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Arvit03 (EUW)
: Is someone willing to help me?
i don't mind teaching you some things to slowly get better games like this cannot be rushed. I'll send you a friend invite if you wish to play some games :P
: Even Im doing one trick im stuck in bronze for almost 6months. Is it normal for a beginner players?
You might be focusin on the wrong things to do during the game. Aside from the things the other people say you might want to try to change your item builds. I've seen some very 'bad' item choices you have done on your zilean. If you're interested on some advice on what to build in certain games hit me up and add me i'm also on euw so should be no problem.
: Whats going on? (lets Discuss the current league state but not in terms of gameplay itself)
First off hello good to see people trying to have discussions like this :D. 1 - I completely agree with you ever since i have reached plat 3 in about mid season the toxicity has skyrocketed. A good point here is 20 minutes ago i have had a game where i had 2 flamers in my team, the enemy team had an afker because he got ganked once by my jungler and our mid laner and the enemy ad carry have had a discussion on why they hate black people. And it has been a repeating occurence lately where people just go on talking about other races than their own and degrading them or using a race as a way to insult someone. 2 - I have seen both the negatives and the positives of this change my friends who were on their way to higher elo have gotten a huge boost due to the 'weak' base being pushed into the same divison (or maybe they all just got really lucky with matchmaking). However the negative has had a big impact on people like me and a certain duo partner because ever since we reached diamond 4 now we noticed a exponential growth in people who just do not belong near that rank. I do not wish to be degrading nor do i wish to sound like a douche but if you see someone go 1 17 or 2 15, 20 games in a row it quite frankly indicates that they do not belong in that rank anymore/ that they aren't using an account that was theirs in the first place. I have also been told by some of my friends who are lower/mid elo that they've noticed this growth in people like that as well. 3 - I see that happen way too often as well. Most of the time because people can't be assed with reporting people if they are not in their own team as they enyojed the free win. And yes i do agree that these people are ussualy the same ones that then rq/ flame when they get those people in their team as well. Happened to me before a player who was against me refused to report and got matched with that same person that caused us the loss with their flame and attitude in the next game vs me and my premade. 4 - Lucian is a weird adc to talk about his damage comes from doing his combo succesfully. It doesn't take much time to learn how to do it if you just try so i do agree. Also it's a bit ridiculous he can nearly one shot you with just a blade of the ruined king. The only way to basicaly win a game with a lucian in the enemy team that is decent would be your mid and top winning and just outscalling because i've played lucian games where i could literaly 1v5 the enemy team while having 3 items finished. Aside from lucian i've seen some broken mechanics from fiora like procing her vital no matter what side it was on while she hit me on the same spot or the ussual thresh/blitz/pyke hooks missing their target by a noticable margin yer still the skill connects on you. I've seen some visual bugs on sion( both on screen and on map he was using q on the mid lane suddenly we got hit by it in the dragon pit),yasuo(wind wall used sideways yet it blocked skills as if it was used linear while if you did hit the windwall the skills went through) and neeko( invisible e or q sometimes which can be a disgusting ammount of free damage late game) as well that almost cost me the game. That's about as much as i have to say i hope i wrote it understandable enough as i tend to complicate my way of expressing myself :'D.
Palixy0 (EUW)
: LF ip farm mates
ip farming is bannable at least the way most people are doing it i hope you know that
: Yea, I know. But they said its going out this season so thats why I ask :P Thanks ;)
actualy at the start of the season they specificaly told us they will focus on creating more skins and that there will likely be no ultimate skin this season
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: Looking for players to join Platinum team
i'm plat 1 adc/mid main and i'd be interested in joining. IGN: Frosty Zah
Riddarn (EUNE)
: The icons are probably going out first. The Mystery Gift will likely come later.
I guess thx for replying bro
Horodrim (EUW)
: Ingame Delay Issue with FPS drops while having low Ping..Help Needed
I've had the same issue but it happens periodicaly every 2-3 games and lasts for a second or two only
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: will do! but sometimes its really hard not to treat promos like normal games ;-;
haha yeah i had that trouble when they introduced promos in season 3 but with time i noticed it's basicaly still the same game and that it's better to not say it to anybody because on a more than less basis the people that knew someone in the team had a promotion played worse
: >Well, as a mid/top main, I get one or the other 50-50. But when I fill, I always get supp. :P So, yeah. I get why you're troubled by it. The role-distribution is not what bothers people. What bothers people, is that solo-Q players are being FORCED to be the filler material for wannabe-LCS premades, which means: * The personal contribution to the game is diminished * People are excluded from communication * Toxic premades make the game experience worse for the players, by reinforcing each others negative behaviour * ELO Boosting is easier than ever before * Queue timers are through the roof, because not only does the system have to accomodate the role selection, but also match premades of varying sizes * Surrender-abuse And its simply not fun to be the "one guy" on the field...who is ganked by a coordinated 3-man turret dive, which is executed by people with better means of communication...while having NO WAY AT ALL to achieve the same level of communication with the 4 guys in your team, because they are buddy-buddy and you are not invited. Suddenly, you are the lynchpin of why your team is losing, for no fault of your own, and no way to prevent it. Yeah, great fun. I don't know who thought that this was ever a good idea.
in my case the solo player is the toxic one mostly and in the old queue whenever they noticed i'm premade with somebody they bashed on us for being premade. And not everybody ignores the players in the team i dare say that it's about the same as if you'd have a 5 man solo team and if you can't do anything on your own within a 4 man premade doesn't that just mean your own skill is not good enough. You could avoid the 3 man gank with proper warding and playing safer in lane if you have no escapes and you alone can also contribute to your team talking more in the in game chat if that's what's bothering you in the premades. Sure it sucks having a premade troll team and in that case you can't do much about it. But i really doubt there's so many premades that would completely ignore you if you tried talking and asking for help.
: :c but but...its so hard winning in silver elo.... :c and it costed me to lose one game in my promos :c UNFAIR! T^T
It is unfair we all had games like that but trust me if you ignore them and just focus on the game you will learn more from the game than you think ofc you should report him in the end but during the game you should focus on your game play and try to find ways to play better since there's almost no way in winning a game like that (i know from experience since i actualy managed to win some games like that from ignoring those people and with the rest of the team managed to somehow pull the victory out of our asses haha) and little side note don't take the promos any different from the normal ranked games because that will just make you more nervous. Dunno if you noticed but now you lose lp based on how you would from a normal loss rather than being droped to 50 lp after losing so in terms of lp it's not even a big deal just don't let it get to you keep playing and from time to time go a normal or aram to just chill :P

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