Julij2 (EUW)
: Can't connect
Haha nice garbage client.
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: The scariest combo you can imagine?
{{champion:54}} top {{champion:107}} jungle {{champion:61}} mid {{champion:104}} adc {{champion:1}} support good luck surviving that as adc
: banned from lol fo 10 euro chargeback
The Bean (EUW)
: Maokai Support a good pick?
His mana costs are quite high so it's a high chance you'll go oom quite a few times. He's melee so he's naturally bad against supports with higher range. His engage is extremely bad since he'll get blown up extremely quickly in fights due to his low gold income (not like naut, ali or leona who have tankiness build in their kit). So basically all you can do is to peel for your carry but honestly there are support with way better peel like janna, ali, nami, thresh. He also has no escape so if your engage fails you'll most likely die. He'd probably do extremely good against immobile adcs like mf, varus etc. But like I said once you're in you can't get out.
: How accurate is mmr check op.gg?
Just ignore op.gg. I'm also in elo hell but I gain ~25lp per game and lose like 17lp per game...
: Lets talk off-meta!
{{champion:4}} jungle with {{item:3933}} {{item:3153}} {{item:1333}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3143}} . Also bruiser {{champion:112}} top with {{item:3027}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3116}}
: Mid lane nerfs
She's really item dependent due to her low base damage on skills so if she does get behind her burst combo will be extremely weak. She's also very immobile and the range of her spells is fairly short. She's fine....
: Severe lagging issue with EUNE server= NOT A LOSS PREVENTED
Happened to me yesterday on EUW too. Both teams were lagging to the point when the game was unplayable. Everything had like 4-5 second delay and there were like 40-50 minions at our tower and they took load of time to clear. We kept on playing for like 30 minutes just standing under tower and spamming w/e we could after that we surrendered beacuse it was neither fun and at the same it seemed pointless. Got no loss prevented and lost 21lp. Sadly I think you won't get a loss prevented or any kind of justice beacuse riot doesn't care.
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Zeth Gant (EUNE)
: lvl 21 vs diamond in normal is... normal?
I once got matched against number 21 challenger. As silver II. You can guess how the game went....
: garen and morde
They both have 0 CC and they both can just get kited to death. I think these changes are great. I think giving them damage to compensate their weaknesess is a great idea. Atleast late game they'll be able to do something instead of just being pure meat shields. I still think that CC tanks will stay meta picks (mao, nauti, gnar etc.). Garen ult though.... That hurts if you're tank or not.
Peralaaa (EUW)
: Best marksmen in 5.16?
: So now tanks can build full tank except titanic hydra and deal insane dmg ?
They'll just suck little less late game than before.
: What do you do after you have won your lane?
Well you have two options. You can either help your team by either ganks for lanes or securing objectives like dragon, towers. Try to push your lane before that so you deny enemy farm and create pressure making an enemy laner to choose between helping the team or helping himself by farming. Or you can try and create even more pressure on second tier tower by constantly pushing the wave in. That will usually drag the enemy team towards you (probably just the jungler who will try to shut you down). They'll either send two people to deal with you (thus giving your team the advantage on the other parts of the map) or they'll send someone that can deal with you (mid got fed or jungle etc.). Just make sure that you do ward the enemy jungle and that your mid laner is creating pressure mid (so their midlaner can't roam without losing farm/xp or even tower). Just make sure that if you do die that your team can get something out of it like dragon, tower or just pressure somewhere else in the map. If you die without your team getting anything out of it you'll eventually tip the scales back into enemy's favour.
: giving darius sustain is such a terrible idea...
His Q is a lot harder to hit now as it has 0.75 sec delay and it's quite noticeable when he's going to use it. I feel like sustain is a good compensation for his nerfed early game.
sir vile (EUNE)
: Death of a champion
Well I asked this a few days ago and it seems triforce is really good on him beacuse your Q is treated as basic attack meaning that whenever you hit someone with your Q you'll proc sheen+phage passive and you'll get a nice burst of damage+ms. At the same time it gives you 100% crit chance together with shiv+IE. Movement speed from triforce and shiv is also good. Overall it's pretty good item on yasou it seems.
Gingerz (EUW)
Or he doesn't get fed and he's pretty much useless for the rest of the game.
