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: I'd honestly lean more towards it being a mistake from your part. Having your profile "hacked" won't change your username, as that only happens if you transfer the account to another server where an account with the same username already exists. The account you're posting with here still exists on EUW with the same summoner name, and it hasn't been used for a few days. Can you make 100% certain that your client is set to EUW, and not EUNE?
Just checked that again one more time, even changed to another region and then swapped back to EUW, still nothing. 100% sure. I also never attempted to do any procedure such as changing my username, creating a new profile or even changing region recently, so I can't figure out how that would be my fault.
: Check if you selected the right server before log in
Yeah I checked, sadly the issue wasn't there. I'm starting to think I just simply got my profile hacked. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Can't login in my account, get redirected to a fresh one
Oh, and I just noticed that by loggin in on another profile I can actually search and find my old account, so it's basically a matter of me not being able to log into it for some reason, as if someone changed the password/username/email connected to it.
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