: Stop just hopping from support to support each patch to find out "whats meta" find your playstyle and what you're good at and you'll climb elo way harder. I had 70% winrate until about plat 2 with alistar right in the middle of the ardentfest and it was a blast. If you prefer champions like Janna just stick with Janna and other similar supports
I'm not hopping, I've got 550k on Janna, I onetrick her but atm I feel... so weak
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: Hey guys, Pretty sure this was not intentional - will take a look to see if this one is known and update this post :-) Edit: Yep this one is on the radar, and is not intentional. Unfortunately until a fix is deployed (probably next patch), you'll have to find other ways to infuriate and frustrate your opponents while remaining within the rules. Might I suggest spamming laugh emotes? It tilts me to no end :-(
Meh, it's not always the tilt with ctrl6 that matters… it's about being proud of your performance c: I played my main after patch and it depressed ME to NOT show my main symbol :(


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