xthelord2 (EUW)
: yea but inting isn't bannable at all if he got outran by best riven NA. How would you feel to soemone like faker,dopa,perkz or even uzi destroys you in lane when you first timed some champion and was forced to go aggro cuz of dynamics of the game? how would you feel when you try your best with that new champ yet you know its unintentional but pepole are pepole and don't like anything on world which is for them wrong so we gonna build a wall so that wrong ain't comming even if it already passed the wall? you can't ban inting unless person noted she will do it by picking a champion not suited for certain role,picking smite to other lanes,stealing cs to a jungler at lvl 1,walking towards a enemy without changing direction,deinforming pepole abot enemy laner's summs and ult,building wrong items and eventually disrespecting a ally laner by 1 vs 9ing game which is 5 vs 5 even if some1 is underperforming P.S:pepole %%%%% far too much about negativity,so lets prevent it by: a) flaming in general:mute+mind your business+don't reportcall(its bannable cuz its naming and shaming)+report=person banned,no damage towards ur acc b)inting:told above+get a duo or more to play without RNG performance c)giving up(afking in general):method 1- if instant,ff but don't report guy going afk cuz it tends to pepole having issues with client getting hammered for no reason and scaring them away from game method 2-fight for victory,later report for giving up and going afk,thats it d)inaproper IGN's and club tags:rep in client if possible,if not then on player support so less garbage gets dumb tags and IGN's and yes its bannable due to lots pepole being sexistic. thats it folks rules in general and smurfing is lame cuz you ruin others fun and making game worser for a chunk by chunk so %%%% off the smurf acc and work to play normals and ARAM on main one to pepole can have fun
He's Diamond 3, at that elo is expected that you don't stay in range of Riven's E after you already gave her 2 kills before level 3. Even in silver people know they'll get steamrolled if they don't keep the distance. Many times he died just because he was too far ahead, waaaaaaaaay too far ahead, so much that I don't believe he's not inting.
: Hashinshin ban isnt justified at all.
You know that moment at 19:30 where he's 0-13, TPs into fog behind the enemy team and spam pings his team to go in, and then he dies, and they all die as well so... It's pretty obvious And in his response video at 3:15 he says that in that spot he "took the most fed people out of the fight while his team won the fight" but if you actually look at the kill count, after he dies the enemy has 18 kills and 1 minute later they have 22 so they obviously all died in that fight.
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einar43 (EUW)
: Riot please release female melee autoattack bruiser or skirmisher
Lleajy (EUW)
: Any assassin would stomp them in a 1v1 at equivalent gold, level, skill. Twitch needs 2-3 shot, while real assassin will just delete him and fade away.
The fact that Assassin X deletes Assassin Y doesn't make X any less of an assassin. If a Twitch goes in on Zed and starts shooting at max range, Zed has to either walk or W in order to get an ult off. By the time he does that 2 shots already hit him and he's at 30-40%hp. Even if he manages to ult, he will get the last shot in the face when he appears and rip Zed. Not to say how easy Twitch can delete LeBlanc or Katarina, they can't deal much damage in 1.5s.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: They are still marksmen!
Nowhere says marksmen can't be assassins. How do you call a Twitch popping up from nowhere 3shotting 2-3 squishies? Same goes for Quinn, just that she can take out 1 squishy.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Only since the recent patch I've been seeing MF as often as I have.
MF has been building Duskblade for ages, at least a whole season.
: revert rengo
Riot never (or almost never) reverted anything that went past PBE.
: And i want an item that gives a support +400% range +100% crit + 200 AD and 2.5 AS. You know, when you get those ADCs who are not that great...
LPP Mehrio (EUNE)
: My friend's acc got hacked and the hacker got his name changed
Support should help him recover his account.
Jªke (EUW)
: How does something like this fail? Is there a discussion about this posted by a Riot employee or something?
It's all in the patch notes somewhere, if you're interested you can search them yourself. Changes like these usually happen at the beginning of the season so check those patches 1st, then maybe google "chat restriction removed" or something similar.
