: Too many Secondary role games in Dynamic Queue
to be honest i can see your point mate but there are other factors in play other than your personal experience if you think about it there millions upon millions of players worldwide yet there are not very many support mains out there because everyone wanna be the hero everyone wanna be the 12/0 zed... and if you wanna be like that why would you ever pick the support role? you wouldn't that is why you pick a secondary role so that you cut ALOT of queue time, if there only were primary roles then you could easily have 10 - 20 min queue times because again we support mains are farm between.... If they didn't have the system as it is now people would be complaining about queue times or in the case of the old system cry about being last pick and then forced into supporting.... you see my point? this is the best scenario of a bad case.... besides if you pick mid / adc as secondary i bet you it won't be 20 games on your 2nd but more like 5 - 7
Silenter (EUNE)
: Taliah skin idea
probably not gonna happen... if you notice all the reference skins are not sooo pop culture related and riot would be scared to have copyright infringements
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Radu33 (EUNE)
: All star game ideas
i like the first idea... because it adds another layer... it opens up for urgot support and all sorts of crazy shit! and they have done alot more crazy stuff! :D so i like the first idea.... the 2nd idea i don't like very much though.... seems only to make a mockery of the "average player" (i know bronze is the low end of the average player) but even if it was a gold player (higher end of the average player) he would still get destroyed aka being mocked
: Perhaps it doesn't even have to be a champion ability. It could be a sidegrade for a Sweeping Trinket, where you reveal wards within a certain area, and if you manage to successfully kill the ward, it instead converts the ward to yours. As a trade off it could perhaps not reveal stealthed champions like the other sweepers do, forcing it in to a niche of vision control.
That is a nice twist on it hadn't thought of that... pretty good
: I like the idea :)
the funny thing is the more i try to imagine the champion who could have something like this the more it reminds me of heimerdinger xD maybe if he get's another rework he can get this passive xD
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Fex0 (EUW)
: Hey there, unfortunatly Riot can't do much against bots. There are ban waves here and there but it isn't very effective since they only have to create a new account...
that is unfortunately true... but i just used to enjoy playing 3v3 so it saddens me to see it's no longer playerable
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