zixus (EUNE)
: Toxicity is overrated and at most times not wrong
I agree, flaming shouldn't be punished as severely as trolling. As flaming is one of the few things you can control on your end - by not responding or simply muting the person flaming. Chat restrictions for flamers. Bans for afkers, trolls, intentional feeders.
: When is Conqueror > Press the atack?
Versus Tanks = Conqueror. Versus Squishies= PTA.
: Permanently banned
Unless you're banned under extremely extenuating circumstances, e.g. a clear flaw in Riot's methodology (unlikely), or your logs are pretty much objectively clean - your ban won't be revoked. - A 2 week banned player :)
: How to deal with awful teammates in Silver
Antony9 (EUW)
: Is heimerdinger a good champion to one trick?
Both are good. Kayle is all around better but Heimer is more cheese.
Quortza (EUW)
: MF is in an odd spot right now...I think she is pretty balanced as she is, you only pick her in certain comps since she has no real mobility and defense. But she is far from a go to adc. Which is not a bad thing. Her pick rate is below 5%, further backing this. She only works in certain cases, and in those cases she shines.
Yeah, her q/ultbot niche is what Riot wanted and she fits it. I dont see why they're trying to change it.
archerno1 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jeedos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AoA2cmNs,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-13T09:34:46.215+0000) > > She's been viable since 7.6 U do realize she was played mostly as support?
: Caitlyn revert reconsideration
: She has been trash tier adc since the lethality nerfs and her direct nerfs Now that i think of it,maybe they are buffing her attack speed to trick people cause they realised that lethality mf will be viable with the lethality changes
She's been viable since 7.6
: ***
After 7.6 she recovered in winrate due to the Q buffs, the lethality changes this patch will just make her better.
Rioter Comments
: OK you have the right to your opinion but I am not here to screw players in the UK. The team and I are investing in the UK to bring better experiences to players.
You aren't, your company is. The UK LoL community has long been the black sheep of the EUW server, I fail to see why at a time when UK players are having to pay more for less we're suddenly going to get more attention from Riot.
: Jeedos, please think about the language you use on the boards please. I understand this is a hot topic but lets keep this friendly. Thanks.
I stand by it. It doesn't take a genius to see through the fact that whilst an RP change is 'needed' for the purposes of parity given sterlings decline since the EU referendum; the way your company have done this is to screw UK players out of their money by having inefficient RP sales.
: Yes we are very sorry for the increases but we will always monitor and roll back in the future if we see swings the other way.
Aurelyce (EUW)
: Thanks for replying, I'll be looking forward to it! Don't get discouraged by the down votes :)
: Understood and I can see how the 2.50 could be useful but we had to make a tough decision based on the data around average RP spends and the price of the content. I hope that any residual RP you have left over you can hold onto for a new skin or champ later down the line, but I know thats not ideal as you have pointed out.
>tough decision. It's a payment option you fool. It's not going to hurt you by leaving it there.
: Sorry you feel this way, but you have to understand this gives players parity.
No, it makes you more money. So in that sense I guess we're all equally being screwed for more.
Benshirro (EUW)
: RP Price Adjustment for Players in the UK
Nothing more than greed, the Sterling has dropped since the EU referendum - true - but has since recovered somewhat. These RP changes are intentionally designed to make UK players pay significantly more for awkward levels of RP. Riot = c***ts. Don't bother buying RP anymore chums.
: why did Nunu have such a High winrate in patch 6.9?
Sod (EUNE)
: [Hero Suggestion] Noth - The Plaguewalker
Name definitely not inspired from WoW.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Mundo is OP as fuck.
Mundo is fine.
PerKiller (EUW)
: A simple suggestion to potentially make dynamic-queue faster
: i generally do not like the idea of making an exception in mechanics for certain champions. And i want to mention that Lucian already has one such exception: his ultimate does not proc {{item:3043}} effect altough it meets all the conditions. (c'mon, it would be bloody ridiculous if it did)
Culling doesn't work with Muramana, it doesn't meet the conditions because it doesn't apply on hit effects or is considered a basic attack.
: It's been suboptimal for months on shyvana. My question is : Trinity + cinderhulk OR sunfire+Bloodrazor
Trinity, Sunfire and Bloodrazor.
: Lucian 2 shots
There's a distinction between something being a basic attack and applying on hit effects. So Lucian can't abuse certain items anymore whilst still being able to crit/lifesteal off the second shot. Runaan's and Guinsoo's operate with basic attacks. Braum's passive functions with abilities that apply on hit effects; MF Q and Ezreal Q as an example.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Does Cinderhulk -> Titanic Vi still work?
Warrior is just better on her. Vi is not meant to be a tank, she has too much damage potential so you're just wasting your pick if you go Cinderhulk Vi. She doesn't have the peel/adaptable CC to be used in the same way Sejuani or Gragas can if they choose to go tanky cinderhulk over Runic Echoes as an example. Warrior gives her more AD and gives CDR, if you do need to go tank versus an enemy team comp, going Steraks/Dead Man's is enough to give you the HP to survive initially whilst still complimenting your damage. The mastery choice now is either Strength of the Ages or Thunderlord's for burst, most Vi's I see go for the latter since going deep into the Thunderlord's tree gives Vi more armour penetration.
: I'm sorry I don't get why you bring botrk here?
Because people are stupid enough to buy it on Shyvana when going tank after getting Madred's is obviously better.
