Just Cat (EUW)
: woudnt enemyies know taht u swapped tho? i mean if u change to their look , but they know u swapped
There could be something fun to change that, but it sure can confuse their team, especially in crowded teamfights.
Just Cat (EUW)
: and the swapped target?
Well he could have landed in a very hairy position, ending in his death.
Just Cat (EUW)
: how does E work exacly?
It starts kind of like a fast Urgot ult. You swap position with an enemy from a small distance. Instantly after the swap you take the form of the enemy champion you have swapped with. The enemy team sees you exactly like your target.
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: or this is perfect moment to get morgana that "light theme" skin :D because its halloween.... {{champion:25}}
I was thinking about that. Like evil champions being good, and good champions evil.
Vild Asen (EUW)
: Hey I don't believe YOU! I saw plenty more of those skin sets, and you are not able to create them with a mouse. YOU FILTHY LIAR I HAVE SEEN THEM AND YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER.
Wow, that's a bit hard to conclude that. I can assure that I am the only owner and creator. Would you like to support your statement with facts please?
: *If she weighs the same as a duck....she is made of wood.... and therefore.... A WITCH!!!!!* All your skin ideas are great. However, they are all overshadowed by the awesomeness of Angry peasant Xin. This is so hilarious and spot on.... :D
Thanks! Haha, Xin seems to be the people's favorite.
: And still riot havent hired you??
hahah that would be too awesome, thank you.
: dont get me wrong, the concept is cool, I´m just trying to imagine it in-game and looking at it from a Riot perspective (maybe I shouldnt do that though xD :/ )
I can see it in-game in my imagination :)
: How would shipwreck Zac work??? wood isnt flexible. Now you would be saying "dont be picky" well if you want good bussiness you need to be as picky as possible, you have to make things believable.
It's just a quick concept, don't be too picky. The wood isn't flexible, is just follows his body. It's the seaweed that's flexible.
Kitsy (EUW)
: As a fan of pirates, all i can say is... YES!!!!
We arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre both pirate fans!
: I love your skin ideas, they are soo perfect, i would love to see these in game, especially Zac and Syndra. Little question:What program do you use for these drawings?And do you use a tablet?
Thank you! I would love to as well! I simply use Photoshop and a mouse. :)
xXLeDudeXx (EUNE)
: Cool, too bad Rito doesn't listen to the community
Thanks! Sometimes they do. A lot of skins are community based.
Esperya (EUW)
: Great !! I love them all !! Especially the VelKOZ and the syndra one ! Canoneer Syndra ! How cool is that !!
Thank you! It amazed me how know one else came with the idea, or at least I haven't seen it yet.
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: I do also very much like the Angry Peasant Xin Zhao. I barely ever play Xin, but if it were to be made as a legendary skin complete with angry peasant voice lines (including probable Monty Python and the Holy Grail references) then I would probably have to pick him up. I would very much enjoy hear him shouting "BURN - THE - WITCH" during his three-talon strike combo. Countess Fiora would also work well even as a regular skin as she already has that aura of nobility about her. I could also see it as a paired skin with Count Vladimir due to the whole "evil countess" image coming from Elizabeth Bathory and her bathing in the blood of virgins, possibly with the two of them having an interaction together and/or doing a bundle for the two of them (which would also bring count vlad out of the legacy vault for a while). I also quite like your art style, a good balance of detail and stylistic elements. I hope you enjoy drawing as much as I like looking at them!
Thank you very much! That Xin Zhao idea is actually pretty awesome haha. I do enjoy drawing them a lot. I am already working on my third skin concept collection.
Ezlas (EUNE)
: smells lke next horrowing askins have been leaked xd. No really, they would suit well to be released on horrowing:D exept for fiora, she can be taken anytime xd
Hahah thanks! That would be so awesome. A dream!
: These are amazing! My favourite is Frankentrundle. What would his pillar be? One of these electrical devices? http://i.imgur.com/3si5NYs.jpg
Thank you very much! I was think about that as well. Or maybe his operation table or something, rising up to the lightning. :P
: This is SO AWESOME! Instabuy Bard, Braum and Leona. D: I'd love to see more skins from fantasy movies.
Thank you! I was about to make skins concepts which refer to famous movies :)
: morgana falls perfectly into this theme :o
Hmm yes, but she already has Ghost Bride, which is kind of similar. But I guess she could have a vampire skin or something.
xZabaksx (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Draggles,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=q3mRZHGw,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2015-04-29T10:56:33.705+0000) > > These are amazing! My favourite is Frankentrundle. What would his pillar be? One of these electrical devices? > > http://i.imgur.com/3si5NYs.jpg was that sarcasm ? :0 these skins i think wouldnt go well:voliwolf(too big), leona (skeletons for me arent that realistic), xin zhao ( hes just a peasant XD whos op and has a giant fork),maybe braum-my favourite is reaper bard *-*
Well, since when is League Of Legends realistic? Leona doesn't have to be a skeleton, maybe something like Kalista. Skins aren´t always supposed to be serious or realistic. But thanks.
Watamote (EUW)
: That is great job. I especially like Angry Peasant Xin Zhao, Fallen Leona and Undertaker Braum. I'd be so happy to have those skins.
Thanks!! Me too!!
raggnir (EUW)
: what kind of bullshit is that? if there is no vladimir skin mixed in there, it's all rubbish.
Vladimir already has Count Vladimir and Nosferatu. Vladimir actually himself fits in here. xD So it's kinda double.
: OMG THAT AMUMU SPIDER LOOKS SOOOO CUTE! And so saaaad! I never thought I would like to hug a spider! Love the Idea, especially Braum and "Angry Peasant Xin Zhao", but I'm missing actual Transylvanian folklore in the images ^^ http://www.worldsynergytravel.com/product_images/j/336/Folklore_Veliko_Tarnovo__62711_zoom.jpg Really good work on the image tho!
Haha I know right! Thank you! Support it, and you might actually hug that spider Amumu ;)
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Falbindan (EUW)
: We'll get some new Shurima skins (hopefully) soon. Three Guardian of the Sands (amazing Rammus and Skarner and quite okayish Xerath) and a mummy-like Risen Fiddlesticks. :D But I'd love to see more, especially that Zac and Twitch skins are a great idea!
Haha I know, that's why I got inspired to make these. Thanks!!
not yames (EUW)
: Bookmarked and upvoted best of luck on this :)
Thank you very much! :)
Jackle (EUW)
: Shurima Skin Ideas
Update: Zed and Kennen. Click the link to view the updated version. http://newhound.deviantart.com/art/Skins-of-Shurima-528656295
Frosturne (EUW)
: I love this idea! especially Zac and Kalista. I'm not sure if they are from Shurima:P So it wouln'd be really possible
Thank you!! It doesn't matter where they are from though, that's what skins can do ;P
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