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: Ranked Season 6
Yeah go ahead and create a second Ranked Team! But plz read this first! While u think that ranked team its fun because u play with ppl that know u and play the game like u do Youre forgetting the ability of growing to learn the game on your own that goes flying through the window because u cant understand nothing while youre playing games with ppl that play the games for years and u play for months! Not only u wont learn anything because u get carried every game u will take most of the joy of the game because u take the dificulty most of the games that i remember werent easy to play and i would play them for hours straight just to make trough the final boss and feel the joy and happiness that i got in the end. What riot is doing is giving to the frustated ppl that cannot understand why theyre losing games, ppl that criticise others instead of looking to himselves and see what is wrong, the ability to win games for free and i dont like that! And youre right Best Riven LPL let them do it but believe in me with this system ppl will learn a lot less about the game,the champions and the ways to win/carry games. #JUSTDONTDOIT
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mmrblood2 (EUW)
: the balance between player skill in ranked
I just have one question So if the problem are the duoqs then does that mean we should only be a duoqing with a same ranked person or we should just go solo?
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: Saying easy can be good...
I think that positive reinforcement can help your team a lot and can able u to win more games but the problem is that some ppl take it like u are a noob or etc. I think some ppl out there in solo queue think that u have to be a flamer to climb the ladder i dont agree with that i try to help my teammates with everything because i think that im helping them in understanding the game and maybe in that way i can win more games faster. #worth
: I see him as an excellent top laner; if you watch some plays or play him on PBE, it will be awesome. He seems like a decent support and jungler with good early game sustain. {{champion:19}}
Yeah but he is able to eat ppl that ability is just too good and i rly think he is going to be played as a support. And i still think that hes going to able supports to have more impact in games and save their adc from bad situations in-game But im still thinking about the name Tahm Kench and i like all champions and abilities that they have except for teemo (#hateonteemo) xD but i like the lore or story behind each champ i would like to know something about Tahm Kench and i would like to know what does the name Tahm Kench means (it sounds weird to me xD) if someone has some information plz share :D
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