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TreeFall (EUNE)
: Hello Ivikus, I am a representative of a large gaming community where you can not only coach a team, but you can freely set up your own team and get tools from our community. Such as participating in tournaments and practicing against other teams 2 times a week when we play 5v5. Please send me a message on League for more information if you're interested. Best regards
Sure thing I wil add you on my Nordic account later. Do you have an Disocrd link for the community or smth? my Discord is #0833 Ivikus
Ivikus (EUW)
: Freelance coach looking for amateur team
Sorry for the grammatical errors tho I was in a rush and just hit send without checking!
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: Low LP gains after 9.3 update
Before 9.3 I was getting around 20 ( normal for me and my hardstuck d4 elo ), well after 9.3 I got 12. Like guys, 9 wins in a row for a promotion dosn't sound healthy to me.
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