: Champions you hate seeing picked in your team.
{{champion:238}} - Playerbase full of self entitled wank-stains that thinks the entire game revolves around themselves. Always seems to attract flamers endlessly spamming mastery, blaming everyone else for their deaths/losses and will ALWAYS chase a kill instead of helping win a game. And don't you dare mention anything about the champion being too strong or having too much in their kit because of "but mah skill ceiling" {{champion:157}} - see above {{champion:67}} - see above {{champion:92}} - see above Bit of a theme here i think...
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Samsuddin (EUNE)
: For all dem zed mains.
My main and only real problem with zed is his w q and e in laning. NO assassin in the league has even HALF as safe and easy poke and waveclear as zed. the closest that i can think of is Leblanc, and she will run out of mana if she's not careful (and can and will get fucked if you use a snare/stun well). Zed can just sit outside of the range of even a LUX and poke her down. that quite simply is a fucking joke.
XIC Wolf (EUW)
: Which champ would you date, and why? :D
{{champion:63}} , He's just SO HOT, like daym.
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: Nerf zed... from a zed main...
The problem is zed has become the new riven, nobody actually enjoys laneing against him, everyone but zed mains says he's overpowered. and riot absolutely refuses to even POINT the nerf stick in the direction of him. just like riven was, the only difference being instead of seeing the occasional riven in 10 or so games, zed is in every. mother. fucking. game.
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: So Who Is You'r Favourite Champion And Why?
{{champion:150}} , i love how well the character matches his abilities. that and i love the poke-bully into burst-cc playstyle (also, Shoo shoo? Bahnah!)
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: my and YOUR mains
Overall:{{champion:150}} since release Top: {{champion:150}} {{champion:85}} , and atm i'm trying to learn {{champion:48}} Mid: {{champion:50}} Jungle: {{champion:36}} {{champion:254}} Adc: {{champion:222}} {{champion:18}} Support: {{champion:201}} {{champion:267}} Edit oop forgot support :L
: New Poppy is f***ing AMAZING!!!
Talking about poppy what have you lot been building on her? I've been having great fun going Black Cleaver - Iceborne Gauntlet rush. fun as hell with 40% cdr, and a long ranged slow with her passive
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Doommafia (EUNE)
: What can we do with IP?
I love the idea that you can gift champions/runes to other players with IP. Not so sure on the IP-RP bit tho, as nice at it would be i cant see it ever being implemented.
NoobHunter5 (EUNE)
: Favorite Champion
I'm tied between {{champion:50}} and {{champion:150}}
Smerk (EUW)
: So far I think that there are only 3 really good adcs at the moment {{champion:67}} {{champion:429}} and {{champion:18}}
I'll definitely give {{champion:18}} a try, used to main her pre rework. do you still rush botwk?
: Pretty much anything that can get away with building a BotRK pretty early on. In this meta you really need it to kite and to shred HP stackers. {{champion:29}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:96}}
{{champion:29}} and {{champion:96}} make sense, but they can do bugger all to not die with a maddend garen runing at em {{champion:429}} sounds like a good idea, may try and get better at her, but I'm damned hopeless at her stutterstepping
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: One does not simply win with...
Vlad, I've given up trying to play him, not one game where even with upwards of 8 sight wards during laning i got ganked an average of 6 times. (with 3/4 of these tower dives, ending in my death) I mean christ i already died 3 times, can i just cry under tower in peace
: this would be awesome
So much like awesomenauts? would so love to see it. one problem though is not every champion has a theme tune (although riot making one for every champion would be amazing)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jackthwolf,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Qnv7jYy5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-26T21:50:54.431+0000) > > Oh hes getting a hotfix? what will it do? His Q base damage is getting a serious buff, and his W will now refund all the mana and lose 50% cooldown when it's the killing blow, so you can farm minions with it. :)
Sounds sweet. The Darius rework was the one i was most looking forwards to, nice to know he may actually be viable soon
: As a Darius main (mained him for 2 years now) I'd facepalm if this got added in all honestly. His Q is completely fine at the moment, it takes time to get used to but after a time you'll love the new Q. His Q mechanics just got reworked and I doubt Riot will rework it again. ^^ //And he gets LOTS of love next hotfix by the way, you better brace yourself. (:
Oh hes getting a hotfix? what will it do?
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Leptyx (EUW)
: Pings and "SS"
I always do this myself, i always ping missing on my lane, and then danger ping on midlane (both top and bot if i am mid), it really does help.
Snowfox (EUW)
: as you are clicking in two directions, towards and away from the enemy, it would most likely cause the camera to keep jumping back and forwards between the two positions. If you'd have to keep moving it with free mode, it defeats the object of the whole system; giving a better locked camera view.