: I wish Nautilus ult was better
Holy moly, people are saying Nami R is better than Naut R? I weep.
: Maestro problem - My fix
Most times restarting your PC fixed it when I had Maestro errors.
ViciouSnake (EUNE)
: Thats not my point, im trying to say that if your team is ahead then by gruping into 3-4 and roaming around the map you are so much faster that you can force take turrets cuz by the time enemy arrives it either falls or is 10% hp which results int easy engage.
30 out of combat movespeed is quite pathetic when you consider the alternatives: 20% bonus damage against turrets / objectives 16% bonus AP/AD 8% missing hp/mana regen every 5 seconds out of combat. Cloud Drake just isn't really worth getting
Higure (EUW)
: Nunu has an stupidly old Passive, like the first one Taric had and his Q is almost useless in all maps except Summoners rift. Why a tank has 250% AP ratio in a skill? This is not Nunu's essence, a rework is needed.
The passive is fine, if I remember Taric got a flat 2 second CD reduction on his abilities after autoattacking. That was simply broken. The purpose of Absolute Zero is to give it power even when Nunu isn't building tank stats, plus the ability itself is often used as zone control in a teamfight or just as a massive AOE slowing field. The reason why Nunu was picked in the past (and still is by those who play him) is two things: 1) His counter jungling and jungle control (if you ran jungle Nunu) 2) His ability to buff your own ADC with W and peeling for it with E/R. He can still do these things; it's just how you can shift power around in his kit to keep him relevant. E.g, you could nerf the AP ratio on E to give it slightly more slow, (or give the Slow an AP ratio similar to Nami's E or Sona E passive). The fundamentals and abilities of his kit are fine.
Higure (EUW)
: Nunu Rework - Idea + Two skins concept
Nunu doesn't need a rework, he needs buffs.
wubbuffet (EUW)
: Zed vs Katarina
Lucky. Katarina gets shit on by Zed. Zed has more sustained damage and Hexdrinker is more effective than Seekers in countering the opposing ult.
ViciouSnake (EUNE)
: Cloud dragon
The only value in cloud dragon is killing it so: You can get a chance of better dragons spawning Map mobility for support and jungler
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Guys, I know Azir's too powerful in high elo, but you will make him unplayable in low elo.
They're not touching his damage. I don't see why it'll hurt him in trash tiers.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Does BorK do the most damage compared to other AD items?
No. BT is almost always better unless they're mass stacking hp or you're an ADC that syncs well with BOTRK (the only people who should build it are {{champion:81}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:29}} )
: Autofill is live on NA and it is a literal joke
'We know the dynamic ranked experience has been painful for the highest skilled players for the last few months. We remain focused on improving it and agree the current state is unacceptable.'
: "Swiftness boots are just too good compared to mobility boots"
Exactly this, I don't have an issue with Swifties and I don't think they warrent a nerf in their current form. Especially since they've already been nerfed in terms of cost and movespeed. Buffing Tabi is nice, but the fundamental fact is that Mobis have been nerfed too hard in the preseason changes.
: Pls Disable Tahm Kenh till nerf.
Tahm got hit hard this patch with the passive nerf. He just needs some damage shaved off his passive on R and he's fine.
Shozis (EUNE)
: Frost Queen`s Claim on Midlaners
Slow Strong gold regen Good mana regen Cheap and cost efficiant with the active. Every other AP item has been made ridiculously expensive.
: Lux is dirty
She's fine.
Xplosive3 (EUW)
: Lets talk about Kayle
She needs a full rework. Her kit is simplistic and toxic.
Wise Alien (EUNE)
: if you are good enough you will get there if you get a good team too. Personal skill is just 50% of the story the rest is on your team. Even if you go 10/0 in laning phase but after that go face to face with a somewhat fed mid and toplaner in mid to lategame and your team is clueless of how to protect you, there's a great chance you will lose the game. This is a game that a lot depends on your team. If you are bad, you are just 1 in 5 people. but if the team is bad(and you are good in your opinion) it's 3-4 poeple in 5, so it's more likely that you will get carried than you can carry. Unless you are a really high skilled player playing in low elo which if unfair for the rest of the players in that elo.
You'd be surprised how easy it is to win with a team of idiots. It's so easy for a team of good players to make one fail teamfight and lose the game given how punishing death timers are now.
: The punishing system is made by pussies with social anxiety?
I agree with you, but I also agree with the punishment.
: Ingame voice chat.
I don't trust the community to use voice chat responsibly. If people are playing good/well anyway, you don't need it.
: So servers under maintainance
The current system is fine as it is to be honest. And if you use Reddit there's basically that system in place.
: i tried it man it doesn't give me top at all
: Try him and you will see how mush powerful he is and yes i like gentleman cho too but he is too expensive for the things that change on him
I don't doubt his power, his abilities are brilliant - if you can land them.
TaigaT (EUW)
: Yeah well, old version of forum was more clear, I think I can say that. You were actually able to discuss about **champions and gameplay**, right now here on boards, 80% of threads are including "rito wtf, nerf and I don't belong to this elo" stuff. Champions and gameplay category lost its meaning. For you that is pointless thread, for me it is the only way to contact boards moderators about it.
I don't even like the Boards. I miss the forums ;_; And it is the day that Season 6 has begun, you can't expect much else to be honest.
: Nightmare cho'gath
No one plays Cho'Gath though. I actually can't remember the last time I played against (or with) a Cho'Gath. Anyway, his best skin is Gentleman Cho.
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