: People to play with!
Sure, I can play with you ;)
: how the fck top lane 0/10/1 mundo 15mins into the game will do worse after my flame?
Same happened to me, But it was an {{champion:39}} who feed an AP {{champion:17}} , I don't have to tell the rest ...
huh, contact rito support. Weird
Grips (EUW)
: That's basic Lee Sin mechanics, I'm talking about using that kind of stuff to completely outplay somebody, Lee Sin requires a lot of precision play to pull off well
What I meant to say above is that only ward hopping behind someone to ult them is the only hard thing for me, I'm fine with everything else, It's rather hard to do it without a mouse(Playing on a laptop :c )
Leptyx (EUW)
: we don't have precise knowledge at this point, we can't tell what league you will be if you score 4/10 or 5/10
Well screw knowledge then :/
: My tip, don't go into ranked straight away, play at least for a couple more months to get better game knowledge etc.
Won't get straight into it, just want to know how it works.
Rigsern (EUNE)
: How To Build Runes?
The best runes for a beginner to take would be AD Red's, Armor yellow's, MR blue's, And Quintessences can be AD too. After you get into the game you should use the runes according to the champion you play, Some champions will be better of with AS instead of AD, Some will be better with AP, some with Armor penetration. But for now, use AD marks, Armor seals and MR glyphs.
Leptyx (EUW)
: ***
Whats bad with knowledge? XD
Meosss (EUW)
: i afk once cause of a death that happend in real life of my wife
Rioter Comments
Leptyx (EUW)
: As a new player, I think you'll get placed between bronze and silver. Perhaps Gold if you score 10/10. Example : my first placement ever was during Season 4 and I got placed s4, i won something like 6/10 It doesn't consider in-game performance, as far as we are aware of.
Hmm, I really hope that I'll be placed into a team with people that actually know how to play the game. What if I end up winning 4/10 or 5/10 games? Bronze or Silver?
Rismosch (EUW)
: No. KDA and ingame stats do not interfer with ELO whatsoever. Wins and losses determine everything considering ELO.
Hmm, I have talked with a Platinum player about the provisional matches and he said that in-game performance matter too? Not exactly KDA but other stuff like a CS and KDA Ratio. He said to aim at around 125 CS and a 2.5 KDA Ratio atleast.
Owyn (EUNE)
: > perhaps somewhere below. Like 2 divisions below in my expirience. won 5 of 10 games last time and got 2 divs below.
So Lets say for an example, If I win 4/10 or 5/10 games would I end up in low Silver or High Bronze?
4dc0nly (EUW)
: A new account, will get around Gold 5 if you win 6 out 10. The two first matches are quite important, they will seed the rest of the series. Taking that into account, if you lose your first 2 matches and end up winning 6 out of 10. You might end in Silver 2 or 1. Winning 3/10 will place you at silver 5 probably. This is a estimated guess.
Oh, I hope it is. I really don't want to end up in Bronze :c
: well now it all makes sense farming wins games {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Well, They are asking in the chat and pinging me to come to gank bot, I come in there, And instead of helping me fight the enemy they just farm minions, and then they rage in the chat to stop feeding ...
Rismosch (EUW)
: Wins and losses do not determine the ELO you will get placed in. Placement Matches only adjust you mmr (short for Match Making Rating, hidden number that represents your skill). New accounts start generally around silver mmr. You can expect landing somewhere in silver, even though it could be possible that this is not your proper skill Level. You could be worse or better, most of the time 10 matches aren't enaugh to determine your skill. The more you play the more accurate your ELO will be.
So even if I would perform good in the game but still lose it shouldn't be too bad?
: If you're new, like 1-3 month player and you're not a smurf.. you're not 'good' enough yet to play ranked imo. you'll just get flamed at in the end if you underperform. Which mostlikely will end up in you hating the game xD So don't worry about it yet :D as the guy below said.. that's pretty much how it works, note that you can get matched up with different kinds of elo's in your provisionals! Wouldn't be the first and certainly be the last time it happened
Nah, I'm at around a couple of months into the game, I have a few friends that played the game way longer that me and I'm like 2-3x better than them. Pretty decent at the game tho, Don't worry, I don't give a f about the flamers, I only hate playing with my friends :/ Just recently, 3 of my friends were banning, And they all banned my main champions :/
Rioter Comments
: I play solo but am matched against premades why?
Well you can wait around 30+ minutes to be matches against people are solo.
: The 400 RP reward was replaced by a free "beginner" hextech chest. You won't get any free RP anymore. Therefore you'll get a guaranteed skin which most likely will be worth more than 400 RP :)
My friend used to make a bunch of new accounts, Get the 400RP and just wait for a sale, Profit?
Sayainji (EUW)
: Rito's logic :3
: the suffering that is facing an akali
Well the best way to fight an Akali would be to ban her? Problem solved?
BlouCedd (EUNE)
: Armor vs Crit
Better hope you don't face a full AD {{champion:122}}, Armor wont save you from the dunk xD
XxlordCobra (EUNE)
: arcade ultimate skin worth ( 5k? prices will be discussed about this later )
dat map tho Here's a cookie for you ! {{item:2052}}
Rioter Comments
: or they respond sorry you were just too far but the never moved up to join the fight. and because you blew all your cc to catch them before they ran under turret you get whittled down on the retreat ( this is usually followed by them going in one at a time after you died to seek "vengance")
Problem is that they are next standing very close to the enemy, and when you are about to engage the enemy attacks me while my "Team mates" Just focus on killing the minions or just go back under turret. Its a little bit rare that they actually help in the fighting, minions seem to be more important to them ...