Naa it doesn't follow the cursor, it would be movement locked with your champion, all you would have to do is move your cursor to the edge of the screen (or use the arrowkeys like a few people do) once then get back to kiting, unlike with free mode where you would have to do that 2 or 3 times if you were kiting for a long time
Snowfox (EUW)
: It would be awful for kiting.
how would it be awful for kiting? all you would need to do is move the camera, just like with free mode (and hell, one camera adjust and your done, if the chase happens for a while you would have to keep adjusting the camera with free mode
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DarkSigi (EUW)
: [BUG] Mordekaiser Mace of Spades Spell Vamp interaction.
Huh, was playing him yesterday on ARAM an i thought the spellvamp on his q was alot lower then it should have been, 'least i know why now.
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Vedixsz (EUW)
: Bored of most champions, cant find a champion to main (play over and over again)
It helps if you find a niche you enjoy, and look for champions that are part of that, for example i really enjoy champions with an engage and a disengage, so i play alot of champions like maokai, gnar, wukong and ekko, so even if i get bored of playing one champion can rotate onto playing another Also don't forget not everyone mains just one champion, i for one have 3 champions that i play regularly toplane. (this is also really good in ranked, as it's alot harder to get counterpicked or banned out)
: I feel sorry for Riot
And i don't, they had it on the PBE for a while, everyone said it was terrible and needed alot of work. then they released it anyway. every single complaint they get about the HUD they fully deserve.
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: "OLAFIZED" . What does this mean?
It came from a massive unfair nerf, you're looking at a slightly reworked and buffed olaf right now. he was a bit below lee in strength, and popular in the jungle in lcs. riot then hit him with the nerf hammer so hard that he fell to urgot level, poor guy never really recovered, so next to noone plays him now. And i thought it was Olaf'd? also right now i would still say olaf is weak, he wants so many different items to be usefull, but falls off strong in the lategame. (although in toplane black cleaver cheese is eeevil)
: Lets talk about surrendering.
I surrender when we are loosing to the point that the game has ceased to be enjoyable.
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Spotigy (EUW)
: Which ADC's don't you like supporting?
{{champion:67}} tends to be the worst flamers, i swear every single Vayne thinks they're challanger pro, endless deaths from 1v5's I've pinged her to fall back from {{champion:236}} seems to attract the dumbest players though. they tend to lack understanding the most (like shooting the support who is almost at full hp, over the adc with only 25% hp. or flashing after an Anivia to kill her, but her passive is up, then dying)
: What is your biggest ingame achievement?
5 man gank botlane, me playing as {{champion:201}} and my adc as {{champion:222}} , without our turret. not only did both of us survive (5 man ult woop) we got a triple kill out of it
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Jabbabax (EUNE)
: Discussion about favourite champions, roles, and playstyles.
Top: {{champion:62}} {{champion:57}} . i'm one for good teamfighters at toplane. if you are able to last untill lategame you will be an important asset to your team. i always take {{summoner:12}}, as both are weak lategame, it helps me hold the tower if behind. or come in for a sneaky botlane gank if my lanes pushed. Jungle: {{champion:72}} , just about the only one i can play atm, with just about every champion i hate to face dying if they get locked down i love his ult to fuck em Mid: {{champion:50}} swain only at mid, cant play anyone else :L build him rarther tanky mid, only finishing with deathcap if the enemy team doesn't have alot of ad (build thronmail instead) Adc: {{champion:222}} cant really get the hang of any other adc, and hell i love ulting poeple in the face from across the map (also the in lane Q poke is fun) Support: {{champion:40}} {{champion:201}} . how i play these 2; YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY ADC ALIVE! my favorite supports to have as an adc are bodyguards, so im happy to say my favorite supports to play are too.
: Jinx and her spell Brizl! (
Kinda odd, that's one of the few spells that i would say has a good working hitbox and matching visuals who where you playing btw? some champions have really crappy hitboxes
shileka (EUW)
: he can't do 1.2K true damage "straight out" he has to sacrifice tankiness and walk up to melee range, so unless you forget to move away from an AP cho and totally ignore the Q animation he can't do a lot
When i say straight out i mean he doesn't need to hit other abilities beforehand to deal that damage (i'm basically just talking about Darius)
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: Cho'Gath Mid - I've been waiting 3 years for Riot to comment on this
Increase base damage small amount, and nerf the ratios by a large amount, and cho is in a much more balanced state. Noone should beable to do 1.2k true damage straight out
: Yasuo doesnt have a 2.5 sec AOE stun?
Yeah its not a stun, its WORSE, its a suppress. You cant build tenacity against it.
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