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: Making toxic people out of people that disagree with you isn't exactly commendable behavior. TormentedSalad said it as it is, and you have to accept that it isn't only swearing that is toxic. In fact, swearing might even not be toxic. I.e., saying "F*ck me I failed that" isn't toxic in the least. Saying "go afk" is. From the moment you pit yourself against your allies, you're eligible for punishment. I'm pretty sure you had other punishments before, so the perma is deserved. As a final attempt to make you understand my point of view (since a lot of people are toxic without even realising it), here's everything that's wrong in your chatlogs. >While you're being useless >Stealing farm >the other Kha Zix >Is owning the map >Are you going to actually TRY to be useful? >you fail flashed. >Remember thaaaaat >He ganked? >And helped? >His team? >And that you >Stole farm? >All game? >0 ganks >0 map awareness >0 plays >0 everything. >just, stop. >Try English? >Nor can you speak it >Apparently. >So, shut up. >These kids >nice farm. >nice build >kappa >go afk >Omg PLEASE understand english >Please, do yourself a favor. >If you CAN'T type, then don't. >Their Kha carrying >Ours, useless. >Ekko, even more usueless. >What an imbecile. >Go carry me farmville. >Pro Ekko >LCS? >Go to sleep >ez If frankly feel sorry for that Kha'zix and I hope he stumbles upon your thread.
Thank you, copy-pasting my chat long, right back to me helped me realize a great deal. I would like to take this moment and thank all those of you who've helped me become a better person.
: Im nothing if not blunt theres I could put it worse but thats simply the way to put it I dont believe in censoring words arnt offensive hence why your banned and I can swear all I want and im not. You could spell barbarian correctly.
And THIS my fellow friends is a perfect example of a toxic person. Thank you for your cooperation. As for my grammar, I doubt you have any right to complain, considering your current literature skills.
: yes you do just because you didnt swear doesnt mean your not an asshole is that a shock to you ?
Considering your currently working brain cells, desperately seeking attention, trying to cling thwards my demise. You, as a perfectly fine LoL community member said " doesnt mean your not an asshole " Don't be a silly barbarin and PLEASE for the love of god at least TRY to use appropriate language, if at all possbile.
: > [{quoted}](name=KW Dante,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EcYkEzkg,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-04-20T09:44:33.504+0000) > > Hey uhm > While you're being useless > Stealing farm You know, when your first lines already include a flame, you're just proving that the system works. So...GOOD JOB RIOT!
LMFAO! I Deserve to be banned because I told him he's useless and stealing farm while his mirror match was owning the map?! Well, if that is a bannable offense, telling him he's useless while stealing farm. Then yes Riot. You did a very good job. Kappa.
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: Permanently Banned for flaming.
There was only this chat log, found on my email which I recieved from riot. Bumper: I never said I wasn't flaming or toxic, I said I never cursed them or used fawl language. **PLEASE** , If you're going to reply to a post make sure you read what's on it before you comment. That way when you make a remark you won't look ridiculous and uninformed. Hey uhm While you're being useless Stealing farm the other Kha Zix Is owning the map Are you going to actually TRY to be useful? Great, zed can 1v1 me :d Lovely. you fail flashed. uh huh :c Remember thaaaaat He ganked? And helped? His team? And that you Stole farm? All game? :d No? Yes I can He ganked me 4 times xD OH AND KDA MAKES YOU A PRO PLAYER OKAY 0 ganks 0 map awareness 0 plays 0 everything. just, stop. Try English? Nor can you speak it Apparently. So, shut up. Ty. These kids* I can't understand you o.o These, actually. nice farm. nice build kappa go afk Omg PLEASE understand english Please, do yourself a favor. If you CAN'T type, then don't. Liar. xD Damn Their Kha carrying Ours, useless. xD Ekko, even more usueless. Thought you muted me, kid. xD How can you read my messages? xDDDD What an imbecile. Go carry me farmville. Go leave? Ekko told me to " Go leave " XD Pro Ekko LCS? Go to sleep* Push* Still here. XD Nope See? :c I'm mid. You're* wow. :c You can't be a language. AWH go carry me. Sure Go for it. Let me farm and get full build so we can win this crap. ez
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