: you open a discution about the ban system relative to your behaviour and then get upset when someone says the problem is your behavious, call it off topic etc, when it's perfectly on topic And then you ignore all those points and just go on and on about about how i'm the one with problems, despite your previous calls at ad hominen, which totally isn't hypocritical, specially knowing that this post has nothing to do about me I have my own issues, you can point them out if you want, it won't change the fact that you also have yours that clearly show in your post Now since you're just gonna keep ignoring the original point and just ad hominen 24/7 I'm just gonna leave since this conversation is leading nowhere anyway
: I don't think it's normal, I think it's deserved The only thing this post proves is that riot bans toxic people
See. This only proves the first reply of mine to yours. It's sad, because you came here with the mindset to back up that toxic narrative overplay. While I came here to point out issues. And you even went further on to subtle "call outs". I'd rather say that's what's toxic in here. Well in addition "kinda" to the chat logs.
Shamose (EUW)
: >**Im not even gonna comment about this.** > ˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅ >PS : I'm pretty sure this is not "rage", this is literally any human being getting angry after getting blame 24/7 in a bad game. Hope we see the same energy with peopple who wish cancer and %%%% your mom virtually 24/7. Oh and wish death upon you. https://i.imgur.com/xhapvUD.png[IMG]
: u don't need a diploma to see that, it's obvious to any normal person, not that i'm normal but whatever Anyway, you can stay deluded, I gonna play some ARAM now c'ya around Just know, if you keep playing league on a new account and don't change your behavious, you're gonna get banned faster than you know it (it's extremely easy to get banned in lower levels, that's how riot filters toxic players making new accounts after getting permabanned)
Feel free to deposite your diploma actually, because calling out such assumptions is plaint trolling/rudeness covering underlying issues or projections. If you think that's a normal behavior then I'm sorry for this news. See what I did there? But Thank you very much for your advice, I already have multiple level 30 accounts that I level up out of boredom. This post isnt made to captivate trolls, this post was made to bring attention to the messiness of the system.
: The fact that you think the kind of behavious your pull in these chat logs is just "normal human behaviour" clearly shows that what you think is normal is completely distorted and that you experience anger way more than the average person, aka : you obviously got anger issues > Why am I even answering you at this point anyway. Because you don't want to admit you have an issue ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Oh thanks cyberpsychoanalysist. Could you elaborate on your diploma? I can troll too if that's what you came here for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
: I got 14 days myself when I was spamming ranked myself. Till I started muting everyone (or the toxic kids) I never had any problems and started enjoying the game again, or at least feeling less uhm... loss of interest for life ?
Honestly, not muting was my mistake here. I never have used it. But it's still a messed up system.
: I'm just being real wit u, too bad you can't accept criticism tho
I'm sorry what? Assuming I have anger issues and pulling an ad hominem is "being real" ? Too bad criticism is not defined that way. Why am I even answering you at this point anyway.
: Your anger issues are yours to deal with, riot isn't gonna baby you and treat you specially because you can't control yourself like every other normal human being There's a reason why nearly no one ever gets perma banned, there's a reason why you're an exception to that, the reason is you, not riot
Oh, so you're gonna take this turn of events intead of discussing like a civilized human being? Cool ad hominem. Get help.
: Also the triple K thing is ban worthy :S
The triple K was not intended, and I got read for it in multiple games. was still collecting BE to change it again
: You got permabanned because you never corrected your behavious that has been consistently toxic after many warnings Sure it's not the most toxic, but you don't need to be the most toxic to get permabanned
> [{quoted}](name=Call me Teddy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=RpkOab8p,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-11T15:53:04.724+0000) > > You got permabanned because you never corrected your behavious that has been consistently toxic after many warnings > > Sure it's not the most toxic, but you don't need to be the most toxic to get permabanned Let me rephrase that again. "You got banned because you kept exhibiting human reaction to a terrible and bad game. SO you better suppress that if you want not to be perma banned"? Yes I got banned before, for one bad game similar to this one that was 2 months ago or so. What are the chances that if you play 24/7 since getting unbanned till now, that you'll eventually get a horrible game that's gonna make you snap again? Like realistically speaking and not in some fantasy pure peace world. Being in low elo itself is a tilt, and dealing with blame feeders afker or trollers constantly will make you snap at some point, let alone after a long duration. And then getting full blame on in a game (?)
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