: Username change caused me to get perma ban :(
Uraraka (EUNE)
: > I have to actually farm now and none of my teammates are happy about this. Moreover: if I am a mage supp I can farm more easily than a %%%%ing melee supp. WTF WAS IN YOUR MIND RITO???? Tbf, yes. Having 20cs/5min isn't hard as a mage but farming as supp, even if it is just cs missed by adc, is usually disliked and just farm at this rate, mute anyone saying non-sense like "support shouldn't farm".{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Well, ofc, but the supp in general shouldn't use the farm as a gold source, because it means subtracting those resources to the other roles that have it as a primary source
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: G2 didn't play worlds they played NA Soloqueue.
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: Agreed. Well done on your achievement though!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Aww thank you bro :3 <3{{sticker:katarina-love}}
: But isnt silver border as disgusting as gold and plat?
For for a bronzie is a huge achievent, so _it isn't disgusting_
: what makes you tilt the most?
I can accept everything, but the thing I hate the most is when my team is winning but then people starts to feel so op that goes solo, leading to throw the game and ofc loosing. %%%%ing hate it
: **ADC's** * On hit items such as {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} * Lethality items * Stormrazor **Supports:** * Items? You only need {{summoner:14}}
> Items? You only need {{summoner:14}} sounds good
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Scrinnid (EUNE)
: find some stickers. stick them one someone without them noticing. i once made a coworker became the bavaria blue cheese xd
Fake0 (EUW)
: Miss Fortune Poster? Question with a story
Upvoted in hope a Rioted will answear
: Your thread got invaded by Rioters. Now at least you know what THEY are doing while bored at work {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
that's actually entertaining! Have you tried out general.io?
: Shrug and roll my eyes at PsyKzz
It seems a good way to pass spare time!
Glar (EUW)
: I bother Psykzz with random questions about engineering stuff
If one of your questions is about his weird commit messages you have been answered
PsyKzz (EUW)
: Also try out http://generals.io. Its a fun browser game that one of the guys at work introduced me to.
That's also funny, tried right now!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
PsyKzz (EUW)
: Replace my [git commit](https://git-scm.com/docs/git-commit) messages with one of these, then giggle to myself. https://whatthecommit.com/
That's totally a thing that I will use for my commits. Thank you PsyKzz sensei-senpai <3
: In addition to what iSneez wrote, if you have a smartphone, you could also download an emulator and play old games on it. I used to play Zelda OoT while having nothing to do at work (For one whole year I worked voluntarily in a social institution that provided work for disabled people. Sadly, no company gave them enough assignments during summer, so we supervisors also had almost nothing to do for 3 months.)
Never knew it was possible to play emulated games on smartphones! That's cool
TTekkers (EUW)
: Look for a new job that leaves you with both better pay and more free time to be bored. If your supervisor asks what you're doing tell them that there's not enough for you to do - maybe doing more stuff could wangle you better pay. If you've got enough skill points in the bullshitting tree.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Look for a new job that leaves you with both better pay and more free time to be bored. If your supervisor asks what you're doing tell them that there's not enough for you to do - maybe doing more stuff could wangle you better pay. If you've got enough skill points in the bullshitting tree.
Unfortunately with higher paychecks come greater responsibilities, and more responsibilities lead to less free time
iSneez (EUNE)
: 1) I could play league which was sweet But if you can't 1) Ther guides how to sleep on toilet at work https://www.numbertwoguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/wan2.png https://sociorocketnewsen.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/dsc09277.jpg?w=640 http://img.tsood.com/userfiles/image/903639-img_re04fo_7p.jpg 2) Nobody can neglect your diarrhea, so basically you can stay 20-40 min in toilet daily with no problem. - If you have laptop there that you can take with you https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRsj9g1PobgLfQ57i_0GabgWgW0h9KGprpib2DNpHfS1jmw1qdk - or simply take your phone and some earbuds, there's plenty of time to watch 1 episode of a tv series, if you can't spent 40-45 min then theres short comedies that last like 20-25 min. South Park is officially online for free all seasons and all episodes http://southpark.cc.com/ 3) play old games at work pc, there's plenty of online emulators with no need to download if nobody see your monitor https://emulatoronline.com/ https://classicreload.com/ http://torinak.com/qaop/games {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
These are very valuable advices. Thank you. You saved my day <3
Hunter Pyke (EUNE)
: I work 60+ hours a week and on call 24 hours a day, 40 hours is part time... Suck it up buttercup at least you get to rest when you 70 and able to retire.
Ah, retire, one day. Sure.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Or: get a job that gives you depression to afford a prof to cure the depression that working caused you. Ultra combo penta shot
: Please help me!!!
Omg, I know that feel bro, I really understand you. But go to work
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K3l3vra7 (EUW)
: Sure enough, trolls will be trolls... But at least people who connect to the game, then stay AFK in fountain because they got hypnotized by a 10 minute video on youtube won't stop the vote for a /remake anymore...
