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: Chat doesnt works
Here to report the same thing. Stranger yet, everything else seems to work EXCEPT the chat. This also includes the League mobile app.
: Are you interested in playing flex? Im jungle g2 atm.
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: Team recruiting toplaner + coach for clash and other competitions. (gold/plat)
Hello! I'm currently Gold I/Plat 5 (just came back from a bit of a break). I usually hang around high plat/low diamond. How would I go about applying?
: mature team is looking for a top laner to join the team (gold)
I'm interested! -26 y/o -PlatII top main, mid would be my best alt. role, and I can play a few champs in the other roles competently -Initiator tanks/control tanks: *Sion*, *Ornn*, Galio, *Yorick*, *Gnar*, *Vladimir*, *Shen*, Darius, *Kled*, *Urgot*, Ekko, *Swain*, Mao'Kai, Fiora, *Trundle*, Olaf and Gangplank ( italicized = mains). -Availability: I'm a student, so evenings work well - but I am flexible. In-game name is JaoPao.
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