elin990 (EUW)
: How to beat Teemo as a Garen
Same as any juggernaut really. Early game is hell, but eventually you'll gain enough tanky stats to outscale and obliterate him. The trick is patience. If it means losing cs or leaving lane a bunch so be it, but once you get to late game he'll be a non factor compared to you. Specifically in the Garen matchup? While your q is going to be hard to land everything else in your kit helps immensely. E is a way to cut his health down, even when you're blinded or he's invisible, your w can let you trade freely for a few moments and your ult, like against all squishy targets, will blow him into so many bits that Ziggs will get jealous with you. Survive early, shrek him late, ggwp
Lilesther (EUW)
: Implementing a self chat restriction tool
As someone who doesn't flame or type anything but jokes, in game info, glitch call outs or the usual "GG, gl hf, WP" I more than likely wouldn't use this. However I feel it's a great idea to have it as an option, either to the player or Riot employees seeing it's just the chat that's nasty rather than the player's game behaviour (no int-feeding ect). And seeing through other posts here that Riot is more than happy to allow this level of self restriction if it helps make people enjoy the game better
: Misfits should have but they choked.
Solash (EUW)
: I feel that in order to beat someone like SKT, you gotta bamboozle them The element of surprise is important here. I'm talking AP Ashe levels of bamboozling
Well a sudden Morde-Thresh botlane might rustle their jimmies and give them PTSD of season 5 :^)
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Rumkatten (EUW)
: Tank supports?
First of all, git gud No, I'm not meming, genuinely practice playing different tanky supports until you find a comfortable pick. It's not going to take one or two games to get used to a champion's mechanics, so just keep playing Second, if you want to practice tanking, take it to top lane first. There's a wider variety of easy-to-play champions in that role to make the learning curve for figuring out the role better. Try champions like {{champion:86}} {{champion:54}} or {{champion:14}} if you want to know the basics. Third, unfortunately, there's a distinct lack of ranged tanks. It's a balancing issue, as if you can't get close to a tank, you can't hit it, so it becomes impossible to kill. The closest example to a ranged tank would be {{champion:150}}, but he has a pretty high skill cap, so is probably not great for a first pick up Forth, once you do go support, the main tank champs you should try are {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:89}} and {{champion:44}}. They are all useful at some point in the game and provide excellent kits that suit both a tanky and a supporty role. Try {{champion:412}} or {{champion:117}} if you feel really confident, as their tank stats aren't the best but they provide great utility while still being able to take a few hits
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: Which champion do you expect to get a poolparty skin?
xDiscord (EUW)
: Ult was supposed to be a single target skill.. and its somewhat stronger than a silence since things like trynds ulti are just plain disabled.. like on cd.. so qss wouldnt work either
Then that's literally {{champion:90}} 's ult :V
xDiscord (EUW)
: Zoyun, Bringer of Diversion
Riot removed dodge chance for a reason. 25% is REALLY nasty, considering her health scales with it. SO yeah, no to that passive Q and W seem very difficult to code tbh, as well as very hard to balance properly E as a built in thornmail seems ok, but the numbers need tweeking. (say you put this on kog'maw. He will litterally auto himself to death) Ult as an AOE damaging silence doesn't seem that nasty if it had a larger cooldown, but Riot doesn't seem to want silences in the game so we probably won't see that All in all the E and Ult seem interesting, but the Passive, Q and W are big no-nos
MrPista (EUNE)
: Too op,too bloody op. That guy would go top,depending on situation being tank or assassin.
Fair enough, although it's more just a fun idea based on an almost core mechanic Is it the kit that's the biggest problem or the whole passive?
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Grimmrok (EUNE)
: I was just wondering about her passive... Most junglers are melee, say you get a ganked from enemy {{champion:64}}, {{champion:77}}, or {{champion:48}}. You'll be shredded to pieces in no time, leaving your carry alone. And that fact will just encourage the enemy jungler to babysit bot, and if the junglers are even a tiny bit tanky, there'll be nothing stopping them from diving to get an easy kill.
That's where her Q comes in, either as an escape tool or a way to hold them still for the carry/counter-jungle to catch them off guard. Plus if they babysit bot it leaves Top and Mid free for the Ally jungler to help push. That being said yes, the passive is there to make her more gankable for balance of making their carry/mage have a bad time. She can also be a good counter pick in drafts if they pick a ranged/ap jungler like {{champion:203}} or {{champion:60}}
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: Premades need to respect the pickorder.
Dragoman (EUNE)
I have a theory Rito shafted {{champion:121}} this meta. Now he will never be as good as Rengar {{item:3070}}
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