Finyaas (EUW)
: Dude....... it started since 7,7.. my %%%%ing charakter lags, eventho I have 140 fps ( still drops later in the game) and 30 ms.. I never had these issues, I got a gtx 1050 ti, and a really nice PC.. but since this patch, the game is unplayable.. when I click from left to right, it lags tremendisly ( or how donald trump calls that) HELP ME!! I tried to switch vsync on and off, deleted my options from folder , nothing works..
MadLife (EUW)
: everyone who experience FPS drops from latest patch please comment here.
What exactly is your 'smooth' fps? my friend play on a macbook pro and has an average of 10 fps and calls it smooth.
: Windows keeps activating UAC
: Rek'sai mains : Tryhard no matter which game so they don't laugh at you for maining her :'(
I don't main her because I enjoy her, I play her to get wins in ranked (Not on this acc). When I play normals I can play anything really. Except Azir, I suck with him.
: Experiencing weird glitching in game.
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: EUNE is the worst treated server, by riot. Let's connect in pain.
In all honestly I transferred this account (I still have another lvl 30 on EUNE) to EUW because I could not handle the constant break downs (Like 6 months ago the server went down nearly twice per month), and no one (except when I was premade) I ever played with was willing to communicate with the rest of the team. My friends don't want to transfer "because EUW is not made for our country", even though I have less ping on EUW, I even gifted one of them enough RP to transfer ;_; Sorry for venting
They sadly won't, Tencent is only in it for the $. They won't earn enough on reworking an old skin, so instead they keep pumping out new skins,
YasuoDude (EUW)
: under 50 bucks Greetings
SSD all the way KappaPride
Ayuné (EUW)
: Regarding Yasuo's upcoming nerfs ; in response to the Yasuo's Last Breath article
I haven't played him a lot recently, but what I feel like is straight up annoying is that his passive (shield) resets or whatever you'd call it when he uses Last Breath. When I played him a lot, I also found it very op when you used it right, also the Q-reset you can do, can be very strong.
Bündas (EUW)
: New Name for Acc
InsertCoolNameHere EDIT Name is not available but "Insert Cool Name" Is :D
: a REAL problem in lower elo (silver/bronze)
Not trying to be toxic, but this is my biggest problem atm (This is the latest game I've played when posting this):
Fransiee (EUW)
: So long story short. You are too good for your ELO, but you always get the bad team mates so your true League of legends talent is not recognized
Never said anything about me having a talent for league, but I damn do not deserve to be put with people that play like I did when I was level 15-20. In RANKED.
: exactly, well said. and also the classic "we lost because you are too busy split pushing, x4 report him for no help" when they are actually losing because of being under leveled in-game level and enemy team are 3-5 levels above yet they still insist on fighting. Meanwhile your hardwork does'nt get noticed or recognised at all and becomes undermined, un noticed, unappreciated, not acknowledged, disregarded entirely and dismissed. this is what the game and many of its plays has come to. constantly sick of dealing with "people" doing dumb things like constantly fighting when they have little to no farm at all and are under leveled. HONESTLY HTF can they expect to win any fights/battles when the enemy team have the superior advantage and upper hand? however to answer your question >Does anyone know how I can get these plebs to start pushing and focusing on objectives? Any help appreciated. My answer: you can't, you can't really convince them to play differently, but you can lead by example and continue to push stuff while they're getting destroyed and rekt by enemy team, what this does is that it sometimes makes the enemy team start to go half way across the map to focus you because you're taking their objectives, as soon as you see them start to head in your direction on the map, go to bush and recall, not only does this give your noobs some breathing space but it also wastes the enemy teams time trying to chase you down when you're no longer where they thought you were. Also instead of rage, if ur team give you stick (means drama/hassle) for not "team fighting" with them, just respond with : "i work better as a split pusher" or "i'm no good in team fights so i am playing to my strengths instead". plz reply
Thank you for understanding my situation. I'll try to use your tips in my games in the future :D
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You only option is just to keep asking, just don't do it in an assholish way, people tend to be slow to react but eventually if conditions are right do fallow throuth.
Thanks for the tip :D
GLurch (EUW)
: Normals are there for fun. Rankeds are too, but are more competetive. Saying bad people shouldn't be allowed to play competetive or shouldn't play competetive is just wrong. Playing competetive is about giving your best and then seeing how good you are compared to others. For some, their best is not the best many others achieve. But those people should still be allowed to see, how good they are compared to others. Example: You can't just say random football clubs that aren't good are not allowed to compete with others, just because "it would be a waste of time, because they will lose anyways".
Sorry if what I wrote came out wrong because that's not what I meant. What I meant was that maybe people that are still not really accustomed with how the game is played, they should practice more in normals instead if jumping into ranked and feed and basically drag others down. Not saying they shouldn't be allowed because that would not be fair or work.
Fransiee (EUW)
: Or just play at a higher ELO
That's impossible when you get matched with people that has little to no game knowledge or mechanics with their champion.
: unskilled players, is this normal in Silver?
I get matched with people who has worse KDA'S than that, I mean they don't even have common game knowledge such as when to fight, when not to, when to push etc. the only thing the thick headed people think about is fighting. Even though they just lost a fight, fight again for the sake of nothing. Waste of time and energy to play ranked for me at this rate.
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Yes, that's right. And if you don't know how to play DON'T DESTROY OTHERS ELO!
: Why does everyone feel obliged to post these POINTLESS rants about why they feel that either players or the game itself is wrong. Although I hate to say it, your voice isn't heard when you mindlessly rant about something generic that is impossible to change. What is your purpose here? To achieve some sort of second holocaust on players you think are "below you?" Ridiculous.
You know, when I get matched with people that can't kite, fight, group, communicate, I get just a little bit salty. Although i hate to say it, but sometimes people just has to realize that they need to improve before playing ranked, even I can improve of course I can, but when they're not even capable of basic game mechanics, they shouldn't play ranked. Normal is there for casual games, and practice right? EDIT: What I asked for was simply if there was a way for me to get them to focus on winning instead of whatever the heck they're doing.
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: EUW Down?
Well basically me and the rest of my team got dc´ed while their whole team didn´t dc so they had free farm and towers... We ended up surrendering because we got that much behind... Thx servers THAAAAANKS..
akismastro (EUNE)
: The client lags everytime in ARAM
My friend DC´s every first kill or sometimes when someone get very low. After first blood everything is fine :/

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