Jªke (EUW)
: So then players should be punished if they're doing that. If they're toxic they may just have trouble talking to others/a short temper. What if they still play the game, regardless of how mad they are? If it's down to toxicity, mutes should be handed out first. Then bans if they take stuff further like intentionally feeding/trolling. Imo at least.
What part of "it was already tested" you didn't understand?
: Mate EVERYONE was connected, and level 2 as well as being in their lanes. The supp dies and the game gets remade. Thats how it went
If a player connects 1:30 minutes late, he still has time to get in lane and you wouldn't notice but the enemy team can still start a remake vote.
: A game just got remade, and it shouldn't be possible
First blood or not it doesn't mean anything. That just prevents the guy from dying to go afk and allow a remake. If they had jungler afk and you get first blood on botlane, they can remake.
: Could someone explain me why some mid lane mages have pretty low winrates?
Difficult champs have lower than 50% winrate because many players that play them can't use them to their true potential.
: What exactly (that he didn't have before) makes him a powerful laner now in your opinion?
The new Q is awesome, maxing it first allows him to use it's charges to sustain in lane as long as he has mana (that's why I build catalyst 1st, and sheen later). He may not have a lot of kill pressure, but he can farm and have a powerful 2v2 potential with his jungler. I hope you're not going to get him nerfed.
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Gasburger (EUW)
: I'd like to see you land skillshots on a target with incredibly high MS yeah? don't act so smug
There are champions thst have incredibly high ms. Jhin is not one of them.
It's been posted 5 times already, we don't give a %%%%.
Gasburger (EUW)
: What makes you think outplay or suicide dude? I was playing vs a Jhin as a Zed on my other account and he was all alone, hitting our bottom tier 2 and I couldn't kill him because landing any skillshot on him was an impossibility with all that ms and ridiculous damage. I think I phrased it incorrectly. I didn't mean that assassins can position badly and shouldn't be punished for it by adcs.
Riot please nerf Jhin because I can't land skilshots.
: Oh I got perma banned I bet everyone cares about me because i'm such an important person
: Damn saw your History and Im impressed. Any hints on how to play him top?
Start E and then max Q. Rush Catalyst for the health and mana, and passive stats. Taric's strenght now is that he can sustain a lot while he has mana. So if you're in a fight, Heal with Q and proc your passive 2 times, then shield with W and proc your passive another 2 times. At this point you'll have 4 Q charges again for another big heal. Stun whenever available. Rinse and repeat, you heal, you deal damage, you heal, until they die. If you're having trouble, after catalyst go for tabi or mercury, otherwise go for Sheen into Iceborn. Visage 3rd item, even vs full ad teams (because of the stats and passive). Ganks are super strong, you shield your jungler and use your E to have a vetter chance to stun people. He also gets all the heals and shields you get so 2v2 every time you can. with all the heals, shields and your ult, after 6 you have strong dive opportunities with any teammate. Carry junglers work very well with taric because you buff them immensely. Champs like Yi become disgustingly strong if they stay close to you.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: Do I suck?
If someone has just 4 wins at your same rank it means that he just finished placements and went like 4-6. Also, if others are better doesn't mean you suck.
ChrisMac (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JQKAndrei,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pZh4U97z,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-15T14:36:46.340+0000) > > You weren't at that big of a disadvantage if you managed to last that long. You probably got carried away by the negativity and gave up too early. > > If you tried to actually win I believe you could've done more that that. The enemy team refused to end. It was a joke.
Also, if it lasted 35m then at least 2 players didn't want to surrender.
: Which champion to OTP?
You should otp Taric top. (check my match history)
ChrisMac (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pZh4U97z,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-15T14:06:01.551+0000) > > Then you had enough chances for a comeback, let alone 15 minutes of a normal surrender vote. <.< 1/42 Kills - 0/7 towers with an AFK ans 2 flamers? Yeah I'd like to see you 1v9 that game.