: Sandbox
I don't know the link to it but you can search it up. A sandbox mode is COMING! Riot had said in a post that they will make it, but its not a top priority and that the dev team is focusing on something else, but it will come eventually. You can google around a bit and find the link yourself, too lazy :P
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: no
: KDA is your Kill/Death/Assist ratio. It's calculated by using the equation: ( K + A ) / D And what that means it's how many kills and assists you get for everytime you die. In your case it's ( 8.6 + 3.8 ) / 8.5 = 4.5; That's a very good KDA btw. The "**4.5**" means you got 4.5 kills (or assist) for each time you died. And that's good! You will probably have to work a bit more on farming since on avarage you seem to have 106 CS. Other than that, everything seems rather well. Darius tends to get banned rather often so you might be sure you have a back-up plan.
I wish this game was on one of the placement matches http://prntscr.com/cabwig Would have gotten a 2nd pentakill but my team mate decided to steal it :/
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Well I play jungle as Zac or Rek'Sai (which got nerfed for a reason nobody knows)
Zac has a knock-up too I think? Not 100% sure, haven't played him, But some laners and junglers can make ganking very easy, just as said above. {{champion:64}} and {{champion:157}} go together.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: mute, problem solved
It could solve the problem, you can still mute people in chat but in general doesn't really help much?
: Ranked just unplayable atm
What can they do there? How can they know if someone is gonna feed or do anything? Another tip, play champions with high-carry potentional, so even if they end up feeding or just being bad in general, you would either get a really good game and you might a chance to win.
: Better Communication
No, just no. Just try to guess, this would be a heaven for flamers,ragers and toxic players just in general. Especially with that, they can just keep raging 24/7, wouldn't be really much of a good idea
S0kaX (EUNE)
: I wish I can somehow become bard, anivia or tailah just to troll them and let them die.
XD However the best thing in my opinion when you get a good Yasuo on your team, and if you play {{champion:64}} jungle ganking is so easy. Just come in, kick him into {{champion:157}}, and end of the story :/
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Exactly, if I said I'm coming to gank don't stay and watch me feeding them.
Worst feeling ever, and then especially when they start raging on you that what are you doing?!? Why are you feeding? stop feeding!
: THAT lucky Reroll
Atleast you didn't get satan, when I saw the {{champion:17}} icon I was about to throw my pc thru the wall
: They report blame and flame me for losing LOL
Played a game as Lee, Had close to 25 kills, 90% of my team's kills were by me. All of my "team mates" had close to 10 deaths, while I had around 7 deaths? Try to guess who they blamed for losing?
: Time to nerf Miss Fortune's disgustingly broken ultimate
Huh, You never played {{champion:157}} did you? XD
S0kaX (EUNE)
: ''noob jg 0 ganks''
Jungle main here, The thing I hate the most is the following. Bot lane asks for a gank, enemy overextended, didn't ward, good oppurnity to gank. Im coming in for the gank, pinged that im on my way like a thousand times, and then I just end up dying to a 2v1 because they just stood under tower watching me get killed. Like seriously, wtf??
: Very hard even Professionals like Gripex have bad games on him, because of his skillcap. He also falls off super hard late game.
Yeah i guess so, however most of the times he's built as a tank, and tanks are usefull. And if you would manage to land a Q on their carries and to kick them into your team or just to kick someone and to dislocate the enemy team can be rather usefull. Especially if you have a {{champion:157}} with a lot of Damage items on your team, A good Lee and Yasuo ult can be rather devastating.
Grips (EUW)
: Probably because the majority of Lee players think they're amazing at him, but they suck. He has quite a high skill ceiling and some people can't even get off the floor to begin reaching that ceiling. I guess that's why?
The only hard part when playing as him is when you land your Q and dash to them, then to ward hop behind them and ult them, I can do with flash, but i still need a bit more practice. Everything else isn't too hard.
: Because no one likes a first time lee on their team. If you are skilled enough with him he's good. But he is trash when played by someone who doesn't know what to do. And mainly because there are much easier junglers that do the job.
But what if someone actually knows how to play him? What then? :P
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: Do not play Lee unless you are like Diamond I 50+ LP, you have 300+ wins(it goes without saying more wins than loses) in normal games with him, and you are good mechanically.
Huh, I myself am pretty decent with him.
{{champion:64}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}}
Drakun LCS (EUNE)
They wont get it?
Rioter Comments
Joza934 (EUNE)
: no man Lee's cancer i would never try him even in normal
Huh, why that? He is really good if you get used to him, He is hard at the beginning but after u get a few games on him, He's really strong
: You realise how shit he would become? He would scale so badly into the late game nobody would play him at all. I saw a thread which discussed a very good way of nerfing his tanky build can't remember what is said though :p
Maybe not 50% but around there, as u can just build statikk shiv and infinity edge and You will have enough damage and rest is usually tanky, To combat it they just should reduce his crit damage. In my opinion he doesn't need a Nerf, I just love him as he is atm
sacrement (EUNE)
: Best ADVICE for new LVL 30 players
1. No friend 2. Alot of normal , jungle/top 3. WHY? Recent game, 1 pentakill, and would have another one if my teammate didnt stole it, ended up 29/9/7. 4. Thanks!
Vòrtéx (EUNE)
: Favorite Item? And Why.
depends: Farming - {{item:3087}} AD - {{item:3031}} Sustain - {{item:3072}} Tank - {{item:3742}} AP - {{item:3089}}
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