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: i main toplane gp. just had a game where i popped off but because my team fed we lost.
You should definetly change your runes for Gp. Maybe do some research what the best runes are atm for gp. Yeah had some games like that too. Pretty annoying... But **** happens. Good luck with your next games :D
: not wanting to win a game
Just concentrate on the game and try to win. There are other mates in your team which are probably innocent and just want to play and enjoy the game so dont destroy their game because you dont want that a specific person wins. Just mute the person u dont like and play. Works pretty good.
: which lanes do you main?
also you should rework your rune sites
: Hey, Leaverbuster is never given for one leave, only for consistent leaving behaviour. You probably had a history of leaving or going afk in games, which led to this punishment. So although this game triggered a punishment, not only this game caused it.
: Am I bad at league of legends?
which lanes do you main?


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