You weren't at that big of a disadvantage if you managed to last that long. You probably got carried away by the negativity and gave up too early. If you tried to actually win I believe you could've done more that that.
ChrisMac (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CookieMonster275,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pZh4U97z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-15T13:31:23.722+0000) > > Why do people surrender at all? Coz the score is 1/42 with 0/7 towers after 15 mins with an AFK and 2 flamers. Yeah, let us FF.
A game like that wouldn't last more than 2 minutes anyway.
: How are you supposed to lane as a melee?
Against cait? Doran shield, stormraider's keystone, rush ninja tabi and then maybe lifesteal if you still aren't crushing. Also max E first, you have enough damage to kill her anytime.
Terror toy (EUNE)
: I get 5 champion shards in a row on chests from S grade in 5 weeks, so yea... (Nasus, Sion, Tahm, Akali, Ashe). I reroll 3 and get Mordekaiser. Still wait for 6300 champions....still wait....
: Just bought 10 hextech chests and keys and got...
The one time I wanted to get a champ shard to disenchant it and get my mastery 7 on Taric I got pulsefire ezreal instead...
: Orianna has 9/10 difficulty. You can't her with Ahri, Viktor, Zilean, Vladimir. So Orianna shouldn't have 50%+ win rate.
Those stats aren't accurate, they're made by the creators of the champion on release and are never updated, not by the actual masters of that champion.
: Seems very much for early level. I think Q mana cost should be 40/40/45/45/50. Also her ult cooldown needs 20 seconds nerfs. Two nerfs but enough nerfs. 50 mana cost is big nerf for early level. It is mortal I think.
Why? she has bonus damage on aa to farm anyway.
: But she can do more things! She can use your weakness so she is counterpick!
Everything you said is pointless, you have no idea what counterpick even means. Malphite, Rammus, Taric are counterpicks to AD champs because their are NATURALLY stronger against those champions because of passive stats. Trundle is a counterpick to tanks because his ult works great at stealing their stats. It's all simple Orianna isn't a counterpick to Anivia at all, she has the utility to outplay Anivia, but that doesn't mean she will, and not doing so doesn't necessarily mean the player is bad. Her kit doesn't naturally give her any advantage. Fizz and Kassadin are actual counterpucks to Anivia because they can easly dash/jump/blink out of her danger zone and over her wall while still having enough damage to trade back. Orianna can't do that.
: She is op right now. High skill cap champions shouldn't have 50%+ win rate. Ryze had 45% win rate when he was nerfed. Soloq win rate isn't indicator in some situations. Azir had 46%.
Ryze and Azir are much more mechanically intensive than Orianna. She may not be super easy to use, but she's not even that hard.
: New Honor System
I'm not a support main but I agree with this. If the support doesn't give free kills to the whole team it won't get more than 1 honor. If the adc is 10-0 and the support focuses on keeping him alive, everyone will just honor the adc. Even though in these situations it's hard to decide who to honor because both players carried.
: Perma-Autofill in Normal-Games
Autofill came with the release of SoloQ, since we already had FlexQ live, that makes for 2 ranked queues for a total of 4 queues instead of 3. Autofill is necessary. Also, you don't get autofilled every time autofill is activated, even if you're protected, and you only have to learn 1 role, what's the big problem here.
: The problem is, if u want to win consistently, your skill has to be disproportionately better than ur opponents. Lets say all players in one game are approx. the same skill lvl, then we can assume that statistically each game one team will have 1 lane that wins and 2 that lose respectively vice versa. This means that in most games, if ur team is having a bad time u need to make up for not just one, but 2 losing lanes. On the other hand, if ur already winning, pushing through to the nexus goes pretty much effortlessly. Thats why the more u play, the more things start feeling like a coin toss game. U either get lucky or u dont, and ur own skill plays only a small part in that process. While there may be large differences between some players, others have just scraped by simply by being lucky in the way they were matched up, whilst others may have been particularly unlucky. In the end this is all just owed to league being such a team oriented game, but it just makes u feel like ur own performance has no impact whatsoever on the course of ur games. And while that may be not true, it certainly isnt false either. Luck is a big deciding factor in how far u get to climb. Skill matters, but not enough.
