Reav (EUW)
: [UK] Diamond 3 Jungler looking for team for ESL premiership!
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Hippy (EUW)
: @TheTeamPsyQo Looking for D4+ Players Who Want to Take Gaming Seriously!
IGN: TeckKNO Diamond 5 (Peaked d3) I have read the criteria and can Full fill each one of them.
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Cadence (EUW)
: I don't live in UK but I am god mid laner ++ pls
Andriej1998 (EUNE)
: I live in UK , interested in project , I have several account in diamond. Give me skype or something to talk to you.
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Which role are you applying for? Top What is your current soloQ rank? Platinum 1 What is your champion pool? Yasuo, Gnar, Rumble, Renekton, Fiora, Fizz Where do you live? United Kingdom (Dorset) What is your age (don't feel that you have to answer this, however we prefer 18+)? 18 How Active are you, can you follow a Schedule? I'm on everyday at the moment and can follow a Schedule
: team looking for support and midlaner
I'll sub for support or mid. I can play both roles. Plat 2.
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: [AQUA] AquaNation Looking For Bot Lane + Dedicated Coach [AQUA]
Fuked it (EUW)
: LF top laner with good attitude. High plat/low diamond solo queue minimum.
What team is this for? You've been kicked so you must be making your own how cute :D.
Cadence (EUW)
: What happened to max? :D
Nothing happened. He never given this authorisation and Is just salty. He getting kicked after this. So it's a win for me :D.
Ziaja (EUW)
: [Team Extremity] Looking for a new skilled JUNGLE - Read before adding -
Fluent English Speaker? Yes Silver 5 or above last season? Yes Main the role you apply for? Yes Have Teamspeak and a good mic? Yes *Be able to play at least 4 days a week? Yes
Syrreth (EUW)
: [GOLD/PLAT] Competitive 5v5 Team LF MID, TOP and JUNGLER (Dutch preffered)
Nationality: England Languages: English Age: 18 IGN: TeckKNO Main role(s): Mid/Jungle/Top Main champion(s): Mid: Zed, Yasuo, Fizz, Gangplank, Orianna, Azir, Veigar, Ryze and Lissandra. Jungle: Graves, Nidalee, Lee sin, Kindred, Hecarim, Olaf. Top: Ekko, Ryze, Graves, Renekton, Fizz, Poppy, Riven, Fiora, Gnar, Lulu. All champions have mastery 4 and 5 I've got experience on them. Proof: Why do you want to join: I'M a player who get's motivated when playing in a team environment. Last time I was on a team which committed to playing everyday during the week i was diamond 5 and really motivated to play. Since with exams and not being motivated I've slumped to plat 4. I'm the type of player who will contribute to the team and do everything in their ability to improve and win for the team.
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: You are just looking for supp and jungler right?
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Twinbo (EUW)
Able to use TS + Skype (Yes/No) - Yes Age - 17 Language(s) - English Division (Season 5 + Current) - Diamond 5 Primary Role - Top Secondary Role - Mid Main Champions - Poppy, Yasuo, Pantheon, Nautilus, Rammus, Ekko, Riven, Gnar Will you stick to a time schedule (Yes/No) - Yes Shotcaller? - I can shotcall (Late game or early) What would you bring to the team? - I'm a very aggresive and top lane bully or prefers to either Tp down bot lane to get a kill to and snowball top or get a solo kill top to snowball my teams lead. I prefer to shot call as I know when to get objectives because of my vast knowledge of champions. Overall I'm looking to join a team which will climb together, work together and go for tournaments to play in.
dodgedlol (EUW)
: [EUW] Recruiting High Platinum or Diamond MIDLANER - [Serious team] - dodgedlol (I'm coaching you)
Name: Max Korner Age: 17 Country: United Kingdom Nickname: TecKKNO Rank: Diamond 5 (Peak 93LP) Role: Mid lane Skype: max.korner17 About yourself/LoL history: Been playing since season 3 Apirl 2013 but have only started to play the game properly, been restricted to climb to high elo because i've been at boarding school. With school ending in a few months I'm going to aim for high diamond but I'm looking for a team to climb and grow with :) Playtime: Weekdays, from 19:00 to 23:00 (GMT), Saturday 4 GMT and Sunday all day.
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