Marissa (EUW)
: Hi there! You're correct, Italian legislation basically means that we can't give you prizes with monetairy value unless we comply to all the specific requirements. This means that you can enter, but you'll not be able to recieve any prizes. We still love to see all the things you can come up with though! If you make some super awesome you still have a chance to have your header featured on one of our posts (just that you'll only recieve the fame). {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} ######Also don't worry, your English is fine - most people on these boards aren't native English speakers.
Hi Marissa, thanks you for the answer. I've one more question about this topic: in that law( D.P.R 403) is written that if the contest is a literary or an artwork contest that give the prizes as a recognition of personal merit, we(Italian people) should be able to join in these contest. This is a rule of a contest I found online and they wrote what I said previously. >In respect of anything not covered by the present terms and conditions, the competition will be governed by the Italian Civil Code currently in force. This competition is not subject to D.P.R. 430/2001, given that its object is the production of a translation of a literary work in connection with which prizes are awarded in recognition of personal merit alone (art. 6 co.1 lett.a DPR 430/2001). [Link of the full rules of that contest.](
Kayn Lynn (EUW)
: bro i repeat i typed various insults towards a mother of a player in the enemy team thats it i didnt type like N words or gas le J*** and shiiiet like dat u feel me?? this is just bullshit because, i repeat again, a level 18 account could have been a NEW player trying to learn the game etc.. and then he sees this XDD what will be his first thought? "oh ok let's uninstall this shit and go play fortnite" :)
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Coxis (EUW)
: [Volu] Christmas Header Contest
Can a person who lives in Italy join this contest? I'm asking because in Italy we have a law about online contest that usually does not allow us to join if the contest has not some specific requirements. For example we could not join the [Memoriam contest](, Riot's rules did not allow us to join(because in Italy we have that law about online contest). The part of the Riot's rules that prohibited us the participation. >ARE NOT RESIDENTS OF CUBA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, IRAQ, SUDAN, SYRIA, GREECE, ITALY, BRAZIL, OR QUEBEC; AND (IV) ARE LEGAL RESIDENTS OF A COUNTRY OR TERRITORY WHERE THIS OFFER IS NOT VOID (“ENTRANTS​”). THIS CONTEST IS VOID IN CUBA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, IRAQ, AND IN ANY NATION OR LOCALE WHERE PROHIBITED BY RELEVANT LAW OR BY U.S. TRADE RESTRICTIONS. THIS CONTEST IS VOID AS TO ANY INDIVIDUAL WITH WHOM U.S Sorry for my English.
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: This didn't work for me, and if anyone has the same problem, changing the game.cfg to read-only fixed it for me.
It didn't work for me too... I think it is a server problem, when it go to sync our data, it select windowed as screen mode.
naskon (EUNE)
: Akali must be targetable when in stealth next to enemy tower.
I totally agree, it is frustrating play against a champ that have an unique "mechanic" without a counter play. Using red trinket or being under ally tower will only reveal her, but you can't target her with AA(autoattack) or "point and click" skills(ex: Ryze's E and W), you can hit her only with skills shots(ex: Ryze's Q).
BlueEziboy (EUNE)
: That's how is suppose to work man, you just can't delete windows controls I think.
If I do CTRL+C(to copy the text), it can copy the username and then paste it(CTRL+V), if I do the same thing with the password, it doesn't works. So, I think there is a way to disable CTRL+Z.
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Coxis (EUW)
: Ranked rewards and You - What you need to know
If someone is unranked, he will not get Honor Ward Skin? Im unranked and Honor 4, last season I got the ward(also last season I was unranked), will I get the honor ward this season?
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: Alt+Tab potentially collapse the game
If you have _Fullscreen_ in video options (you can find these options in game), try to switch to _Borderless_.
FleaLess (EUNE)
: why dont they make the whole game for mobile? rofl i dont see any point of that, they have the chat/friendlist which is more than you need why would you want an app for skins/rp/etc if the only place you would be using those is on your pc?
Tencent(the owner of Riot) did a game called Arena of Valor and it is very similar to League.
: POP Music A-ward
Try to restart the client, usually it fix the issue.
: PBE fix this pls!!!!
You don't need RP to test what Riot want to test. All new champs/skins/ward etc... can be bought with 1 BE. p.s it is not a bug, they disabled it(the feature that gave RP every day) because it was causing bugs.