Look, I totally agree with a revision of this system. I wish what's proposed here will be implemented. Is not fair loosing lps for not being 5v5
Rondö (EUW)
: Let us remake, if someone didn't left fountain (no matter what a reason) after 3min
the guy then walks out the fountain and stays afk in lane
LordAlaa (EUNE)
: Champion Reveal: Zeft - The LAG Master
You missed 'UN-NERF-ABLE'. Btw, you are a true genius. GG (reported)
Pianca (EUW)
: Trading 10 Gem Stones and my Soul to see my boyfriend smile!
I am exploding of how much this is cute! {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: Annie's in-game Appearence
Annie in the game is Annie in her final form, problem solved
: > [{quoted}](name=JackGarrusxxx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=u9N9dKEi,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-11-15T10:28:45.176+0000) > > I love the inspiration ones. Wow, those are incredible!! Just discovered Cleptomancy and went insane! > In general i like the fact that due to their op-ness the games are shorter People tend to like the experience of abusing something OP. But when they realise that it's game breaking and everyone starts using it and you have to use it too not just because you liked it but because it's the optimum way and people will call you troll if you don't. Then you start to hate such changes. You just need to think forward.
Well, I'm just a shitty meta abuser :c When Klep will be nerfed I'll jump to the next op rune :D Don't judge me. I just wanto to get out from bronze so bad {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Yavimawa (EUNE)
: Runes are awesome
I love the inspiration ones. Wow, those are incredible!! Just discovered Cleptomancy and went insane! In general i like the fact that due to their op-ness the games are shorter
: 52, reached Bronze 3 in Flex this season. Your reactions and cognitive processing slows considerably as you get older. Although 33 is not old, you will certainly be slower than when you were in your early 20's. I have several other friends who play and are 40+. We are all in Bronze.
How do you react to the kids that flames, afks, and trolls? Just curiosity :)
Proppa (EUW)
: What's your Age / Rank?
I'm 24 and Bronze I since evah. I fail every promo to silver. Yeah, i just suck.
DemonRyu (EUW)
: Honor rewards ( Ward skins lvl 3,4,5 )
TIME TO FLAME{{sticker:draven-pose}}
Gromp Main (EUNE)
: As a Miss Fortune main, here's the perfect guide on how to git gud at Miss Fortune as long as lethality is viable. First, you know how vulnerable ADCs are since the assassin update. We don't want you to be threatened by so many assassins and tanks right? Well, the solution is to pick her top. As most of the top laners are melee champions, you'll have the range advantage. Snowball until the enemy top laner is in a big pile of snow and has snow entered them internally. When they use a dash towards you, use E around you and them and then kite away with W. Here's the approved build: RUSH DUSKBLADE, then go Youmuu's, Edge of Night, Black Cleaver, Lord Dominik and Boots of Swiftness. Use Edge of Night before using Youmuu's and then ult. People will be MELTED. I personally like taking Fervor of Battle as a keystone and then going for 18-12-0. I never took Thunderlord's Decree since it's going to be proc'd by E most of the time and that's not a lot of damage. Deathfire Touch could work well but I never take it. Critical chance isn't especially good for her at least in my opinion, so focus on L E T H A L I T Y. Bloodthirster could replace Lord Dominik's Regards but I don't do it that way. As for runes I don't really focus on runes since they are gonna be reworked at the end of the season so just take AD, Armor and maybe Magic Resist and some CDR.
OMG, I'm so curious to try this build too! Thanks for advices ^^
Perilum (EUW)
: MF scales ultra bad with crit. You're not an AA ADC. You're an AD caster. Flat AD Reds Scaling Armor Yellows Scaling MR Blues DFT Mastery {{item:3142}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3035}} {{item:3022}} Hit your ult for instant teamfight win - check Win every 1v1 against the enemy ADC or any Assassin - check Don't die when the enemy team will focus you - check Deal damage like a 50 ton truck - check You're welcome. Have fun. Worked for me from Bronze to Gold in over 100 games.
Thank you, I'll try it (and hope getting out from B >_> )^^
: {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3147}}
It's not clear enough! :V
: I'm not much of an adc player, but in case of autofill, I always choose her. She is very easy to play, you don't even need to be that good with orb-walking/kiting to make her work, as so much of her damage is in her abilities. This is why the lethality build works so well on her too. Stuff like {{item:3142}} ,{{item:3147}} , and {{item:3071}} synergize very well with this. The raw AD you get from them, plus the penetration will make all of your abilities hurt a lot, and this build becomes strong earlier into the game compared to the crit build, which allows you to snowball harder. The crit build on the other hand is slower, but if the game lasts long enough, it will out-scale the lethality build. It also relies more on your auto-attacks than the lethality one, however your ult can crit too, which makes it do a butt ton of damage. {{item:3508}} is okay, but it does delay your actual crit items quite a bit, so I wouldn't get it unless you are really having a lot of trouble managing your mana. As for keystones, both Thunderlord's and Deathfire are outdated on her. The most efficient keystones are either Warlord's bloodlust, or Ferver of Battle if you're feeling especially ballsy. Warlord's will help you sustain your health, where as Ferver will go up to 8 stacks over 8 seconds when you auto attack enemy champions and give you more AD for each stack Deathfire used to be really good at the beginning of the season, when it still had a high AD scaling. Since lethality champs stack a lot of AD, this made it perfect for adcs like MF or Jhin. This has been since nerfed, so only champions with damage over time (DoT) still use it. Thumderlord's was used during a period when people used to max her E first, which made it easy to proc. This too has since been nerfed so it's not that good of an idea.