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: Correct counterplay to toplane clearing jungle and TPing to lane at level 2.
Well you can either try and push the wave to his tower so he losses xp/gold but it only works on some champs (vlad if you start e and maybe some others but it's probably not worth it since you have to start pushing right away which means you'll lose health by minions). However if wave stops right before hiting the tower you're in a lot of trouble. If you're ranged it's quite bearable since you can harass him if he's csing and he won't be able engage on you since you'll have a large minion wave ready there. But if enemy toplaner is smart he'll just freeze the wave at that spot and call the jungler for easy gank since you will be overextended (not that the enemy jungler probably started on the other side of the map since top gave no leash meaning his first gank will probably be top or mid). What I like to do is to make the wave push towards my tower. Simply walk before you wave and lure the enemy minions to bush. With that enemy minions will focus one of your minions, kill it fast and the lane will push towards you. That way you can easily freeze the lane before you tower. That will probably force the enemy toplaner to play more defensive since he'll risk being ganked by your jungler. Do keep in mind that he'll always have the advantage in lane though. Playing defensive is probably the best way to go. Keep in mind though if he does die after using his tp you'll have a huge advantage in lane. Push the lane or ask your jungler to help you so he losses xp/gold and lane will once again be in your favour.
: [NEED HELP] When solo queuing low elo ranked games, should you play early game or late game champs?
Play mid and pick champions that can snowball really hard when given a kill or two. Zed and fizz are two examples. Once you're ahead you can freely roam mid/bot/enemy jungle. Otherwise for top jax, trynda, riven, yi will do insanely well if they get ahead. Trynda is probably the easiest since it's so easy to cheese that level 1 kill with full rage bar and ignite. After that he's becames unstoppable since it's really hard to deal with him if enemy team doesn't ward or try to shutdown him while ahead. For jungle I'd say pick junglers that have great early ganks like lee, nida etc. Also evelynn is great since noone really buys pinks and it's basically a free kill on adc everytime he goes and pushes bot lane lol. My personal pick would be tf. It's basically free kills on bot and top once you get level 6.
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: Why does everyone say Vayne is balanced?
She has average range, bad waveclear (which can be extremely punishing by champs like sivir, jinx, cait etc. who can clear wave way faster than you can constantly push you under the tower denying you cs and keeping you down), bad early laning phase (lack of waveclear in combination with no poke pretty much guarantees that you have 0 all-in potential before hitting). Her level 6 powerspike is insanely strong basically due to the free bf sword she gets on her ult so don't try to engage on her at that time unless you're certain you're going to kill her. She also has single target damage making her rather ineffective when she can't zone one target out. She's also very squishy and her sieging potential is bad compared to someone like cait,trist etc. She's extremely strong duelist but lacks in teamfights compared to adc teamfighting gods like jinx,twitch, sivir. She's fine at the moment as long as you don't play freaking ezrael into her (then you'll guaranteed to lose most likely :P)
Erron (EUNE)
: Viktor main impressions about viktor changes
I think the only reason why viktor is so strong right now is quite frankly the fall of assassin meta. It's also probably one of the reasons why tf is seeing a lot of play lately. Before you could just play zed/fizz/lb and viktor wasn't able to do anything pretty much the entire game. But since these champions have fallen off I see him getting more play. Yes his damage is insane but the range of his spells is pretty mediocre (compared to like xerath/ziggs) and he has no mobility (apart from his upgraded Q) meaning if you ever get in a bad spot you're most likely to die. I think he's perfectly balanced as it is right now.
LikeOrbit (EUW)
: When i use Armor Pen Runes on Zed\Talon i feel like i'm dealing less damage.
From my understanding pen runes are good on champions with high base damage while ad runes are better on champions with good scalings. And since zed/talon have really good scalings ad runes would be better. However that probably doesn't take into consideration armour your enemy would build which would probably result in pen runes being more effective. Not sure though.
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: Try to restart again and if you have anything downloading at background shut it down.
Thanks. Restarting the whole client worked. Game was 15 minutes in anyway so we lost......
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: Is taking the spell "cleanse" trolling?
I usually take it on low mobility AP carry (like viktor, cassio etc.) on which I know if I ever get CCed I just die. Works really great against certain champs like annie, tf, maokai, elise etc. I wouldn't take it as an adc since I can just buy QSS.
