid for it. Btw IG deserve to be called world champions because they won fair and square, FNC fkd up,just deal with it. Its not fishy, its just how esports works. Peace {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I personally find that constantly analyzing builds, changing main champs and/or switching primary position, or often all of the above can break a lose streak. For me I find that the amount of games I play makes a difference. My first game everyday is very rough, I play it safe and just try to warm up. Second and third game I go super aggressive and really push hard for the wins and than if there are more games I go back to chill mode. Finally, I find the game changes a lot as you bounce around from win and lose streaks. For example recently I had a 8 win game streak and climbed to a new division and many of the tricks that got me here have become less effective so I can see I need to adapt. Also I’m no longer paired with people from my division, everyone is at least 3-5 divisions higher, I’m always the lowest division player so my opponents are getting tougher and tougher. All of these things affect my opportunities to influence games and chances to win. It’s all very subtle but if you just play without analysis and adapting you will remain where you are or drop to where what you are doing still works.
The main problem is my early game, cuz when i think that i have a better pick against enemy botlane, so i can be super aggresive early and push my wave. i step way too much forward and enemy nukes me easy. then im behind, my support is flaming, jungler is passive farming and doesnt bother to come and gank, so im just left there to farm under tower. Then in the next game when im trying to play really safe, making sure i dont make same mistakes i get same result. i just cant find the balance.
: Honestly, sometimes games just feel _unwinable_, and it might not even be your fault. Or perhaps you have some off days. Your skill is determined by your general play, not a few days where things go wrong. Everyone has those unlucky streaks every once in a while, you just have to power through them. I doubt youve become worse, at least if its just in a short amount of time.
I think i know where the roots of my problems are. There is a huge loss of gold in early game, when i miss my creeps or die to an enemy because i was way too aggressive and pushed my lane too far away and had to step forward to cs. After that when i try to recover I do the exact same thing (I watched the replay of the game and it put me into different perspective). This thing allows enemy jungler to get easy access to dragon, cuz i cant contest it, enemy botlane will eventualy force me to stay under tower and roam freely without worrying that I might come after.
A96 (EUNE)
: MMR problem or what ?
Your MMR is probably going up, but there is no way of knowing that cuz Riot made sure to keep MMR hidden.
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Yraco (EUW)
: When will the new season start? Patch 9.2 - January 23rd/24th https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/aqsXiUZ3-2019-ranked-season-faq That was 2 months ago.
Oh, sorry about that then, I just missunderstood the post, I only heard that the season 9 will start in 23rd. Then everything is fine i guess, no need to be angry :)
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you sleep for over 24 hours, sure. 9.2 is scheduled to arrive on thursday.
Why Riot rescheduled the start of 2019 ranked season and 9.2 and didn't say anything about it? That's not the best way to treat players. I actually dont mind this, i have patience, i can wait, but Riot should communicate with players better.
: (EUW) Searching for people to join my small discord community :)
Wonderful goals, now thinking about joining this community. Im not the best player, but im really friendly and just looking for people to play some games. Cheers {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Chilly Jam (EUNE)
: Can we have FF option removed?
People often says that if they are really f***cked up, there is no need to continue, because you will still lose and its a total waste of time. I actualy think that this is bad mentality and people should look at that game as an oportunity to improve your own game, try to talk to your teammates, farm, get some kills and so on. Mayb you will make a sick comeback, maybe you will lose but if you can improve from that game experience then its not a waste of time. You should always fight and never surrender. This is the only way you will get better at the game.
FNC Cluey (EUW)
: MMR/LP Bug
Riot said themselves that due to the adjustment in how divisions work, LP gains/losses may be a bit odd for some people as they've pretty much been bumped or dropped a division as far as the system is concerned. It'll correct itself as games are played or when preseason ends at worst (due to the soft reset/reseeding), but we'll see if we can make it any less painful feeling in the meantime.
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: These are the golden rules of league: 1. Don't die to jungle ganks example: stay on your half of the lane until you know where their jungler is) 1. Time enemy cooldowns example: if your the enemy used his ability to farm or missed a skillshot on you, then go for the trade and back off unless you are a champ that likes extended fights. 1. Get to know the champ that you are playing, learn their mechanics and early game cheese, their power spike and what are they good against and their tricks and combos. 1. Focus more on objectives and getting gold, keep a good CS, kill only if you see the chance, baron and dragon are really good to focus on, if one of them is up, play around them (be near them). 1. Learn more champions so that you know their interactions versus other champions, who is stronger or weaker versus who. This is pretty much so that you have a bigger arsenal, maybe there is a champion that you might be universally good with, test out builds. If you follow these 5 things strictly you will start to wreck mostly everyone. **GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!** {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Thank you! I've been trying to focus more on exploiting enemy mistakes such as bad warding, no map awareness and spamming abilities, I also tried to farm as much as posible and its been working for me. I also try to learn new champs that have huge impact on the game: right now Im learning to play with Irelia and I plan to learn {{champion:84}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:55}}
Kurotsu (EUW)
: The Biggest Solo Queue Mistake That Stops You From Winning Games
This is so true, i had this situation so many times, and if i retreat and my teammates go in and they die cuz they commited too hard, I get flamed at for not beeing stupid and leaving them. people need to understand that you have to choose your battles cuz you wont win them all.
