: I expierienced the exact same thing, after exiting mid client.
okay so i had this problem but i got my game to work now, so this is what i did im not sure if it will work for both of yall as well im using windows 7 and i have my LoL as a shortcut in the task bar at the bottom of the screen when i clicked the client using this task bar i got the message i then went to the shortcut i have on my desktop, right clicked and said open as admin the riot logo came up and in my task manager it said it was open i clicked on the shortcut in my task bar again and the error came up so i unpinned the shortcut that was in my task bar and re added the shortcut back onto my task bar i then clicked that new shortcut and the client opened into login screen
Vapour (EUW)
: Don't know if its still relevant for others, however i had the same problem, after exiting client mid update... fiex it after downloading the specified file and uploading it to the root folder of league of legends. Other sollutions specified before were all but useless in this case
@Vapour @FollowMe4Candy a 6 hour ago and 7 hour ago comments on a 3 year old post, im here because i also got this message this morning, if 3 people now got this recently then i think there is something wrong with the clients for some people. how mine began was the client wasnt opening so i went on my task manager and the only things that were open were something like riotcrash services or something like that. i closed those things and when i tried to start LoL again i got the message
witrax (EUNE)
: Im from Romanian, and 1PM PDT is 11PM at me, so i need to log in everytime at 11pm to get reward?
well this things are daily rewards so one reward has to last a day so a full 24 hours so you dont have to log on at 11pm, maybe about 8 hours later in the morning you can log on
: new female adc leaked ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
is it me or are champions feeling like they are being released too fast, like {{champion:350}} and {{champion:246}} felt like they were 2 weeks apart and now theres already a new adc
: good job players, really good job
CAN PEOPLE PLEASE STOP NAGGING ABOUT THIS THING FOR FEK SAKES 1) you are not forced to buy it 2) people would want it so let them spend the money that they worked hard for on something they want 3) LoL is still free to play, let them be greedy to make money to run the company, only people that want the greedy service would buy it, it doesn't affect you at all 4) you complain about the prestigious skins, does it concern you? NO. so if people want a fancy add on to their skins, let them get it for fek sakes, its their money 5) emotes to mock other players, (mostly enemies) that is why riot implemented a setting to disable emotes, let people buy their cute emotes if they wish to, riot gives free ones as well yes just because "you dont want it doesnt mean everyone doesnt want it." end of the day Riot isnt running a charity, its a god damn company, a company needs to make a profit and skins, emotes, this shitty eternal thing, its their money making schemes that they need to run so stop complaining because without all of these "greedy" decisions you wont have a feking game to play edit: LoL is not pay to win like other games, people who dump money only get cosmetics not advantages so please people be god damn grateful, they also gave us free loot, i dont buy skins yet i got a shit ton just by playing a game, skins i would never have ever own, my last account had good expensive skins that i got for free, sadly i was toxic back in the day and that is long gone but still im grateful for the free shit that they give, they bleed money because of the loot system so stop complaining when they want to make a little more, no one is obligated to buy this
: help me understand this shit
oh shit man its you, lmao i was swearing your ass a while ago because you didnt know how opgg works, you didnt get back to defend yourself, im still waiting for your answer mate edit: are you playing on a smurf account or something?
Ehhhh (EUW)
: Eternals Crazy Price
im just saying whoever buys it is god damn reta**ed, why spend money just so you get a small bonus detail on a mastery emote which is basically used to flex on enemies, but they forget one thing, majority of people disable enemy emotes
sonGokuson (EUNE)
: unban me please
i have a solution to your problem https://signup.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/signup/index#/
: What IP addresses i need to block in my firewall to block TFT from my system/router/network
> (Reason for that is that people in my location getting super depressed and unhealthy from TFT, TFT is frustrating, Ranked soloQ is frustrating i have been flamed a billion and one times in ranked soloQ and never saw flame in TFT in my experience TFT shouldnt be worst thank normal league, the RNG is bullshit but TFT is more tamed because everyone plays for themselves so there shouldnt be toxicity
: nerf mordekaiser
looks like somebody got stomped {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: All champion names but they are written backwards /w champion icons
: where? my opgg didn't show any ace ace means he last hit the 5th player in enemy team btw like the ace in game he didnt have any kills in that game so he can't get an ace stop spreading misinformation
okay listen here you piece of shit, let me take you to school so firstly when this post was made that opgg last games i looked at happened 5 days ago, there are new game so if you look through the match history and see 5 days ago there is an illaoi game with 0/14/1 and look at the ace you blind %%%%t here is a screenshot https://ibb.co/hBpKFgj DO YOU SEE THE O/14/1 AND ACE??? now let's teach you how opgg works, look at the next screenshot https://ibb.co/qmvc6vt do you see that drop down menu where i had to point out for you yea click that which tells you what opgg MVP and ACE means so now before you start coming here with your bullshit about me spreading false information, get your facts straight you unwanted piece of horse shit, the reason im swearing you so much is because it pisses me off when someone says that a person is spreading false information when they are actually right. i was OP of this comment chain and im sorry for not putting you in your place sooner, i was busy but please mate GET YOUR %%%%ING FACTS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU CALL PEOPLE OUT
Majickz (EUW)
: Yuumi should be reworked.
