Jikzy (EUW)
: A suggestion with Twitch Prime?
Just imagine someone getting Penta and 4 people spamming PogChamp, or a sick outplay.
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I see you're clinging to the fact that if someone spends money they have the right to be assholes longer, which is just plain wrong. Game is already free to play, there's no need to spend extra. Geting special treatment jsut because you spend money, which you don't have to, would be unfair to others .
Not saying that just because you spend money you are the next CEO of Riot, I'm saying "what about those people who spent money on this game" and yes they do it on their own risk but it's the same as getting "scammed" on something, and everyone has the same value either you spend or do not spend money on the game. But what Im saying is that just because a team mate or even you self are playing very bad and get reported for that and recieve a perm banned is little bit too much, and yes maybe their behavior has improoven abit since their last temporary ban but 1 temporary bann isn't enough from what I see, it can affect the player again and several warnings would affect the player better than just 1 warning and then next time boom perm banned.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're looking at this case alone ignoring the fact that he already got a number of chances to fix his behavior, but he didnt.
I don't think you understand what my topic is about, It's based on spending money and getting a second chance and after a some time, the victum can be offensive and recieve his perm bann, Which I personally think is little bit over the line, everyone has their opinions about this issue with getting perm banned but hey, there is nothing wrong with having a bad day and accidently let your feelings controll the game and the feelings can do damage after the game.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Perma ban is used as a last resort, that is if player didnt fix his behavior after all those other punishments and if he manages to reach that point then he deserves it. Someone spending money doesnt make him immune to the rules. You flame you get punished.
Yes but lets say the person blames a team mate for feeding the enemy team and he uses "bad words" against him and maybe he is on his last warning too, maybe the person just is mad at the troller. To perm bann him for that is little bit too high I think and many others think that too.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
True but, Do they really mean that they are death treathing the person or do they just say it? Most likely they just joke about it and the other person can take it seriously or take it as a joke, it depends. If a random person is death threating the other person then its mot likely a joke and the person can take the joke either seriously or as a joke. But I can agree there, Death Threathing should be a hard punnishment.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: -----Sorry for my bad grammar, I have dyslexia which makes me hard to see the difference between hasn't and haven't.---- No need to say sorry. little tip about grammar, be on the boards alot, try and comment if you can. it helped me ALOT with my grammar and spelling :D Bans. People do get a temp ban, which is 14 day ban and if they don't improve it over for them. they had there chance to change. Sure they spent alot of money but they also accepted the rules, they're ruining the game for 4 other people, plus breaking the rules. like i said, they get a temp ban, be it a chat restriction,14 day ban and if they haven't change and get worse it's a permaban. Always remember. There is no reason to flame in this game. we have the mute/report buttons. Think of yourself and others before you flame. Is it really worth it?
I would say, imagine those people who spent alot of money on this game and enjoy it overall, okay if they have a bad day and the 14 days of their temporary bann is gone and they make the same mistake and all because of just having a bad day, It happens all the time and getting perm banned for bad behavior is little bit over the line if I can say it with my own words, The only way I can see a perm ban should be used is when a person is doing something against the companies policy or trying to ruin the game for good or breaking the law.
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