: Champion with Tracers voice
Caitlyn's British, but not as energetic. There are a lot of other female champions who might be close to Tracer's voice: -Lulu (slightly higher, but same inflections) -Jinx (Same infectious laugh) -Tristana (Similar voice) -Lux (slightly different inflection, similar voice)
shole900 (EUNE)
: League of legends TRUE STORY
I'm very confused what this is. Is this some made-up lore or a game parody? Might wanna run it through a grammar checker as well since the broken English is a bit difficult to understand.
: He is the Irelia.
Ah, I didn't gather that from the first read.
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NyanGoblin (EUNE)
: Why no S ??
Well Irelia did 20k more damage than you, for one.
Infernape (EUW)
: Whenever that comes up, I open something else like my Summoner Profile then reopen the store, then it works. It's probably a bug within the client itself. The new client will probably fix that.
This^^ No point fixing a slightly inconvenient bug while the new client is in the works.
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: 6 years of LoL joining the dustbin
If they have no reason to ban you, and you aren't using a restricted program, I don't see why you would be banned. Appeal to Riot by sending a ticket.
: he can hit you with your AA if he miss Q. THis champion is for Bronze V because AA cant be missed.
Wow an adc using an AA? That's new.
: Chat Bug
It's a new bug so Rito needs to fix it themselves. I've experienced it too, but only recently.
: Nerf Blue Ezreal finally
He has a long cooldown on his E and all his moves are skillshots. Just don't walk towards him down an empty lane and you'll be fine.
Cokila (EUNE)
: its dos not help that you just say goodbye. try and give the man right and maybe the Q system will be better. Sometimes we have to wait like 15 min for game.
Give the man right? Sorry, I have no idea what you mean.
: 36 minutes that I am waiting for a game
Okay, bye? :/ Have fun with Warhammer then.
sn0wy (EUNE)
: I wish I could and I always say it but I always feel like its to late to start, same as it was when I was 23, I thought it was to late for everything. Now I just got refused for an apprenticeship cuz I'm few years to old. This is when I realized I wasted a lot of time on gaming. heh. If life just wasnt so stressfull I guess I could live it normally.
http://imgur.com/hDLvzbY You're just looking in the wrong places. 20s are still baby years tbh
sn0wy (EUNE)
: How about I get more and more angry because riot just removes me and bans my account millions times. I could be a good streamer, have a nice life, however I was insulted all my life and all my family is sh.it. Also I believe to be quite a friendly and valuable and smart person. It's not like I take out everything I did wrong in life on other players , its just that I will never get back what was taken away from me, following back in 2012 my first account I spent around 800 pounds on, now next month is my sisters wedding I wont even be able to afford cuz I dont have a job. Im slowly more and more depressed and getting a therapy can surely help me... not. I cannot change my family and the fact no one will give me an apprenticeship or education and free housing. I will always be nothing and my life will be 0. Even in my most believed game I helped so much to rise, they simply removed me from community god knows how many times. It is quite disturbing in my opinion wouldn't removing the chat box be better? since its a game to PVP not CHAT. I wouldn't mind a permanent chat box removal either, I would just farm and carry the games then instead of typing. They should be more focused on people who are actually trolling rather than flaming. There is always a mute button as far as I remember since season 2... Do you think its fair to kick abused and miserable people who have problems in the face to put them even lower on the ground? In my opinion its cruel. In your wonderful world I need a therapy. I believe I don't since nothing will change my thinking now unless riot would unban all my accounts. I would probably never flame again.
Nothing will ever change unless I can play the game and waste more of my life? Look buddy, I enjoy League as much as the next guy, but it's not the most productive use of time. You feel that life is futile, and that's fair and all, but it isn't going to get better if you just play games- especially if they don't even make you happy. I cannot see how becoming unbanned would help you at all, especially in this scenario you're in. Come back to league and gaming when you can afford to. I can't see why Riot would ever unban someone who has proven themselves 7 times to be toxic unless that person has had a reasonable amount of time to evaluate their decisions and their life. Don't try to wash yourself in a cesspool. Quit gaming and make an honest effort- for yourself.
: But I can say I carried more games with vayne / draven than ez or tristana :D but that was most in season 5 , with vayne in one week I get to gold , but in this season only derank :/
The problem is that they require an efficient support to play to their fullest (that is, vayne/draven), not to mention you are way more likely to slip up playing as one of these characters that you are with tirst or ez who have free escapes and generally very safe lanes.
: Is mid lane good?
ADC is, in my opinion, the toughest role in the game. (followed by support) It is not easy to carry from there, especially at lower skill levels/ranks. If you want to continue playing adc, however, try some champs like Ezreal or Tristana who more able to carry games easier than champs like Vayne, Draven, or Kalista.
Winbricks (EUW)
: Crazy new item idea!
Um...is that it? That's not crazy at all. That's like mundanely sane.
: Rekenton?!
New champ confirmed.
sn0wy (EUNE)
: 7th perma ban
If you are having a tough time, then seek help from a psychiatrist or mental specialist. League is not therapy. Life sucks, for some more than others. It's not Riot's responsibility to deal with your life, it's yours. Don't take your anger out on other players. Riot's responsibility is to stop flaming unbiasedly. Riot is not to blame for your bad decisions- in league **or** in life. Use these experiences to learn and grow, and maybe you won't get an 8th ban.
: She has gone away for a week.
I hear Ionia is nice this time of year.
: NEW GAME MODE ON THE PBE!!! //// "Definitely Not Dominion"
Seems like they fixed enough of the problems with it...but we'll have to wait to see...
