: Ganking vs farming
Its best to do a full clear and then gank. After a successful gank, take exp and cs. Push the lane to enemy turret so they lose out on farm and exp. Repeat. You won't fall behind on levels.
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Gojiraw (EUW)
: As support, going base to refill your Sightstone should be part of your thought process during the game. You will often go base to do just that, and it's important to make sure that you are backing at the right times. Just think about it more, and make it a habit.
i think you read my post wrong. i get that you need to know when to back etc but playing lee sin i want to practice ward hoppin without backing.
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: Bronze Elo
go jungle. bot lane is aids.
: can you please fix yasuo
riot nerfed his E. he's balanced now kappa.
: Which champion is better LeBlanc or Katarina .
i personally prefer kat over lb but you are prone to getting cc'd to death unless you know what cc is used and go in for resets. to see nerfs go on surrender20 and pbe changes, they likely to change but give you an idea.
: How to properly use ignite?
only use it in circumstances where the enemy will escape with low hp. you going in for the full combo kill. against champions that have insane heal like mundo olaf, basically to stop the healing. don't worry about everything else
: Is it worth to purchase Jayce atm?
jayce is freelo even with nerfs. look at streams of jayce mains and see how they do it.
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
: Ganking Lanes /w Flash
First question. Its a successful gank. Second question. You or your ally now has more control over the lane and should win, the enemy will just soak xp and not farm due to flash down. If you're the jungler. Don't assume the flash is blown you done your job. You haven't. You exploit that fact and come back to gank again.
: ETA on Practice Tool?
makes sense but they could always patch it. besides the stuff ive seen on pbe shows that it has more than enough tools.
: Tips for someone who has never played jungle
stick with amumu. brain dead easy champ. max w for jungle clear. 1 point in q for ganks. max rweq. get tanky. ult multiple enemies. gg ez
Banchigan (EUW)
: Any Plans for Udyr?
spirit guard still nice. you talkin about his other skins?
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AimoII (EUW)
: Sick of this...
you guys are being toxic just by telling op to uninstall. gj
BlueStr (EUW)
: Why dont people remake?
can't hotfix stupid
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Nilegru (EUW)
: ok, hmm. Have you tried changing them manualy :o ?
Nilegru (EUW)
: Seems like your ingame settings are mixed up. Just press ''esq'' ingame and reset your settings in the ''controls'' menu ( i think it's the first one you see once you press esq ).
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: Personal Hate, Tryn
trynd is cancer. i ban him most of the time. its cancer with full blown aids seeing him with ga. so not only does he live with no hp for 5 seconds but he has a second life too. whoever thought he can crit with filling rage bar with no crit items needs to kts.
Balince (EUW)
: Someone explain to me what the **** I'm suppose to do
My 2p. If you really are winning your lane. You can do 2 things. Pressure mid and stay there, forcing enemy mid and jungler to 2v1 you. alleviate your top and bot from losing. Unless they suck and lose to their respective laners. Or Roam bot or top and change the fight from 1v1 to 2v1/ 2v2 to 3v2 and push turret or take drake. Thats all I can give from what you've given.
: Help me get out of bronze: Bottom of the barrel
Don't assume anyone is a "former diamond" even low elo players will tell you the same thing, its pretty much common sense. From what you've written. Never stick around with low hp to auto the enemy turret a few times. Its not worth it, enemy jungler or mid, even the support (rarely) can easily roam and pick up a free kill (you). Dragons are more important than turrets. Why. Suppose its the mountain dragon. That beast will give you bonus damage on structures aka turrets. So why give up a free opportunity to get the turret.
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: Is it just me or is this game designed to piss people off?
Game is designed around esports, masters and above. everything else below means nothing. its a cesspool of toxic trash. the few top reap the rewards
: I just wanted to say thank you and happy holidays!
: Riot please make draven draven bobblehead figurine so I can put him in my car.
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: Dear Riot, remove autofill from Ranked, thank you
What OP said. People do not like getting stuck with support and will generally do their own thing which results in bot lane losing. enemy bot converging mid, take mid. stay mid and push to nexus yada yada.
: Game is unplayable due to how close the fov is.
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: Why does bronze 5 feel so competitive now?
i can't get out of bronze, ive too noticed how competitive it is
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gyxari (EUW)
: "pls kill ur self"
Grow a spine and take it. Ive been called worse things.
: So Season 7 is approaching. Where do we stand with smurfs ruining games in low elo?
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ZiXima (EUW)
: Unfair Flex Queue
last season silver, placed in bronze 1. i was cool with that outcome. just one tier to silver. no problem. remake bronze 4. struggling to climb. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Lethality on Draven ?
armor pen quints, ad marks. early game should give you an edge.
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Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheWorstAlly,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QGJsuQei,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-11-17T10:17:55.008+0000) > > Riot's placement are broken, they know it, trick2g got placed in bronze 3. link? i wannasee his reaction rofl
he was there for a short time he's now placed in plat 5.
: So like, where is solo queue?
someone at riot took stupid pills and said its coming on the 14th. now they go back to their word and said start of season. we're stuck with flex cancer until then
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: Dps in general is anti tank... burst gets countered by them because it can only happen at intervals and if it's able to kill a tank something has gone wrong somewhere, but dps keeps on giving which means you can whittle tanks down. Crit is the half way mark, it allows for massive amounts of dps by giving each hit burst like damage, this means that a tank will die faster as the dps is greater. So crit itself isn't inherently anti tank... but crit is the way you maximize your dps which in turn translates to better ability to kill tanks.
Damn SWAMPERT919. Your explanation is simple and effective. You should be an author. Kappa.
: Hopefully, but the FlexQueue is a hard reset MMR so it might still take a bit of time till everything settles down. I think the main focus is on the players, who were like plat and got placed at bronze or so, high elo "fairness" will take alot longer till everything is in place and you get way better matches. but it should be a bit better atleast.
flex q did nothing but cause pain and misery for people lol.
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Santeri20 (EUNE)
: AFK and can't remake
riot said sorry. It's just a vestigial word for a feeling you've never felt
: I'm out of Bronze
Gratz, now you will regret ever getting out coz silver scrubs are trash.
: Is Solo Q coming back?
Its not exactly good news for me still. They said its a try out.. so im hoping they keep it for good. Otherwise they'll just ignore the playerbase as usual.
Gaìjín (EUW)
: Please do something about AFKs in ranked!
Being slightly AFK makes you wait 20 minutes for 5 games. Thats a lot of time to wait for a game.
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