yummi and pyke are my 2 most hated support but with release of yummi i cant ban both which is frustrating, and those 2 champs are picked constantly so i always have to play against one, the reason i hate pyke is because playing against his kite is so stupid *he gets a free dash to escape or engage *free invisibility to escape and heal *healing is god damn stupid, he can trade with you and heal almost all his health back while you cant *he has an execute *he has a hook now yummi has become another problem for me
: will riot ever fix glacials?
i always look for braum and ashe, get the glacial bonus then i get a varus or vayne and get the ranger bonus, thats my normal build so the rest of the champions are situational but glacial with ranger to bosst ashe's and another adc's attspeed is busted, also not forgetting that ashe will ult causing more freezes
BereInBurta (EUNE)
: suspended for "trolling" in bronze :D :D :D
her last game she went 0/14/1 but opgg saw that as an ace (best losing player that performed the best for the losing team) if being 0/14/1 and you're the best player on the team then i pray for bronze
Leowil (EUW)
: 3v5
they have to count it or the system will be abused by premades or boosters, someone will leave so the others dont lose lp for that game
Heifty (EUNE)
: Demoted after a win
> t's already hard enough to climb out of Gold as a support main without this kind of ... stuff. i know i got from promo to gold 2 playing only jungle within a month but the rest of the year om stuck in gold 1 playing support and im about to get demoted in the looks of things and its not even my fault, my lane is always abandoned by my jungler or we do great in lane and another lane loses and that enemy carries them
Gario 03 (EUNE)
: got demoted because of a bug
on the bright side you only need to win 2 promo games since you will get a free win
: LP system must be broken or something
: How do you guys deal with tilt.
i have the same problems with team mates and the worst thing is that so many games im losing because of one person, i go games with 4 of us doing good but 1 guy playes like he bought his account, every game i lost is like that and the worst thing off all is when you're having a great game but one cuck fuucks it up that anger is carried onto you when yo stop playing, a lot of people including myself would say stop playing and take a break after a tilting game but DO NOT GO NEAR SOMEBODY, i have vented my frustration on the people around me for no reason because of this pathetic piece of shit game
getting to lvl 13 without being toxic isnt an accomplishment mate
: More interactie map - Riot maybe a good idea ??
sounds good but i think every aspect of the rift was intentionally done in a strategic way already and by allowing the player to remove jungle walls would mess up the whole reason for jungle picks. if you wanted to be mobile you would pick a nida, kindred, kayn, because they can dash/walk through walls allowing for alternate routes, its part of the champion design so allowing a non mobile champion the opportunity to do things that a mobile champion ca do beats the purpose of the mobile champions design, every champion was made to do a specific thing, mobile jungles where designed to gank in alternate routes or clear with alternate routes, non mobile junglers were designed not do that but we do have a the blast clone to help them out and thats more than enough
Ezizu (EUW)
: TFT ranked ... what about ARAM ranked
i was about to say "well thats because champs are randomly selected" then i read your post and was like "oh yea tft also is major rng" the RNG is so bullshit that i stopped playing that mode, its too boring sitting there for 20 minutes not getting good champs whilst someone has 3... 3 star champs, tft rng is terrible
Rioter Comments
Vertinhol (EUW)
: Does report system works ?
being a noob isnt bannable
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Riot doesn't care about League anymore
oh damn dude i also remember watching synapse and one of the clips was an adc using stopwatch and while golden was able to attack and killed her enemy, the same thing happened in my game yesterday
lisin2012 (EUW)
: I put the money in lol I did not come RP
your first mistake was buying RP
: Rework Kindred ult
merili (EUNE)
: Rito trolling
look on the brightside, lose one more game and you get a free win next promo
: Do you like moving?
