Kintaros (EUNE)
: Do boosted players get banned ??
Nope. If you report one, you get a Thank You-notice from Riot. That's it. The boosted guy enjoys his new rank.
: I didn't know Prestige Kai'sa comes with a skin border O_o
Naturally all the other K/DA skins don't deserve one, even with a live act performing on stage at the Worlds finale and whatnot. But we got a Count Kledula border!
: no border for the KDA skins?
Its only natural. Count Kledula was obviously worth a border, because Halloween, but a series of K-Pop skins with a live act on stage at the Worlds finals were not. They have to be just as disappointing as the finale. Can't you see the logic behind this?
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: What do you think about FNC apearence in the final?
Hey, lets go full AD vs two tanks, that's always a good strat! Second game Bwipo blind-pushed with no vision and went 0/5. That's the major league of esports? Felt like Silver to me. Or IG bought the victory.
Hannsen (EUW)
: Cannot craft golden Chroma
vladiqlol (EUW)
: Crafting Failed
Still not fixed. Please take my money, but don't deliver ...
Broodpaal (EUW)
: Stop showing me pictures of nerds when I log in
I couldn't agree more. Having to look at preteen boys is not something I enjoy when logging into LoL. I want to see artwork, champions, maybe even comic scenes of background stories, or if you can't help it then promote shop sales. But **please stop showing me little boys with smirk faces.** I am just not into that.
: New player looking for a guiding hand
@Komodolai: Thank you, I really appreciate it. I'll be working on my map awareness and start watching a lot of videos to learn more. :)
: New player looking for a guiding hand
Well, its really just the basic things, like when to leave lane to gank or do objectives, and how to rotate or ward properly. The other stuff, aka what gets thrown at me, I just have to learn over time.
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