Satanahel (EUW)
: Vayne smite OP, won 4v5
It's bad honestly. If you take it in lane it means you are very vulnerable since the enemy team will have advantage with heal in lane when trading. At the same time you deny your jungler a lot of farm and even with that it will take well over 30 mins for you to complete devourer (unless you get fed). It's also really easy to counter it by just pushing vayne lane all the time so he's not able to take free trips into jungle. Jungle vayne has very slow jungle clear until some items are picked up, really bad ganks and bad dueling potential until bork. Basically you're dead weight for your team until you get sated. I do however sated vayne is broken. If you ever get there...
: >So please revert his ult back to what it was. No, and here is the reason why: You acknowledge that his lvl 6 powerspike was hard to deal with...well, that's true, but not only is it hard to deal with, it allowed for things which should kill an assassin if he tries, like low hp towerdives, from which he could blink back in an instant. Zed was too safe to play, its as simple as that. Yes, there is counterplay to his ults damage, but that wasn't the problem. The problem was, that in addition to mobility, damage, defense (untargetable) and early game kill potential, it also confered increedible safety. That's gone now, and rightfully so. If an assassin dives into a team of 4, he should not be able to just get out. Mistakes have to be possible.
I do agree that his level 6 powerspike was hard to deal with but from my experience it was mostly due to people overstaying with low health or taking ignite instead of barrier/exhaust when playing on a really squishy champ. Zed wasn't too safe to play. He's a melee assassin and in order for him to deal maximum damage output he had to get into melee range of his target. That made him vulnerable to cc or getting bursted down. Yes, before ult nerfs he was able to to get back but for that he had to sacrifice a lot of damage on his target meaning that his ult rarely resulted in a kill. But atleast he was able to get out and participate in a fight later on. Now he can't even do that.
Shaydrox (EUW)
: No, he needs to have a window of vulnerability as that's what balances him (and all other assassins) out. He still has a really good laning phase and brings quite a significant amount of single target damage to the table. Talon/Akali/LeBlanc all cannot oneshot a squishy if they fall behind, but even when 0/8 I've always been able to oneshot people with Zed. And it doesn't take a plethora of skill either (as some ppl apparently think). Honestly I think he's strong as he is right now, his ultimate still makes him untargetable which is a great advantage vs skillshots and other cc, also his poke in lane with W E Q is still ridiculously good. I played him quite a bit recently and wrecked quite often too, he's still very viable and strong, not to mention one of the best duelists in the game.
His ult is his vulnerability since it takes him into melee range of his target (atleast yasou and riven get a compensation in a form of a shield). That allows enemy team to peel for their carries and to either burst you down or cc you. Atleast before you were able to dodge that by going back to your ult shadow (but in this case you most likey weren't able to get your passive going or more than AA and you can't reallly kill a full health target with only your e-q combo). With the 1 second cd on it you can't do that now meaning you probably won't get alive unless the enemy team is bad. His second vulnerability compared to other assassins is that his damage is not immediate but is splitted into two bursts. During that time the enemy team and their carries have time to either respond with heals, barriers, zhonya, qss, lifesteal etc. His dueling potential is still strong although compared to riven, jax, trynda still extremely weak. Atleast before you were kinda able to kite them with shadows but the full second on his ult pretty much means you'll get bursted down right after you ult.
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: Who beats Vlad in 1v1 ARAM?
I think AP cho would do pretty well against him. You have sustain and your silence really messes vlad up.
Weenaru (EUW)
: Huh? Didn't you see that post where a guy said that Kassa can 1 shot a minion with 900 AP? I mean, he can ONE SHOT a minion! Such OP! Much power! Very damage! Wow! Nono, if anything, Kassa needs more nerfs! Nerfs for everyone!
Well late game kass deals a lot of damage and he's extremely strong. But you'll only get there if your team hard carries you beacuse your early/mid game are just bad.... Also you can deny him so much if you pick a champ that can either bully him or someone with waveclear since he has none. It's just too hard for him to get to the point when he becomes relevant.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Calm yourself, he's getting a buff in the next patch, probably not enough to be strong but it's something that may make him playable again. He's getting an AP ratio on his ult, so he should start dealing damage with that.