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Fang (EUNE)
: It's usually the players that feed / %%%% up that flame the ones that aren't doing so -- that's the funny part. They blame others for them dying when they make really questionable decisions, because they think it'd have worked in their favor. I rarely see someone flame a player for doing badly in my games; but I often see someone retaliating when a player (the bad one) decides to try to blame others for their deaths. There's 0 reason to trust a player that spam pings for assistance and then goes to int another kill because "jungler didn't come, no help, enemy is a lucker" etc. It only shows poor judgment, lack of patience and a big ego.
Best thing you can do is mute him, mute his pings and so on. Play your own game, focus on yourself and look for ways to turn game around
mini pyke (EUW)
: A number of bugs i want to report
Impressive observation skills {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Yep, it's all part of riot's evil plan to keep you down. After all it's clear that if matchmaking wasn't so rigged against you you'd long since be playing in LCS.
: Try to %%%%in lose me another ranked game %%%%y Riot. I dare you.
You have low MMR, so you get matched with players who share similar MMR, simple as that, just pick an op champ, focus on yourself and your MMR will rise.
Yraco (EUW)
: I don't think anyone can say anything that will make me trust a yas after he gives first blood but I agree that people really shouldn't flame over slight mistakes at the start of a game (or at all but especially that).
Never trust a Yasuo main xDDD But yeah trusting a player who made a huge mistake at the whole start doesnt mean he will ruin your whole game, even when he does its not a good idea to flame and be toxic towards him. just try to stay calm and think about what **YOU** can do to save the game. With this mentallity i almost got out of Bronze this season xDD
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: I dont flame people because they died few times. And I really try to not flame people at all. But I am getting mad when I ask someone to play safe and he keep pushing and chasing all the time. It's not his bad play that makes me mad. It's his refusing to accept tips and cooperate.
Well I try to motivate my teammates instead of criticizing their bad plays and it often helps them to get back on track. Well some players don't listen to others and they do everything their way, and its frustrating to have someone who constanly splitpushes when our inhib is destroyed and we need to deffend.
: I agree that keeping my mouth shut and not flaming in some losing scenarios has led to a won game that might have ended with sour loss had i flamed and tilted my adc. That being said as support main who got to silver on {{champion:14}} and to gold in recent days on {{champion:106}} i can say - trusting your teammates is a very tall order till you reach gold at least.
I started to just ignore my teammates if they perform poorly, I only focus on my performance and it's good most of the time. I cant control my teammates, so i dont try to convince them to play safer or farm more. also gj on getting to Gold {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Havur (EUNE)
: I was playing around Plat V before and it really does make me think that I become bad or the game mechanics changed this much or the players become way more better than ever before or all these factors combined which might be the case, anyway this is a very frustrating thing. And I'm also very sad about how the champions are bound to some of the lanes and items, pretty sad. Anyway, Thanks for your time and reply . Cheers
well right now in pre-season I think the updates will shake up the meta and that might be a good thing, and yes it is frustrating thing when you see a total bronzie one-shot you after hitting powerspike. But to be honest, im beeing very positive about the future of LoL, Riot will balance things out and ruin the game again just to make some meta changes, and then start all over again.
: Riot wont. A bot will look through ingame chat and look for negative behaviour. If there is no ingame negative behaviour = No punishment. It wont take context into account.
well yes and no. a rioter might look at the game if that player has been reported several times(I bet he is) and bot finds nothing.
well i agree that voice chat should be an option to communicate. but right now we have pings and we can write few words in chat and it works most of the time. voice chat is something riot is scared to add to the game because they don't know how to control toxic people, without it they can see chat logs and punish them.
Rιn (EUW)
: Reports.
Well you can report him after a game and he should be punished. Just pick one category for griefing or negative attitude and write in detail about the whole thing. Riot will look through that game (not sure if they can look at champ select chat logs) and he will get what he deserves. But really good thing that you went top, it would be useless to fight over mid and lose the game because of that.
Havur (EUNE)
: The game makes me cringe sometimes
First of all, great post! I played this game since 2014, then got my account stolen(whitch was my fault) and in 2015 created new one. At the start I was pretty bad player: * S5 Silver 4 (Got placed in silver 3, played few games, lost them all and then for the rest of the season i played normals), * S6 B5(at the end i had huge lose streak), * S7 Bronze 2 (this was actualy pretty good season for me, i learned a lot, my game knowledge was better) * S8 Brozne 1 (well it could be Silver 5 but last two attemts to win promos to Silver were unsuccsesful). Throughout those 4 years game and players changed a lot. And its a good thing. New metas, new champs, new runes and now new ranked system. This game is evolving. I also get nostalgic sometimes (I miss those times when i could go {{champion:19}} mid) Right now a lot of noobs became decent players (like me), i dont really think that there are more smurfs, they usualy get placed in gold, its just players got better, they began to think because game makes them.
