: why would you need that many though at most you only really need to play 5-10 champs max and most of them use the same pages for example as a tank support main my most used champs are {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:44}} and i have 2 mastery pages for all of those champs i have my burst one which is 0/18/12 and takes thunderlords and my tank one which is 0/12/18 and takes Bond of Stone so effectively i have 8 mastery pages with out having 8 separate ones
I have a big Champion pool and they have all unique pages, for example , Khazix dont have the same masteries then Akali but both are Assasins! Or Le Blanc and Ekko , assasins but diffrent masteries! I personally would need the extra pages :(
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