: Do you realise how chance works? With 25% crit there's a 25% chance you crit. It doesn't mean you are guaranteed to crit one of those 4 other shots. With a 25% crit chance you can crit all of those 3 shots, or none. It's a CHANCE.
not what i meant but okey
: > Maybe i could be wrong but the fact that the crit ratio consider the fourth shot on the maths really makes it bad. Bring back stormrazor passive or make crit ratio affect just the other 3 shots. ?? Crit ratio applies on the other 3 shots as well? Jhin can crit on every shot
i meant that the fourth shot is always crit but the crit consider it not crit . i mean when u have 25% ur supposed to have 2 shots crit (fourth one and another) but no riot consider u havving just 1 crit between the 4 shots
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: is ranked truly fked
Literally one thing you need to learn in this game. Never give up and when you lose blame yourself no matter what, i know its hard to accept but you need always to blame yourself a make your skills better! WISH YOU ALL THE BESt --{{champion:202}} It hurts so good
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, it is a multiplayer game and highly competitive one, so it should get hard at some point, otherwise where's the fun? And if you can't climb anymore, then it just shows that you're getting closer to your real skill level. To progress further you need to get better. Unfortunately I don't even know what advice to give, match history doesn't show much, so I don't really know what holds you back the most, apart from bad teammates of course, but we were all there and that's honestly a bad excuse. You should focus on yourself and based on what I can see from those limited stats you can improve in 2 directions, would be better if you do both. And those areas are farm and vision. Your farm is not bad, but it's just above the average, you need to be better if you want to climb. And your vision game is quite bad honestly, you rarely buy any control wards and you also don't use your trinket often enough. It doesn't mean that you don't have to ward as adc if you always have a support at your side, there's only as much he can do and you can't always expect him to do his job properly. And vision is super important and it gets more important the higher you climb. Of course there are other things, like proper positioning and objective control etc, but I can't see how good you are in those areas, so can't say much in that regard
Okey thank you for that! ILL TRY MY BEST!
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ChocoParis (EUNE)
: Even id we say you are right (which I don't think) wha tis your sollution to the problem? Nerfing her dmg or maybe the cd (or maybe get the fact that she is far away from being OP). Everyone can point out issues but giving proper solution is what matters.
maybe trying to nerf the duration of the stun will be cool
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