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: In theory you may be correct, but looking at statistics and history, it is quite a fact that the top swimmers aren't black and the top runners aren't white (for example). Especially regarding runners, it has to do with genetics and body structure/bone structure difference between races. How this reconnects to League of Legends I'm not entirely sure since you could be from any country and become good if you just practice enough. Going back to your main post however, I'd like to say that I believe the reason SO MANY people jump to hate on the "french" is simply because the toxic french players that people find will speak french between themselves and insult others with it. If they were speaking english no one would notice or know they were french. But it is quite common to find the french players spamming "tg" and actual insults in french. I mean, hating against the french is NOT right at all, but I don't think people should be blamed alone when it's a common stereotype. At the end of the day MANY stereotypes are based on some truth, and while judging a whole nation for a few individuals is wrong, can you really blame them if that is what they have experienced? Take me for an example: I have absolutely nothing against the french, nothing against english, nothing against dutch, italians, etc. Now, maybe you don't want to believe this but I can 100% say that throughout my LoL experience, the majority of the time I have witnessed flaming, toxicity, and especially when in a premade, it was french people. I do not have a prejudice against french people at all, and I do not judge a person for his country. I will treat him like everyone else. But I am just stating a simple fact. From my experience french people have been very negative and insulting, more than others that I have noticed. So my question is, can you blame people for judging a person for his country in this case? I know of friends that when they realise someone in their game is french, they are scared they will flame before they even start playing. If he had a bad experience with french people in the past, I can understand why he can think that, no? I'm not saying it's fair, but it makes sense, it does. It's like if you have someone rob you in a dark road at night. You can be scared to walk through a dark road at night after that. Obviously not everytime it will be dangerous. But you have seen it happen before, and you are scared it will happen again (hopefully the example makes sense :S). And I think people think the same about the french, because it happens so often. And when they eventually find the french person that flames, it is so easy for them to say "ah french, I knew it".
" Especially regarding runners, it has to do with genetics and body structure/bone structure difference between races. ". I understand that, so what is the similar for LoL ? There's no gene who makes you better at videogames, or I wanna see that. And well, you said that french suck at this game, French isn't a race, some French descend from many places (predominantly Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Maghreb, Sub-Sahara and many others Polski blabla...). You had some French family who left France also, all these peoples, for example many protestants in Middle-Age. Today, there's no " pur " race, even 1000 years ago the France was a fusions of cultures (Germanics, Latin, Nordmans..). I mean, you can't be straight like that. I agree with you 'cause the main flamers I met were French, but I'm French too and I won't be assimilate to that. I'm tired to be judge on the others comportments. As I said I'm not a flower, I'm not perfect I flamed people, I was responsible of many disputes. I'm just tired that people used the French words as an insult. It's a battle lost in advance but well if I can change the mind of 2-3 peoples who though wrong well that's all I can do.
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Sorry you should train with this :
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: Dear jean hello and i hope you are fine When we said French are trolls it do not mean you are one but keep in mind you are the number two in the world toxic and flamers (after russians ) today i did start my smurf acc lv 22 since my main is only a group ranked acc wanna play my style a top laner with smite meta . in every normal game you dont have to explain a lot just say jungler can you plz start at the bot then he say np man and you tell him ty but with FR i get like 00.00 minutes Report Shen plz for taking Smite . 1:35 get20 spam pings . 1:45 yi come all the way top steal my 1st starter camp then follow me to my lane (top ) an took all the lanewave . 3:00 to Surr ( shen noob shen *** shen report ) after the game end result X9 report for what playing my DM game play that make me win every day with just frenchs. next game with germany guys 5/0/26 lot of fun lot of honor and 5 invitations i did get lot of admiration of my game style and feel like man this is a game . Dear jean nothing personal but its really rare tu find a good french players maybe i have just one and he is pro and i hope you are the 2nd one good luck and do your best to change this image in lol i respect your efforts.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hello WmoonW, hope you're fine aswell. Well I can't erase this hate, but I would smash the French insult. French shouldn't be an insult, dumb, nuts characterised perfectly players you met, French let only know where they come from. I think you already get it before I answer, but well nothing much to say about it ^^ Thanks for your support and have a nice day/night.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Explain why we never have a good time when French people are in the game? The main reason is they will simply discount you from everything and anything they will not work with you in the slightest way because you are not French as well. Just to be clear the most toxic community is the Spanish and they will always be at 0 respect status to me just by default so dont feel too bad. Everyone else is fine.