That's a real shame since you rarely actually use your ult to deal damage. His ult is more about getting in and getting out and not actually dealing damage.
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Nihal555 (EUW)
: As a Yasuo Playyer
Maybe you're fighting in the enemy minion wave. I see a lot of yasou players dashing in and trying to fight in a huge minion wave and taking a lot of damage. Also make sure that when you do fight that you have your shield up. Also when you're not fighting and only csing you still have to move around to make sure your shield recharges faster if it was broken. If you're against ranged opponent use your wall to negate some damage. If you're against melee I suggest your try to focus more on farming early since he gets beaten by a lot of melee champs early due to his low base stats. Once you get your shiv you should try and poke them with your Q when they try to farm. Once they're low enough you can try and go for all in.
: Make some fucking counterplay to leonas dash
You can dodge her dash or interrupt it. Sounds like enough counterplay to it. If you get hit by leona in backline then either your frontline is bad or you're out of poisition. Not to mention that if she does hit backline you simply burst her down. If she ults right after QSS/cleanse it or flash it and kill her.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Caitlyn as lower Elo ADC
She's defintely not as weak as people think. Her 1v1 potential is bad (unless she's standing in the bush) compared to vayne, twitch etc. But her teamfighting is insane due to her range. If your team is good enemies will have a really hard time to reach you (unless they get a good flank) meaning you'll be able to freely dps anyone that comes near you. Her damage is very good too. As long as you build raw damage (IE, BT, Mercurial, LW) + shiv/pd you'll have extremely good damage output and those headshots/crits will deal a lot of damage anyway. However in most cases other adcs will outdamage you. But since this is lower elo I think caitlyn is still one of the best adcs beacuse you have to worry less about your positioning and more on dealing damage. The problem is that most people play really aggressive with cait. Yes, he can deny enemy adc a lot if he pushes her wave under turret but at the same time she gets very vulnerable to ganks there's a high chance you'll sooner or later attract people to bot lane.
: What was your longest game?
: "I struggle a lot though beacuse in most of the games I end up ''feeding'' with him." Read my previous comment, then get fking gud.
So you have to be a complete god and enemy has to lack brain cells to make yasou effective? Yet he's still played in LCS/LCK/LPL and in higher elos. You make no sense.
: Just dont frontline! Let the teamfight commence first so that the enemies use some cooldowns and your team lower their hp, then you can enter. an example of this would be procing your q's on a nearby jungle camp just as the teamfight starts, then entering with a tornado + ult proc and going ham Edit: obviously, situational
Yeah I'm trying to do that but most of the time I feel so useless when I'm dealing 0 damage and my team is like fighting while I'm standing in the back like a coward. I've tried getting those red enchant boots so I can peel really well for myself and actually participate in fight but I did it with very little success. I'm just afraid to get close beacuse if I get CCed I just die sadly.
Nukeman20 (EUW)
: Shen
I think that would make shen way too strong. His ult is already insanely strong since it's global, a teleport and a shield. Only downside is it's cooldown and channel time but I still think it's one of the strongest ult there is.
: Yasuo has to be kept objectively weak because his kit is overloaded and broken, so unless you are a complete god and the enemy is lacking in brain cells he's just a crappy pick unless you can convince everyone else to take a knockup champ.
Wasn't asking for opinion in what state yasou is. Stick to the topic next time please.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Yasuo* An yeah, you should get Shiv first, then IE, then i personally like to build Hydra, but you can also get Bork, or LW if the enemy already is getting alot of armor. LW is a MUST as the 3rd or 4th item. Lastly you can get some tankyness, a GA or a Banshees or even more dmg if you want to. Also you should try to kill the squshies, since you are an assasin type champion, but since you are squishy it can be hard to get to them sometimes. Kite the frontline until you get your knockup and see if you can get on the carries. Champions such as Annie and Viktor counters Yasuo aswell, so having trouble against them is nothing unusual.
Thanks for advice. I've tried going full dmg yasou but it just seems I get blown up so easily. Mostly I've been having troubles with gragas type of junglers that can just engage on you and I end up dying without doing any real damage. How exactly would you go around playing annie/viktor matchup? Just try to farm and and give up on ever killing them?
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