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Febos (EUW)
: You won't find the timming for invulnerability in any patch notes because Riot didn't "officially" change it, but maybe that happened as a side effect of something else (we are all familiar with the spaghetti code). For Zed in particular, I always R when the mark is about to pop. If he can't kill me without the mark, then that ensures that if my R doesn't go to waste. He could kill you anyway if you sucessfully dodge his R; he would just kill you without it. Also, it's easier to time that way. The icon is on the GUI, so you can estimate how long it takes to pop.
in my experience zed can't kill me without his ult most of the times, but that is when i was prepared to fight him. i will experiment a little more with timing and when to ult so i can be sure if it does work or not. i will try the ulting when the mark is about to pop to. thanks for the replies and your insight on this.
Febos (EUW)
: Are you cloning when he uses his ultimate or when the mark is about to pop? What I think is that the invulnerability time seems lower. It may have something to do with my ping. I usually have fail at dodging Lux's R, but that's about it.
i ult when he puts the mark on me, that was normaly the trick to do it, ult after he puts the mark on you but before he is back on the ground. but you could be right about the lower invulnerability time. i had to change my timing for fizz his ult to. it was the exact same thing as zed, ult after he hits you with the ult, but after that you need to time it so that you are gone when the shark comes up, but after some time it didnt work so i had to learn how to time it again
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: > the only idea i have to improve this would be to look individualy how well is played and not as a team. That would never work, since this is a **team** game. How would you score players? Based on their KDA? This game is oriented around objectives. KDA matters nothing if your team can't secure objectives. Favoring KDA will also cause problems for players selecting champion not oriented around this.
like i said, its my only idea. it isnt that i want it to be like that. i understand that its hard to make it so that it IS fair but how it is now is really putting me down sometimes
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Fex0 (EUW)
: Hey there, Infinity Edge only works with your normal Auto Attacks NOT with your Q-enhanced Auto Attack. That's so because the Q states: "His next basic attack will always critical strike with 140/160/180/200/220 % of his Attack damage." This overrides every other crit-damage enhancement (Runes or Items). But like you said it's still very good on Shaco. ^^
thank you for the information, i noticed that it didnt work but wasnt sure. now i know it, thanks again
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RiNami (EUW)
: Why is there no "!" if Shaco is nearby??
rengar has a jump to get close to you when he gets out of stealth, evelyn has her Q and her ult that are ranged and she can speed up to get to you. what does shaco have to get to you when he gets to close to you and it shows you a !? only his E and if he has it his ignite, if shaco has a ! when gets near he is forced to use his E to get even a chance to get to his target.

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