Unsiqhted (EUW)
: How does one rank up as a support main?
"heavily rely on how well the other laners and jungler do to win a game" It's actually the opposite, support and jungle influence the early game so much that will decide the direction of the game. You can start with the basics like dying less, because your average death is 7.8 times for your main and it's too many, if you pick the trade and fight wisely and learn when to abandon a bad fight to stay alive, you will have more impact in general. :)
Smerk (EUW)
: It sounds like you want to pay someone to do your homework for you{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
{{champion:45}} Look into my eyes, am I?
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: Was it that game by any chance? https://s29.postimg.org/n540r97af/thatgame.png While the chatlog doesn't suggest that you talked THAT much and what you say is also fine - in combination with the damage you did compared to everyone else it appears like you spent time arguing with your team instead of actually playing the game. Hence the chat restriction. At least that's my take on it.
Yes, it's that game. As I have mentioned before, I get %%%%ed level 2 at red already and I was behind, and then constantly getting invaded and our team did not react to it, therefore I had a really hard time to catch up. When I was behind, I just farm when I could and wait for the opportunity to make a pick but it did not happen at all coz we always get outnumbered. Damage can't tell the whole story bro.
: if thats the full text, i dont really feel u flamed at all. because jungling is a betch. but it usually is for more than 1 game.
Then they should send me more chat log because I only got this one right after the game...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
idk man, I wish I know that guy is also punished but I haven't got any message according to that which is extremely unfair.
: NO ! riot is making a mistake, unless both sides are banned but if not, i want justice for this guy ! talk with us riot and explain what happened and why
I think the hard flamer did not get punished because I did not get any message regarding to that... Basically I was jungler that game, and enemy Reksai plays really well and killed me at red level 3, and then I am a bit behind so he is more effective on the map than I did. I tried to gank bot twice and got kills, but meanwhile Reksai camped top and that's why our top laner raged, once he already saw him, but did not pay respect so he died. The second time was the similar, I was on my way to top ( because they already showed up and waiting for the wave to dive him) but he died before that so it was unlucky. He then keeps on spamming and insulting me, and Mid (said he is diamond smurf) joined and said I did not gank and I'm trash etc. The worst part is the enemy team played so well that they kept on invading our jungle and outnumber us so most of the time I had to give the camps up and ran for my life and our team did not show the team play to counter that. The just type, but I see that we can still win but they chose to spam ping me and flame me. Then everything just get %%%%ed and they (top and mid) put the blame on me and even all chat to ask people to report me.
Meów (EUNE)
: They never chat restrict someone for one game. So,show us chat logs of other games,so we can judge ;)
But there is only one game chat log sent to me , so I think they punish me depends on this chat log. :(
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Káki (EUW)
: [Ranked] Support main looking for team / ADC Plat2+
Káki (EUW)
: [Ranked] Support main looking for team / ADC Plat2+
ps: peak season 6 rank was plat 1 58lp currently having shit mmr and dropping coz of losing streak. ** all time solo q support
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Armandd (EUW)
please help!!! I can't play ranked because of this T^T
Abysmax (EUW)
: Is the placement system broken?
Once again, it's not about the rank that you are looking at, it's about the MMR, currently those pro players are in around diamond 5 but with much higher MMR, and it takes time for them to get back. Because there are limited spots for each divisions, it's all measured relatively. It's a ladder, so when higher elo players filled those spots, you can't get into the same rank with them. If you actually play your placement after a few weeks, you will be placed higher.
: I was g4 last season and ended in b1 after 6/10...it´s completly fucked up. Don´t want to offend anyone, but i won´t play with bronze players who hardly know the game. Placement totally broken.
coz you were smart enough to play your placement so early when all other high elo players are playing at the same time and filled in platinum ( the highest you can be placed in is plat 1). So basically, there are not enough spots for everyone and it takes time to let those former gold players get back to gold, diamond get back to diamond...etc the system is not fucked up, it naturally works like this every year
: As a casual player, how long should I postpone (placement) ranked matches?
: you're plat!
ayyy, the time when I dropped this was plat 4 ;.;, not high plat!
: Plat V ADC LF Support DuoQ
plat 4 supp main normals try out ,add me in game
: Female team searching for adc & jungle (high plat +)
This is cool, but I'm not qualified xD.
AreCould (EUW)
: Where the hell are Ziggs players ?!
he will be back soon. next patch.