>then we can assume that statistically each game one team will have 1 lane that wins and 2 that lose This is just so wrong, it's not that simple at all, lanes can lose, win, go even, catch up after, scale and so on. There's 5 players on each team, each one of them can get fed and become a problem for the enemy team. >Thats why the more u play, the more things start feeling like a coin toss game. That's just because you get to your deserved elo, and since you just play to play, and not to improve, you will obviously win 50% and lose 50%. There was a post on reddit a while ago explaining how you cannot influence 100% of your games, some are games you cannot win, some are games you cannot lose, you just have to focus on the games you can have influence on, and with as little as 51% winrate you are guaranteed to climb, slowly, but surely.
: Well, considering how i still fail to notice any significant difference between my main in medium plat and my smurf in high silver, it does kind of make me question riots ranking system. Sure, ur more likely to climb if u play better, but half of the diaV players ive had on my team feel like they got there by sheer luck. On the other hand, theres ppl that absolutely carry ur ass, have great decision making and mechanics, and then in the post game screen u notice theyre stuck in gold V. Maybe in high dia skill actually decides matches. In plat the only thing that decides if u win or lose is whether ur team feels like grouping up or if theyre in the mood to all go solo 1v5, squander ur lead and throw the game for no reason.
I disagree, I also had both a mid-plat account and a high silver one, the games on my silver account were significantly easier, just because you can't straight up close your eyes and expect to win every fight doesn't mean silver = plat. Division Vs are always full of everything, everyone should know this by now, it's just too hard to get kicked back in the previous tier even if you play badly for many games in a row. I'm more concerned about a Plat 3-2-1 player than about a Dia 5 player, same goes for Gold 1 and Plat 5. The way you play is categorized in 3 ways: - Your A games: games where you play a lot better than usual. - Your B games: games where you play normally. - Your C games: games where you play worse than usual. When you see a Gold 5 carrying you but he's got 500 ranked games with 49-50% winrate, then he's probably played his A game, if this was his B game, he would climb, but since it's his A game, it's rare and that doesn't mean much.
Mflames (EUW)
: Your Grinding Champ For S7
Top: {{champion:41}} {{champion:78}} Mid: {{champion:41}} {{champion:136}} Adc: {{champion:22}} {{champion:67}} Sup: {{champion:267}} {{champion:44}}{{champion:223}}
Megumìn (EUW)
: How to climb when afk troll in your team 99% of games ?
Darkdash (EUNE)
: Alright how's this, I'm going to simplify all my arguments to a painstaking degree, until you finally understand what they are. > not a single one of those unnecessary blocks of text actually address the question of why would they lose a pg13 rating to make a political statement Adding LGBTQ+ characters to the game will not take away their pg13 rating. I don't understand why you are so fixated on the idea that it will. Ekko has a voice line in which he admits to once having a crush on Jinx. That line made it to the game and yet, the pg13 rating didn't fly away into the skies. If he had a similar voice line in which he admits to having a crush on Ezreal (or some other male champion his age) then would that take the pg13 rating away? No, no it wouldn't. Don't try to argue it would, those two examples are identical. It's just that in one case he is read as straight but in the other bi. Riot doesn't have to lose their precious pg13 ratings at all, LGBTQ+ people aren't inherently sexual and their inclusion isn't part of "adult" material. Gay children exist, bi children exist. Teenagers that are gay or bi also exist. Having them in a game won't turn it into an "adults only" one. > and if lgbtq+ isnt inherently sexual, then theres a lot of lgbtq+ characters. like all of them actually. Not a single champion has been confirmed to be queer in their lore, interactions or by the developers and writers. If you think that a champion might still be queer regardless, then please refer to my simple 4-step flowchart in the comments. You might find that it eliminates all of them. > plus they are a video game company not a gay rights lobbying group. And yet somehow, several companies that make games across the world have included LGBTQ+ characters in their works. Without being a "gay rights lobbying group". How could that happen I wonder? It's almost as if being a video game company doesn't matter in the slightest because you can still add queer characters to your game. > a political statement that in no way would help advance league anywhere. See, this is how I know you didn't read any of the things I've already said. > A: Let's clarify something. Including canonical LGBTQ+ representation in your game is not a "political statement" (and the fact that you think otherwise is quite telling). However, including ZERO queer characters is, in fact, a political statement. This discussion isn't about how LGBTQ+ champions will make the game more popular or increase sales. This is about why the inclusion and representation of queer characters within LoL is necessary and about how such inclusion will benefit people worldwide, queer and non-queer alike.