Oluapo : " One of the reasons for this is that people only tend to see the bad side of French people, or any other group of people for that matter. Chances are rather big you've had a lot of fun games with French people while you didn't know they were French. You only notice the ones that behave like shit. " You don't remember the good game with French 'cause you didn't know they were. There's no most toxic community, they're many players in a big games and a proverb said that we can't love everyone. " they will simply discount you from everything and anything they will not work with you in the slightest way because you are not French as well. " That's what 1,2,3 or more French could do, but not all French :x If French players would only play with French players, no French would be above Bronze lel.
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: I didn't even read. Whoever is rascist means his IQ is lower than 60 points and shouldn't be taken serious anycase.
Well, even if it's blind, it's a nice analysis :p
: The customs and culture of the country are the main problem. I would never say that every french person is a moron and toxic. But what i can say is that the thing surrounding french gamers across EVERY single game is always the same. It isnt something that was invented by every community out of nowhere. So the hate against the french in gaming has its place. Now whether judging a person based on those stereotypes is right or wrong? , ofc its wrong, its basically racism. but is it untrue? A simple, very common example are french players that try to debate and flame you in french. Its about 80% sure that the other person is not speaking french. Even knowing that the french player is simply oblivious to that simple fact and starts spamming random french mambo jambo like its some harry potter curse. I call it hysteria. When we step it up to lvl 2 and actually get a french player that does speak english they argue that the nr1 world language is not english but french. This is beyond ignorance to the point where anyone should just not even try to make a proper conversation. Its like the debate science vs religion.
Your aswer remember me a social problem in France, the racism against Arabs. Some majority of youngs from arabs community are considered as thug, and about they won't be integrated to the country. It's a stereotype but when you go in many places you can't say it's totally wrong. It works exactly the same. What would you do in real life ? You will wait to know the person before making a judgement you heard 1000xtimes. I can understand that you met many horrible French and you have a bad feeling about them. But I fight more specifically against these quick judgements made even before you picked a champ. I just realised that these people thinks exactly like French racists (or any racists), but I'm sure they are naives people (I guess very young) who thinks that 'cause they saw that many and many times. They don't hate French by nature, they hate them 'cause many people learn them to hate them, and that only because they're French. Yeah finally, it's racism.
: Yeah of course you are right. Just don't thing like this to heart. Its almost always in a nice spirit and nobody actually passionately hates or cares about France/French people. They are really joking. There is nothing wrong with French people at all.
Nah they're serious dude... xD It's easy to show if you're joking or not, I'd like to joke with someone about my country (baguette, fromage), but in many cases they really thinks that French are evil. ^^ I'd already crossed some people who's taking it in a nice spirit, and it was cool, but too rare.
Rismosch (EUW)
: "French players are bad" This statement is simply a clishé. But people wouldn't use it if it was just a lie. The thing is, most people interpret the facts wrong. While it is true, that the average french player might be worse than someome else in EUW, it's definetely not true that every french player is bad. Compared to Korea we are all noobs. But don't bother. LoL's matchmaking works fine. Your teammates and enemies have the same skill level as you. So it doesn't matter where you come from, everyone has the same skill. Calling you a french makes them toxic, when not even racist. So deal with them like other, "normal" flamers: Mute them and report them afterwards. Also, next time when someone asks you where you come from, answer this: Earth.
I'm never saying where I come from, my ^ accent on my name is just too obvious. Besides French players flame me 'cause of my name. :3 I don't think that post will hurts all LoL Community, I just wanna open some mind about these clishé :( I'm tired to be judge only on my nationality and that even before we select a champion ^^
: " Every South countries in Europe will have more difficulties to learn English than in the North. " I have to disagree with that since Portugal is not on North and we can speak English like it's our second main language.
As Sander said, more complicate, not impossible. English is the second main language for a good majority of European I guess.
PauIo (EUW)
: One of the reasons for this is that people only tend to see the bad side of French people, or any other group of people for that matter. You've probably had a lot of fun games with French people while you didn't know they were French. You only notice the ones that behave like shit.
I agree with it's totally true.
: ***
" The problem is u guys suck at this game ", the real problem is your way of thinking.. There's many French players and currently in competition (the more famous should be Soaz). You can't speak for a country, we are humans, with individual personnality. If a person, even a French, training everyday to LoL, he will be better everyday. It's the same to learn a language, more you will spend time to practise, more quicker you will learn. There's many black swimmers. About a black swimmer : About a white runner : Your mind is too closed for this world.
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