what are you talking about? im really confused to what you're trying to express
: Quitting because it's no fun anymore
its like this because riot has become too money hungry and micro transaction focused when i started in season 3 it was a really fun game but after season 5 it went to shit they focus more on putting out skins than fixing their game. I know its their source of income but whats the point of making 100 skins for a game that is not fun to play. many people including myself dont even buy these skins because we know what a piece of shit company this is. I bought about 5 skins my whole life and that was on my old acc back in season 3 and 4, after that i stopped for no reason but since last year i had a reason because thats when i realised how dog shit this company has gotten. the thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that nexus blitz may not come back because it cant be monetized but TFT is getting pushed into everyone's face now because guess what, all these emotes and spirits can be monetized, everything is shit in this company but we cant blame riot alone, tencent (parent company) had a major thing to do with this new riot if servers closed back in season 3/4/5/6 i would be hopeless and wouldn't have anything to do but right now i wouldn't care less if the game died tomorrow, i found myself playing less and less of this game funny thing is that probably 2 or 3 days ago i logged in but didnt wanna play because of the same reasons you mention in your post, and i ended up logging out, playing league before was a fun thing to do, now its a chore LoL is stressful and boring now, and you cannot have those 2 things at the same time, game can be boring but relaxful, or game can be fun but stressful BORING AND STRESSFUL DOESNT WORK edit: i came to the boards to ask why the client is so buggy recently, didnt expect to vent out my frustration with this game at 1:30 in the morning, i got a lot more to say but thats not for here
L0513N70 (EUW)
: Could we kindly talk about how much Mordekaiser requires a nerf?????
have you ever played support where your team kinda rely on you and then you verse a morde my god you are minding your own business proving peel for your adc and all of a sudden you enter a 1v1 relm versing that %%%% and he one shots you coz you're squishy and can't run away and bam your team is losing the 4v4 because they have a support protecting the carries whilst i had to jerk of a suit of armour
: They can. But they wont. Cuz its abusable
as long as they make it harsher for the afker and not giving the affected team an incentive it shouldn't be abusable so if you afk then thats fine since you are gonna lose a shit ton of LP than usual but that doesnt mean that the team should give up because they will lose the normal amount of LP as a regular game
: You get more AFKs in the enemy team than in your team - on the long run. You CAN win 4v5. It doesnt happen that often, but a 4v5 is far from over. So, the problem is far less severe than you make it appear. Now to the question: What could Riot do about it? 1. Harsher and swifter punishments Those would be an option and might help. However, what if you got an emergency? what if there is a shutdown? I think we can agree that getting banned for this stuff would be really bad, so there needs to be some tolerance. 2. No LP loss The leaver could lose more LP (and MMR), while his teammates lose none or far less. This sounds like a solid idea, but im pretty sure league would get way more toxic. Not only would ppl immeadiatly give up once someone disconnects, i can already see the "omg noob pls leave so i dont lose lp". Seeing that both possible ways of dealing with afks in rankeds have severe drawbacks and the issue isnt THAT bad, i think its save to say that no, there is nothing Riot can do about this.
> Harsher and swifter punishments Those would be an option and might help. However, what if you got an emergency? what if there is a shutdown? I think we can agree that getting banned for this stuff would be really bad, so there needs to be some tolerance well in an honest opinion someone that rage quits will most likely be doing it in any game that they find difficult or frustrating so there can be 2 ways riot deals with this 1. when someone is afk'd many games in a certain time frame/limited (example 5 games out of 50) then they are served with a harsher punishment than teammates, example, team will lose 17 lp while leaver will lose 22lp (this is considering that they all have the same w/r since lp lose and gains differ but you get the point, if this rage quitter is bad and losing 20lp on average then they might lose roughly 26lp on a rage quit 2. when someone is afk then whatever chat robot thing that riot has to pick out flamers will have to run automatically on that game because someone rage quitting likely means that they flames before leaving or complained at least, if it looks for keywords (such as afk, 4v5, leave, or profanity) then it can be sae to say that they have rage quit and may be served with the punishment TL/DR: harsher punishment for prevalent afk without changing punishment for team so it cannot be abused as well as using the chat instant feedback automatically on afk games to see if the person was toxic which may indicate a rage quit
Salty Nami (EUNE)
: Lore of Qiyana - She really needs to work on her issues
> She really needs to work on her issues coming from the salty nami ^^
: Plat 4 Supp LF adc plat 5 plus + 18y/o
how are you gonna find a plat 5 adc?
