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TheCurSADer (EUNE)
: 1. As soon as Team Builder hits Ranked, there will be no more trolls because of pick issues. 2. Frequently losing players get into bronze. Frequently negative players get permabanned. Every once in a while you will get a dude that has not been banned yet. In life you will, once in a while get a douchebag, be it your waiter, a salesperson, a new colleague, new kid at school, your mom's new boyfriend, etc. You just have to deal with it rather than requesting the world (or in this case Riot) change because of your issue, instead of you just learning to deal with it.
That's fine I'll accept if nothing can be done but the point of my thread was asking.. can something be done? Like I mentioned earlier "Such as screenshotting the champion select chat log before I dodge and then sending it in to support" / "any suggestions?"
Captain1854 (EUNE)
: Just don't play ranked for a bit after you've played a game so you don't have to deal with this its not so hard :D
Yeah but it's not just that - There are situations where in the first game of the day a random player doesn't get the role/champ he wants or even the bans he wants and decides to troll and I'm forced to dodge que or lose the game..
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