Benzz (EUW)
: Plat 1 AD main lf plat2+ supp main
when you can play: play all day basically ~~best ~~champs: Blitz, Thresh, Soraka, Janna, Brand, Nami, Braum... highest elo: Plat 4 pros: overall awareness + when to go in, when not to/ objectives oriented/ passive aggressive cons: sometimes my mechanics fail / tried to help a bad fight/ caught out and get killed myself / timing to ignite/exhaust/ passive aggressive actually would like to just try out and play some normals to practise coz I am saving ip for more runes and pages so if you would like to have a regular supp to practise with, you can add me also, i am open to criticism , and i am willing to give comments too
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Káki (EUW)
: Giving out free skin for those who teach and help me learn basics economics!!
: i give you a advice for free! stop give away free skins! or did you mean in game?
: Im on it! What topic do you want to know about?
concepts clearing about... 1) Supply & Demand 2) The Supply Curve 3) Perfect Competition & the Efficiency of Markets 4) Elasticity & Taxation thanks!
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: sound played during champion select
The music is very very annoying.
: What's wrong with these people?
in that case, if they are 0/5/0 or 0/10/2 but with equal cs, you guys are not that far behind and would give it a try coz jax and yi are both late game champs. But it also depends on their plays. But you said that they are even behind in cs, so ggwp xD
Anechrome (EUNE)
I think the best way is to enjoy your own game, don't get influenced by your teammates too much, even though you might lose a game coz of them, but you can always enjoy improving and so on. I used to get mad so often when I play, but hell, now I think that it isn't really matter about the others :D Another option is to play with other friends that you think they are " normal players", then you will get less stress maybe?
: This game gets me so bad some days,
i added you in gameeee
: Mundo nerf please.
get true damage boys
Iskierka (EUW)
: How to choose a support depending on the adc
I like this post! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I accept that I'll probably be Bronze forever.
#bronzeforlife I would like to have a bronze account!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I came across some HUGE realization about the blue trinket
mind is blown! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Xtreme4ce (EUW)
: Season 6 Ruined The Game
then don't play xp
Drizzt008 (EUNE)
: On the road to Gold,almost...story of the most intense battle against time that took place yesterday
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Káki (EUW)
: [Gold +] 5v5 unranked Team LF TOP,MID and JUNGLE
Rioter Comments
: Diamond promo.
My friend also told me to troll people coz you have made it to the division that you want....well that's sad, I'm sure he does that, but I don't.
how2jgCUK (EUW)
: Platinium mid / jungler LFT
I have you on friend list, you wanna try ? Me and my friend are duo bot ^^
alasarcher (EUNE)
: There is one easy solution when having Nasus in team constantly staying top and refusing to group with you. Go group with him.
^ #LeaguesoloQrule1 Simply group with him, that's all.
: Japanese parents born in Europe
Can you teach me Japanese ^^?
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Given up on ranked (mini vent for nothing)
Same experience! But I can tell you how I deal with it and enjoy the game. You find a duo that you are comfortable with, non flamer, willing to improve together and there you go---happy games! Try to not scared to drop because if you deserve the rank, you will eventually get there. My case: I kept being in Gold 3-5, was Gold 2 once, but same as you, dropped immediately. I am already get used to bouncing among Gold 3-5, I know it's time consuming, but I know I can climb and deserve higher rank....then you look for a duo to play with! Even when you lose game, you won't feel so sad :)
: If I were you guys and gals, I wouldn't reveal my face to another person just because he uploaded a photo claiming it's him. Alright I'll do it. https://img.4plebs.org/boards/pol/image/1394/11/1394113576566.png Like, totally. ~~Please no banerino, I mean no harm.~~
upvoted for sure, my friend and here is mine (http://cdn1.pri.org/sites/default/files/styles/story_main/public/story/images/One-of-the-photos-taken-b-013.jpg?itok=LCk-zocA)
: Shy 19y/o boy looking for a FEMALE friend
Ichiban...are you Japanese or a weeaboo?
: why always matchup against some dia and plats as i m only lvl27
because all those who are under plats went to play ranked... jk have same problem :(
Kartagia (EUNE)
: Start banning players who does not ward once from ranked games
plays with duo who have correct mindset to climb, then you will win more games
willssss (EUW)
: looking for supp for ranked team
GE Wolf (EUW)
added, Gold 3 mainly plays support
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