Skorzx (EUW)
: Ranked system
1. no bronze is not the bottom, iron is 2. you don't necessarily start at the bottom, you kinda start at the bottom of you skill so when you played games before level 30 you playstyles are kinda monitored to see if you are smurfing or not and to match you with people in your same skill level 3. you you begin ranked your first 10 games is placement and this season riot implemented a new rank placement where it shows you your rank from placement 1 and your 10th placement game will put you into your rank 4. when i played mu placements i was getting like 70lp on wins so im guessing thats normal so you should be getting a lot of lp on wins during placements and then after game 11 you will be getting normal lp like around 20ish 5. i know start of season placements you are kinda matched with many skill capped players since everyone is starting relatively fresh so im not sure if its the same since we are halfway through season and everyone is already ranked.... what i mean is in my placement i was playing with bronze, silver, gold players since we were not officially ranked but now everyone is so i doubt we gonna get a first time ranked person in a gold game so i think you are playing with bronze and irons now, im not sure
: ***THIS***
Hexa XV (EUW)
: Riot can you disable banning champions that someone picked?
> It is frustrating that in so many rankeds lately people ban champion that I pick. In my OWN team who exactly are you picking, because when im gonna play something that i think my team won't like, i do not hovor that champion, because if they don't like you pick they will ban it. but recently i dont even show my champs because of the same reason of not liking what im playing so they ban it and the other reason is so if they champ select is dodged and someone who was on my team ends up ont the enemy they wont know who i was gonna play if i was gonna play a broken champ so just dont show who you want to play if it is an uncommon champ because chances are that champion wont be banned or picked but if you playing a common champ that gets banned regularly then show so your team knows not to ban
: South African server
my bru im also a south african gaming from my pozi in natal and i must say that there cannot be a ZA server for league because we do not have the player base here, yes we have a lot of players and when i lived in joburg and went to rage i met so many people who played LoL but it does not compete with the player base of NA/EUW ect who have millions, we may have probably 10k players, im guessing. so thats my first point, my second point is that our ranks are low, and a huge factor does came from our ms because you cannot do much with our delay and all the LoL players in zA i saw is low elo and im certain that there is a very very small percentage of players that are from south africa in diamond, maybe plat but the max i have seen is gold (im gold 1 for example) so the reason im bringing ranks up is because with our low player base and our irregular ranks you will be sitting in a queue for 30 minutes to an hour, maybe even more for ranked games and then the plat/diamond players won't even be able to find games so they might be forced to play with bronze ans silver and the skill gap will be a massive problem my third point is our internet sucks here, remember the majority of us have telkom wifi and they are not really good, oh yeah others got mweb, thats garbage. unless you have fibre or maybe vodacom you will have pretty bad connections and i doubt our ms will even be 20/30 not even 50 because i have a 10mb telkom line and my csgo is 170ms and thats a south african server i do wish that we had our own servers but at the end of the day it wont work, i have played EUW for 6 years with ms rising every season, started at 180ms back in season 3 and now 230ms in season 9 so we are getting %%%ed still but its manageable, just stay away from playing lee sin type of champs
: Well if you ever have the oppotunity to give an example feel free to do so There's always a posibility that it might be a display error since these lil images seem fine to me
Sunwise (EUNE)
: just won a ranked game after afk but took no LP because of a F-ing Mosquito
so the game in question looks like an irelia game (because you are level 13 and everyone else on your team is 17/18 and you have the lowest gold in your team with a 3.8 gold difference from the LOWEST earner in your team) so you said you played the first 6 minutes and reconnected at minute 22, that game lasted 33 minutes which means you only played 17/33 minutes of the game or 51% of that game and looking at that match your team never needed you, the enemy team is sitting at level 14/15 while your team is 17/18 your team had a 14.3k gold difference and the score was 31/43 the enemy was sitting on 2 items while your team sat on 5 items they didnt need you and you only played 51% of that game, you should not be included with the winnings
: So now we have seen the Teemo strat work in master
i dont think its a good idea for the enemy adc to be able to free farm a 2v1 lane and possibly get free platings just to shut down a mid laner
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=KÌNDRÊD,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fiumVc3E,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-12T07:24:47.096+0000) > > and please mate send riot a ticket and try to get it lift because you get 3 strikes > 1) chat restriction > 2) 14 day ban > 3) perma > > so if you already used up strike one on something so stupid like this then your next strike is gonna get you 2 weeks so try and get this lifted if you can so incase you do lose your shit in a game and swear someone you will get your rightful first strike instead of a 2 week ban Actually chat restriction has 2 stages 10 and 25 games. so probably his next one would be 25 games
> Actually chat restriction has 2 stages 10 and 25 games. so probably his next one would be 25 games oh really? well mb then