DaWolfer (EUW)
: teach me the game, cuz I suck
Obviously, if you're only focused on winning the game, it can be very frustrating to lose match after match. The way I see it, the only way to get out of a slump like that is to take a step back; realise it is still just a game, an escape; and reevaluate why you loved playing the game. Pick a champ that always brings a smile to your face, mute anyone who starts flaming. If you want to improve at the game again, do it on a champ you love to play, even if they're not meta. No champ is truly terrible (other than Mordekaiser, let's be real). Focusing on results is the fast lane to Un-funs-ville.
: What happens with Morde now spellvamp is gone?
The same thing that happened with him before since he was nerfed: Nothing.
Jabutosama (EUNE)
: [concepting for fun] Aghanim's sceptre in LoL
You could also relate this to Doom Bots :P Hmm, if I were gonna upgrade a skill... Katarina R now allows you to move around while spinning, and the duration is increased! Or maybe, Mundo R leeches enemy hp additionally
Solash (EUW)
: Skin Concept- Rockstar Taliyah
I love the crowd surfing idea, but the other abilities seem meh. If anything, records should be used for the Q. :)
IIp0kYp0p (EUW)
: how to improve your gameplay, what's currently trending in the game, stories about champions that you probably didn't know, tier lists, anything regarding league that Riot don't post themselves.
League of (wait for it) Chum-moners! You may ban me forever for that terrible pun.
: Pizza
Add me on Skype :D My username is consistentturmoil I'm only Silver 1 but I like normals more anyways :P
YoungBuns (EUNE)
: Guys u are losing in popularity
I've played for just over a year and a half now (since season 5) and I can safely say that I've become better than several long-time players I know. Why? Because I've constantly challenged myself, playing with people who _were_ better than me and that had knowledge of the game. I learnt from them since I wasn't cooped up with all the newbs trying to learn everything through trial and error. Even if I didn't get instruction from friends, the level I was playing with helped me understand advanced concepts naturally. If you just keep them all together, how is that fair to them? Is it because the only way you can win is by making sure your team can carry you? Why not try at teaching them? Even if you don't win, so what? Use it as a learning opportunity for them, and for yourself also. Once the game (even in ranked) isn't just about you, the game becomes a lot less about winning or losing, and more about growing. Of course, this is a personal opinion, and whether or not this would resonate with you depends on your personality type and your openness to exploring different viewpoints. The way I like to see it is: LoL is rather trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it can eventually translate to the real world if you know how to apply what you learnt in it.
: BEST GAMEMODE IDEA EVER. better than urf.
Poor Nasus. Level 18 with no stacks.
Xicor200 (EUW)
: why dont create a chap like madra haha
: So... if twisted treeline had a random dragon pit and bot lane?
That's not to say it's a cool idea and if not for the community, for yourself, you should finish this. If it ever became a reality, there would always be two men top...or two junglers, kappa.
: League of Legends map idea
So... if twisted treeline had a random dragon pit and bot lane?
IIp0kYp0p (EUW)
: Help me find a name for a new League of Legends oriented site!
Faceroll. {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:55}}
: > something like what udyr has where changing songs has an immediate effect and a lasting effect. It used to do that exactly like what uydr does... the auras where permanent until you cast another ability. That's also why she got her rework... It's ok for uydr but for sona background effects made it so that she became too hidden. A lot of her power was giving behind the scene bonuses which made sona feel very low in impact out side of her ult as her auras could easily be forgotten and the benefits of them where near invisible even to sona herself. So this idea caused more issues than it solved.
I wasn't around then so I wouldn't know. That said, I find most supports horrendously boring, so I can't really give my two-cents about most (other than maybe Bard but he's perfect <3)
: anglo?
Basically from a English descent (she sounds white).
: EXPERIMENTAL Sona changes. Feedback wanted (PBE thread)
Hm, honestly, if gypsylord wanted to make impactful changes, the whole Q cd thing is just a bit weird. I like the fast E idea, but if I were to give her new shit it would be something like what udyr has where changing songs has an immediate effect and a lasting effect. Some small passive like extra life steal for allies on W cast, extra attack speed E, etc. But what do I know? :P
: Help Choosing a Laptop
Honestly, unless you're running the game on super high quality, FPS drop should never be a problem in league.
: Voice - Taliyah, The Stoneweaver - English
She sounds a bit too anglo...is that just me?
: New champion | Taliyah | Abilities
Okay...so she has changed Aurelion passive...ziggs bomb...reksai ultimate mixed with aurelion E...and whatever those bumps are...
Xargonail (EUW)
: League of legends in smartphones
ew no nonononononononono never, ever. I don't wanna deal with terrible players on smartphones. No matter what you say, they wouldn't be able to play as well as those on computers. It's just impossible.
: Poolparty Taric idea
This is genius. I never thought how similar Bard's walk was to the Baywatch run. EDIT: Oh you said Taric. Well Bard works too ;)
: My suggestion for League of Legends profile banner!
Skere (EUW)
: Zed should destroy both though
Not if they're a bad zed lol
: Most common Champions that Toxic Players play
To me, the most toxic players are {{champion:11}} and {{champion:157}} Sometimes {{champion:105}}
Kuolema (EUW)
: Asseble your party
: Annie and lux are way too op
I just don't play melee champs like yasuo or zed against them...
: I know but dmg dealt alone also not help that mutch what is exactly that helps?
Em, for example, when Katarina went bot and got three kills, what did you do?
iMóón (EUW)
: Looking for people to make a clan and become good friends and chill in normals or ranked..
Feel free to add me :) ign: Jadevirgin (obviously) I have Skype and Discord and play mid and adc
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