Shamose (EUW)
: > I also heard that in S9 new accounts will be placed somewhere in Iron or Bronze Meh, new accounts usually get around silver.
right now yes, but in S9 it can be different. Or not. Im not sure
: The Preseason bounty system is stupid
Bounty system is a great addition in my oppinion. It forces you to keep your performance perfect whole game(when you are 8/0 you have to be careful not to do stupid mistakes or greed and give a huge amount of gold to other team). Right now every death counts, every mistake can be someones opportunity to turn the game and win. But i don't like the new laning phase, i feel like its too long and some players get a lot of gold from turret plates and they hit their powerspike early so there.
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: Can someone explain to me how ranked games work in "pre season", please?
Pre- season is actualy pretty fun experience. I usually play when i want to get comfortable with a champ for next season, but i also experiment with other champs. But since you are a new player i suggest you wait for season to start, play some draft normals till that, and then when season begins try to climb the ladder on fresh MMR(because you dont want to ruin your MMR in pre-season)
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: What will be your goal for S9?
I'm going to start climbing in EUNE as soon as i lvl up my acc. Mayb I will get to gold. in EUW i hope to get at least Silver, cuz i know that i will start Bronze again and it will take some time to climb.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Mission Complete : Dealing with 4 trolls in my team.
We need more people like you in league, GJ {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I am not touching ranked for the rest of the season....
GG WP for you then {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Meanwhile i suffer in B1 and lose my promos 2 times xDD mayb next season then
: Comeback potential is already through the roof. It's so high right now. If other people can decide low elo games so frequently as you said, why don't you get as good as that and do the same?
yeah i think you are right, i should focus more on my performance.
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: Basically. A champion got fed and you're complaining that they are too strong when they are 4k gold ahead of anyone and hitting their best powerspikes...
yeah something like that :D, but i think comeback potencial should be bigger. mayb shutdown gold should be increased a little bit more. In low elo games often are decided in early and if they fail to comeback its a lose. but if a snowballing team throws in late, then its 50 / 50, scores doesn't matter anymore, because one teamfight can decide whole game.
: Literally everyone "You can no longer carry game by yourself, it is too much about team". IDK try it yourself to carry with "broken" champs, idk how banned is Ire in bronze, but she isn't that hard and she can stomp through lanes(mid, top) or teamfight, just my opinion tho. Also any bruiser/splitpusher would be good in your elo IMO. Normaly I'm using Trynd to exp my accs to lvl30 cuz it is kinda free elo.
irelia is often banned, mayb next season i will play her.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: I mean a decent jinx or ashe will just %%%% up anyone in bronze. People don't know how to position themselves so they don't know how to deal with the range -> free pentas all day. Also strong splitters.. (And can duel anyone in bronze tbh... If you know how to kite that is)
yeah i agree but right now i feel like kaisa adc is the best choice now, jinx is op i agree, but she has no escape.
: Why are people so stupid?
I agree with you but the first question is kinda stupid. how will you know where people want to go if they dont say it in chat? I mean how can you guess where {{champion:39}} wants to go, she can go mid and top. But yea i agree that people are stupid if they think multiple reports = instant ban or onstructive feedback is flaming and negative. Peace {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
TheRobator (EUNE)
: [ANIMATION] 3 types of ANNOYING people you will meet in League of Legends
WOw great video! Keep those videos coming. Subbed{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Dreugan (EUW)
: Lux is balanced...dont nerf
She needs another buff i think :)
anhtuancz (EUNE)
: Your teamate ban your champion you pick.
It depends if you are first or second pick. I would also ban yasuo, zed, jax or darius if hes not the first pick. I dont want to risk enemy team getting that champ
Niksi G (EUNE)
: Let's talk about broken champs ;)
Its not just Victor who is broken, there are a lot of champs who are really hard to outplay, there is not enough bans to make the game balanced.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: i hate having lux support
Lux support is not a problem if you have top and jung tanks, if you dont have tanks, then it's a problem. For me, when I get support( Dem autofill) i always pick Lux and I carry my adc.
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Erarrion (EUNE)
: Youtube, practise, youtube, practise... Try to play at least one time every champion, and pick max 3 to main at one role.
Oh yes! i have been watching Skill Capped Challenger LoL Guides on Youtube and my whole perspective changed.
: Honestly ditch your account and make a new one... Probably the most inconvenient way but absolutely the fastest. (If you don’t suck and lose all your provisionals on your new account...)
I have a EUNE lvl 20 account and I plan to try to climb there in season 9. I hope i succeed. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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