Thank you for your advices! Especially for the keystones part, that was really clear!
: Just build Duskblade
Hosua (EUW)
: i really like this build for mf : {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3006}} (or any boots really; ionian work well) try it out and see what u think :)
I'll try it soon, thanks a lot ^^
Noezholio (EUW)
: Depends what you're playing against. I tested a lot and i can say you definetly do a lot more damage going for a normal build using essence rever, ie, one of the last whispeer options and some attacspeed, maybe one lifesteal item. Also rapid fire cannon is great on mf as she can deal massive amounts of damage with a single shot when using her passive so thats actually some nice poke noone expects. But this build is expensive and you need a lot of time for it to actually do more damage than anything else. But once you reached that state she is godly. No mana problems, spamming her skills all the time, massive amonts of damage and since her ult can crit you just destroy everything. Thats why you see a black cleaver from time to time, it synergizes well with her kit and the armor shred is nice. Also the health and cdr definetly helps. And its relatively cheap. The problem is that you really need the enemy to be forced to sit in your ult for at least 2 seconds to get those stacks up and make the best use of it, its still good on its own but the ult is where it really shines, so you need good protection and some engage or cc to keep the enemy in place. And then there is the pure armorpen build. Now i don't know how well she will handle the changes to the duskblade that either happened this patch or will probably be coming so there's that. But the full armorpen build is disgusting in lane. Now she really lacks waveclear with this build and willl run into mana problems if she tries to do use her spells on the minions so this build comes with a problem. It puts you into a position where you have to play an aggressive lane. Thankfully her passive damage with armorpen is quite ridiculous which enables you to do so but you have to be aware of your surroundings and pressure the enemy. If it went well and she is facing a lot of squishies on the enemy team, mostly not so mobile ones, she absolutely obliterates them. If the enemy has one tank a black cleaver can help but she will struggle lategame. If the enemy has two tanks, a decent amount of engage and isn't stupid, you lost the game by going full armorpen. So choose the right build for the right situation. You have to know what you have to do in your team and in a teamfight and what problems you will be facing. edit: and don't ever let anyone tell you her autoattacks aren't important. Her passive is actually the most broken thing abot her. Sometimes hard to trigger all the time but done right you can get the same dps on 2 targets at the same time. For runes and masteries: adapt to your gameplan. Either standard adc runes or put in some armorpen. Mastries: depending on your style. If you need sustain in lane go warriors bloodlust. If you're good at kiting, don't need sustain and want to be a monster in fights go fervor, its the hardest to use though. If you want the poke in lane go deathfire. Technically you could also go thunderlords but honestly thats quite bad as you are also losing the armor pen from battering blows.
Thank you a lot for these advices and for the time you spent writing that! This will be very useful
: Flash + R into enemy team. Ez penta
Hehe, but penta comes with some damage, otherwise mf's ult will seem like light summer breeze
Treycos (EUW)
: I actually think the most OP build on MF is to go full lethality, the new draktharr can proc on your second Q spel target for a pretty good burst It makes her a huge lane bully and makes her ultimate way stronger But if you plan for the lategame, depending on both team composition, crit can be better
I've built crit when I had tanky enemies and let when I had squishies. Someone told me that I should do the opposite but if I make mf full let she would become an assassin (?) so she would be ineffective against tanks, by definition
: Mf doesnt rely on basic attacking as much as other adcs. In the build u suggested, id swap out the {{item:3094}} for an {{item:3508}}, so you can use your spells (and especially your ult) more often. However, right now, lethality mf is definitely the strongest option. {{item:3006}} , {{item:3142}} , {{item:3147}} , {{item:3071}} , {{item:3812}} , {{item:3026}} (you can swap around the order in which you purchase cleaver and duksblade, get duskblade first if ahead/even + a lot of squishies on the enemy team, cleaver if behind/even + a lot of tanks on the enemy team.) (The reason lethality is so good on MF is that, as stated above, most of her damage comes from her spells (Q and R mainly) and the very first basic attack on an enemy that applies the passive. In teamfights, you are usually going to stand back and autoattack only rarely, fire off as many Q's as you can and ult as soon as you are in a good position to hit a lot of enemies. Crit/attackspeed builds synergize best with champs that rely on autoattacking and have their kit structured around that (eg sivir, cait, twitch).)
Thank you, this is exactly what I needed! Can you tell me something about her masteries also, please?
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