Those other games that include lgbt characters don't have pg13, they just lose nothing in adding them. League is different.
: No, Adcs don't need buffs
I don't demand adcs to get buffed, it's just few other things that should get nerfed, and the bot tower resistance should be set just like the others. Adcs are having very few impact in the game right now, if their team is winning, they can farm and get kills and be useful. If your team is losing, not much you can do. Autofill made this even worse, people going teemo, Mf, lee, ezreal supports... go carry that.
: Dont worry, skill and elo have no real connection at all. Just grind and hope ur one of the lucky few the riot rng selects to be allowed to move up the ladder.
You missed the /s at the end, or do you actually believe that?
efol00 (EUNE)
: I never said i knew how to counter her or play against her. I'm just seeing how strong she is.
And you believe you should be able to beat her without knowing how to play against her?
efol00 (EUNE)
: Jeesus this Camille
Because you definitely know her strengths and weaknesses and how to play against her and that didn't work, right?
: Bring Stella home!
This is not the right place for this, you should try reddit, and not the leagueoflegends subreddit.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Dude, what do you think it's like to play support with a shitty team? It's even worse. Bot lane roles are just team reliant and that's part of the role.
I believe right now you can carry better from support rather adc, just because as adc you'll get a ton of autofilled supports that have no idea what they're doing, while if you're support you only risk having a bad team, which happens from every role.
M4ndrake (EUW)
: ADCs need too long to scale and thus makes em way too team reliant Mid , top and jungle doesnt Jungle role is so broken right now due to the amount of resources available you could even sport 2 junglers and still win Riot needs to change something about it because its simply 30min of clownfiesta getting dove bot as an adc and not being able to do something about it because everyone knows ur weak and abusable Playing ADC in SoloQ is a bloody mess we dont have coordinated LCS teams it just isnt fun anymore.
add that with getting supports that can't support because they're autofilled and go "I'm literally the worst support ever hehe xd, I'll play teemo"
Darkdash (EUNE)
: Let me just do some quick math for you. If we had 1 gay champion out of 56 (which we _**do not**_ but let's entertain the hypothetical) then that would be 1.7% of the entire human cast. **1.7%** That's nothing, that's absolutely nothing. I _specifically_ mentioned adding many MANY LBGTQ+ champions in the game so that a level of meaningful representation was achieved. 1 gay champion is not acceptable queer representation.
>That's nothing, that's absolutely nothing. I specifically mentioned adding many MANY LBGTQ+ champions in the game so that a level of meaningful representation was achieved. 1 gay champion is not acceptable queer representation. By all means, No. I wouldn't mind 1 or 2 sexually ambiguous champions, that would be enough to give you that holy representation you brag much about, but "MANY"? Hell no, that's just attention seeking. 1-2% is the percentage of the lgbt population worldwide, more than 1-2% lgbt champions would be just attention seeking. You're fighting for virtual nonsense and you're also getting mad for it, nothing would change if a goddamn GAME had lgbt representation in it. If you really want representation you should seek it from your country's government and media, not in a game. I wonder how much lgbt representation there is in books or movies or tv series, go bother them.
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