: Since you are intended to main the champion you have the option to get into more skill intensive picks. So options like {{champion:412}} are on the table. I think it's better I mention picks you shouldn't play: #Don't main, they get nerfed * {{champion:350}}: It's unknown how many nerfs she will recieve till she's ballanced * {{champion:555}}: He start to get picked in solo lanes. It's not broken but the risk of nerfing to dead is high * {{champion:223}}: We all known what is happening in toplane * {{champion:201}}: Used to be a good champion to master but lcs keeps nerfing him #Predicatable kit/Underloaded * {{champion:37}}: This might go against what some already mentioned but their is a reason I place her here. Sona is a champion that is currently in a very strong spot but we don't known when items change how she will endup. Her kit is very linair what limits your options in higher mmr. * {{champion:111}}: He's really strong right now. However I don't recommand you to pick him up as your main champion. Nautilus is a champion that is viable in multiplay roles. This is the first time he's meta in only one of them. Since we don't known what the future brings it's very unlikely this will stay that way. During the nature of his simple kit nerfs will be expected. * {{champion:53}}: This one is tricky, he's really good when mastered so the advice of not maining him might be a bad argument. The only reason I place him here is that he's very predicatable while having a really hard counter {{champion:25}} & a very anyoing safe adc {{champion:15}} where you can lane against. Overal you will have games where it feels like you are out of options. #Just counterpicks Strong champion in a certain situation but aren't required to be mained to play effectively {{champion:25}}, {{champion:26}}, {{champion:40}}, {{champion:16}}, {{champion:117}} #End So now my recommandation: * **Enchanters:** {{champion:267}} * **Catchers:** {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:432}} * {{champion:143}} (if your goal is diamond) * **(? lcs) Vanguards:** {{champion:12}} * **(? off-meta) Burst Mages:** {{champion:99}} * {{champion:63}} (if your goal is diamond) * **(? off-meta) Artillery Mages:** {{champion:161}} Personally I have a feeling that a good {{champion:432}} is sleeper OP. I didn't mention {{champion:26}} since he's more of a counterpick but he's close to be both right now. I think {{champion:497}} is stable for now. While {{champion:412}} is so overloaded even when underpowered he's able to compete as onetrick in challenger.
sorry mate haven't been on boards for a week and missed this but i have a lot to say * you said dont main {{champion:350}} and {{champion:201}} , funny thing is that those 2 is actually the 2 champions i have began to play a lot so im gonna rethink who to main now * i used to be a kick ass {{champion:53}} on my old account so maybe i can play him again but the pressure of landing hooks gets to me which is why i don't play him * {{champion:412}} tried him, i know his a good support and one of the bests to main but again hooks get the better of me and i played a game as him and i felt like killing myself with how bad i was with hooks, i know its because i'm a beginner with him and haven't played many "hookers" recently which is why i was bad at him so maaayyybbee might look at him again * {{champion:432}} funny thing about my man bardo is that he is the champion that made me switch back to support and i was otp him when i switched, he has such a unique kit that others dont have, he is the only champion that can {{item:3157}} anyone in the match and the only champ that can tunnel anyone through walls, his Q is buggy as hell which makes for unbelievable stuns and he is one of the fastest electrocute procers in the game because of his Q and empowered AA but the only reason i stopped playing him is because his Q which is is only poke he has and the only damage ability and the range of it is too god damn short, he is getting out ranged by other poke supports and if you are versing a tank instead of a poke support then getting that close to Q is gonna kill you but i will be more than happy to get back into playing {{champion:432}}, he brought joy to support
: The new free rotation is not appearing
dude this happened to me yesterday, i went into a game wanting to play yuumi but i couldn't see her or any free champions so i thought i was in ranked, but ekko was on my list with the rotation sign on his border and i kept asking myself if i had ekko because i dont remember buying him, i was preparing for a ranked game because i had no free champs in my list and then luckily someone had dodged and when i got back into lobby i saw that i was actually in matchmaking for normals it was fixed next champ select though but i thought i lost my mind for a second edit: and ekko wasnt free or on my list in next champ select
ipv (EUW)
: League of legends running out of players
> PS: lyte killed league of legends whats lyte?
: im otp taric, i have tried many champs since season 1 and i can tell you he is prety good to carry as support. He can play agresive or defensive and he have super good scaling and defense in mid-late game. If you wanna learn i can aanswer your questions (i know the most efficient builds and runes in low and high elo and i even have own build paths). On mid-late game all you need to know of strategy with taric is to group and stomp the team fight since he is in extreme advantage there. One of the most important things about taric is that he is pretty much misundersruood by his teammates and he have a eally weird playstyle , u need practice and patience to cope with early game and team uncolaborative behaviour.
alright ill give him a go, i think he might work out since i remember when he got reworked he was my perma ban because he was frustrating to play against, the only things i need to know now is skill order, build and runes gameplay wise i think i can pick it up as i play so i wont need much help there but if you could tell me any tricks to him that only mains will know then i would much appreciate it
: Riot, the players don't like Qiyana
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