: we need a "ping test" button.
You can do a traceroute before start a game. In this article it is described how to do it.
didi2356 (EUW)
: Pop Music A-Ward Skin not appearing in collection or champ select after bought in the Kda Akali set
: Like the Pros V
I played Rakan and Viktor and I did not get the quest. I played Braum and I got the quest.
Welhon (EUNE)
Welhon (EUNE)
: According to a Rioter on twitter said that the Complete 50 Missions is hidden.
Can you link the tweet pls. The guy from riot support just answered me that I could **get** those missions until October 20, but I had more time to complete them...
Smerk (EUW)
: It's a mistake on site, it's supposed to be November 20 and not October. That mission will probably show up when you'll get enough missions done to complete it. OR on November 16, when worlds loot will return
Then why we(a lot of ppl already did a post about it) have not the mission _Make Them Remember You_?
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: Hey guys, We're aware of this issue and looking into it. Thanks for the heads up :-)
Did you fix it? Because my missions are still bugged, if you fixed it and I have still the missions bugged, maybe I should send a ticket. But if you did not fix it, I will wait before send a ticket.
Declined (EUNE)
: [Volu] Worlds Header Contest
>are of pictures made by Riot Games for League of Legends Screenshots of esport match are allowed?
Screwed (EUW)
: Common ARAM bugs after patch 8.20
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Radkus (EUW)
: [Information] World Championship Event 2018: All you need to know is here!
There is a way to know how many match I watched? I wrote on a note the match that I watched, but I'm not sure if the website registered all the match that I watched. I want to complete the two "secret" missions(watch 30 match to get an icon, watch 50 match to get an icon), for this reason I would like to know how many match the website registered that I watched(according to my note at the moment I watched 33 match).
: Where to enter promotion codes? (EU LCS Summer Final Code)
Send a ticket attaching an image of the code, the support team should be able to help you.
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A6D7hoom (EUNE)
: summoner name dos'not exist
Is your friend in EUW or EUNE? If he is in EUW, you can't add him because you are not in the same server.
Ton4oto (EUW)
: Not sure if this is a bug..
I had the same bug, it happened when you disconnect and reconnect to the game.
: Do people still play lulu mid?
I saw Lulu mid in high Elo as counter of LeBlanc. But long time ago I saw her as support, Karma also has a low pickrate as support and mid.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answer these questions
1. Darius 2. Definitely not Blitzcrank 3. I think Morgana, I like her name 4. LCK pro player 5. Garen's sword 6. Amumu 7. Gundam 8. A baseball theme skins(like trundle's skin) 9. A ward with the image of a RGB Keyboard 10. It was a good day :)
: rerolling 3 skin shards and only getting 1 skin shard in return
Did you have the champ of that skin? If you don't have the champ of the skin, it will put a permanent skin shard in your loot until you unlock that champ.
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: Game opening in windowed mode
It resetted again in windowed mode....
: Game opening in windowed mode
A Wrenchman from NA replied to this issue 1 year ago(I will try it and let you know if it works): >It sounds like your settings aren't saving, which can happen if your config has become corrupt. Try performing a config reset to fix this up. > >Log into the game client. Navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config Delete the file named game.cfg and persistedsettings.json Go into a custom game and verify that settings have saved properly. Leave game to sync settings. > I hope that helps! Edit: I tried deleting both files while I was in a custom game(with borderless mode) and it worked. I restarted the pc, launched the game and it was in borderless mode. P.s before exit the custom game, make sure that new files(game.cfg and persistedsettings.json) was created, if not you will lose your settings. If it doesn't create new files, just change something in setting( e.g change Q with W), it will create the new files(after you will be able to change again the Q with W).
: Game opening in windowed mode
Same issue here, I thought the problem was Nvidia GeForce Experience, but on Nvidia I set the game in Borderless mode. I though it was just a my problem, I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one.
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: Some monsters have negative magic resistance, that makes them take amplified magic damage.
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Possible (EUW)
Possible (EUW)
: they can make worlds as the 3rd seed by winning the gauntlet
Oh, ok Ty. Do you know where can I see a leaderboard of LCK? I tried on lolesport but I found nothing.
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: 30 seconds delay
It is 7-9 secs for me, I hope they will fix it.
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